What is the purpose of a chipset?

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by science man, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. subject says all.
  2. Ellie Banned

    you just reminded me that i never installed my laptops chipset driver.

    in my own description: the chipset is a database of hardware specific information so the os is more aware of these specifics.
  3. Montec Registered Senior Member

    Hardware interface between the cpu and the rest of the system. Although some of the more modern cpus have incorporated a memory interface that was an exclusive function of the chip set.
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  4. Ellie Banned

    osx may install a chipset when the os is installed so it may be automated but there are no chipset drivers in linux.
  5. such as what? What's on the drive? Why can't the drive and the cpu do that?
  6. Ellie Banned

    its been years since i thought about this so just going off the top of my head.

    every mb has a chipset, the driver is an interface between the os and that specific chipset. as far as i know mb manufacturers write their own chipset drivers OR they enhance them. if you dont install the chipset driver then it may cause problems with some peripherals not working.

    other than that i am either not sure or i have forgotten.
  7. CheskiChips Banned

    That can't be true - if there were no drivers there would be no operation. IBM frequently open sources their chipset - some don't, like HP.
  8. Ellie Banned

    What part is not true?
  9. what is a peripheral?
  10. Ellie Banned

    Did your computer come with google?
  11. all i got out of it's definition is that it's something thats behind the chipset.
  12. Ellie Banned

    A peripheral is anything you plug in.
  13. ok then here,

    How so?
  14. Ellie Banned

    Because those peripherals come with their own driver.
  15. so then wouldn't that be a reason to be able to run without a chipset?
  16. Ellie Banned

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