What is the most evil astrological sign ?

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What astrological sign are you ?

  1. Aries (March 21 — April 19)

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  2. Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

  3. Gemini (May 21 — June 21)

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  4. Cancer (June 22 — July 22)

  5. Leo (July 23 — August 22)

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  6. Virgo (August 23 — September 22)

  7. Libra (September 23 — October 23)

  8. Scorpio (October 24 — November 21)

  9. Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)

  10. Capricorn (December 22 — January 19)

  11. Aquarius (January 20 — February 19)

  12. Pisces (February 20 — March 20)

  1. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator


    So what astrological sign is, in your opinion, the most evil ?

    For instance: what astrological sign that produced the most serial killers, dictators etc.. ?
    Or, what astrological sign has the most potential to be or become evil ?
    Or come up with your own reason of course.

    A little help perhaps..

    The twelve signs
    In Western astrology the zodiac of twelve sign represents twelve types of personality. The zodiac traditionally begins with the sign of the Aries. The following are the twelve zodiac signs in order.

    * - Aries (The Ram) (cardinal, fire, personal): In astrology Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. The sun sign dates for Aries are March 21 — April 19.

    * - Taurus (The Bull) (fixed, earth, personal): In astrology Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and for a few modern astrologers, the dwarf planet Ceres. The sun sign dates for Taurus are April 20 — May 20.

    * - Gemini (The Twins) (mutable, air, personal): In astrology Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. The sun sign dates for Gemini are May 21 — June 21.

    * - Cancer (The Crab) (cardinal, water, personal): In astrology Cancer is ruled by the Moon. The sun sign dates for Cancer are June 22 — July 22.

    * - Leo (The Lion) (fixed, fire, social): In astrology Leo is ruled by the Sun. The sun sign dates for Leo are July 23 — August 22.

    * - Virgo (The Virgin) (mutable, earth, social): There is some debate in regards to a modern ruler of this sign with Chiron, Pallas, Vesta and Ceres often considered candidate by some modern astrologers,
    but the planet Mercury is typically used as the default by tradition pending a consensus among modern practitioners; but no one knows if or when this will be. The sun sign dates for Virgo are August 23 — September 22.

    * - Libra (The Scales) (cardinal, air, social): In astrology Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. The sun sign dates for Libra are September 23 — October 23.

    * - Scorpio (The Scorpion) (fixed, water, social): In astrology Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. The sun sign dates for Scorpio are October 24 — November 21.

    * - Sagittarius (The Archer) (mutable, fire, universal): In astrology Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. The sun sign dates for Sagittarius are November 22 — December 21.

    * - Capricorn (The Sea-goat) (cardinal, earth, universal): In astrology Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. The sun sign dates for Capricorn are December 22 — January 19.

    * - Aquarius (The Water Carrier) (fixed, air, universal): In astrology Aquarius is ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus. The sun sign dates for Aquarius are January 20 — February 19.

    * - Pisces (The Fish) (mutable, water, universal): In astrology Pisces is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune. The sun sign dates for Pisces are February 20 — March 20.

    Copied from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astrological_sign

    Have fun :p

    Edit: Added poll.
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  2. joepistole

    joepistole Ordo Ad Chao

    I would have to say Pisces. There is something fishy about that sign.
  3. madanthonywayne

    madanthonywayne Mourning in America

    Before I can answer that question I need to know one thing..............what's your sign?
  4. Liebling

    Liebling Doesn't Need to be Spoonfed.

    Actually, a lot of serial killers were Pisces. :eek:
    But there are other factors to that as well, rising sign, moon sign etc.
  5. S.A.M.

    S.A.M. uniquely dreadful


    e.g. Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Rudolph Hess, Jim Jones, Timothy McVeigh. Marx, Lenin, Tito, Minh. Barbra Streisand, Geore Clooney, Michael Moore.

    Its been scientifically studied by esteemed scholars at recognised institutions. Mental Institutions, that is


    I'm Not Surprised Hitler Was A Taurus
  6. Liebling

    Liebling Doesn't Need to be Spoonfed.

    Pisces; Osama bin Laden, Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Radner aka BTK, Jack the Ripper, John Wojtowicz...

    Billy Corgan is a Pisces, and everyone knows he killed good music :p

    Eh... there are a lot of really good Pisces too.
  7. lightgigantic

    lightgigantic Banned

    all star signs (much like most other things in this world) are surrounded by issues of duality.

    IOW there are certain combinations/scenarios which bring out the worst or best.
  8. shorty_37

    shorty_37 Go! Canada Go!

    The Most Evil sign.....

    Hmm Scorpio for instance,

    Gordon James Ramsay, (born 8 November 1966) lol

    Charles Milles Manson (born November 12, 1934)
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2009
  9. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Take a guess :p
  10. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    lol you make my point nicely :p
  11. S.A.M.

    S.A.M. uniquely dreadful

    I could tell from your shifty eyes.:fright:

    PS My dear sister is Taurus.:p
  12. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    I made a list of 'evil' people myself, then went to find out their astrological sign:

    Hitler - April 20 - Taurus
    Francisco Franco - December 4 - Sagittarius
    Benito Mussolini - July 29 - Leo
    Saddam Hussein - April 28 - Taurus
    Julius Caesar - July 13 - Cancer
    Napoleon - August 15 - Virgo
    George W. Bush - July 6 - Cancer
    Ted Bundy - November 24 - Sagittarius
    Jeffrey Dahmer - May 21 - Gemini
    Josef Stalin - December 18 - Sagittarius

    3 x Sagittarius
    2 x Taurus
    2 x Cancer
    1 x Leo
    1 x Gemini
    1 x Virgo

    Of course that's a really small sample..
    Surprisingly, none of them were Pisces (see posts before this one).
  13. S.A.M.

    S.A.M. uniquely dreadful

    Capricornians are the most pacificist of all. :yay:
  14. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Actually, I meant this (from the other thread):

    The woman in that article is clearly branding people according to their astrological signs.
  15. stateofmind

    stateofmind were playing prison rules huh?

    Early Smashing Pumpkins was awesome! - what you talkin bout! :mad:

    Yah like Kurt Cobain!! I thought it was interesting that all the members of Nirvana had compatible signs. Kurt - Pisces, Krist - Taurus and Dave - Capricorn. Also, their original drummer, Chad Channing - Aquarius, was kicked out and I remember either Kurt or Krist said in an interview that once Dave was in the band they were like well-greased machine.
  16. shorty_37

    shorty_37 Go! Canada Go!

    Ohh yeah.....

    Evil Bill Gates (for coming up with Vista) Scorpio
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2009
  17. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Newman (from Seinfeld) is played by Wayne Knight, born August 7th 1955. So Evil is a Leo.
  18. S.A.M.

    S.A.M. uniquely dreadful

    Yeah, such a respectable journalistic rag brand :(
  19. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Haven't you ever heard something like this: "Yea right, you will probably do such and such because you are a [insert astrological sign]", or "Why am I not surprised a [insert astrological sign] would do that ?" ?
  20. S.A.M.

    S.A.M. uniquely dreadful

    No never. Who talks like that?

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