What is Mob Mentality?

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    Just wondering if anyone on Sciforum has had any personal experience with a mob. I remember back in school, being picked on could seem like you were on the wrong side of a mob. If it wasn't you on the wrong side, it was hard not to have feelings of being thankful. But rather than risk getting on the wrong side of the mob, even if you thought it was wrong you did nothing to help the picked on person for fear of finding yourself on the wrong side.

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    How about High School pep rallies? I hated those things and ended up being one of a handful of people who chose to sit in the office instead chanting encouragement for a sporting event I knew nothing about, or cared about. They scared me a little too, it's like mind control.
  3. Me-Ki-Gal

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    i been on the wrong side of the mob like for ever . I don't know why . I think it is the mob and not me . I try to conform. It just comes out backwards . So I was the kid that stood up for the kid . My success was not good . Yeah I been kicked to the dirt before . It don't feel good at all but hey whatja gonna do conform ? I try ! I want to be one of them . Excepted by humanity . Sometimes I think it is because I am not mean enough ? If I was meaner and fuck people over more I would fit in better with my peers . Hell I would probably have all the money and I could burn yours like old "Sorrows" that chicken fucker who short sells the world . You know my competition to rule the world . Spidey knows his real name . I don't know how to spell it . You know whats is called "Hedge Funds" I heard Him say it < I am God ! I can destroy you if you don't like it, Why do I do it , Because I can and that is why I am God . Fuck is that what you all want . O.K. then 1 That says a lot about humanity
  4. Me-Ki-Gal

    Me-Ki-Gal Banned

    Where is your school spirit Spidey ! Shame on you . My son is in the key club . I encourage him to be part of his school . His engagement pays off in good education . He is catching Parker Lun the kid he has been academically shadowing . Parker is not to happy about it and could my son in one of his classes in the near future . Parker better stop sleeping in . We got a contender of the new Brainiac at "Sentinel High School"

    You need to learn mind control Spidey . You would not believe the power of it all . How to tell you the thrill of haunting peoples dreams . You would love it Spidey . You got just the right personality to be successful at it too . Must be the Artist in you screaming to get out and ravish the world . You got all the tools . Make a big splash Spidey . Yeah we like big splashes . When it splashes on people laying on there towels at the beach we like that even more . It is the shock on there face that gets us . Wakey Wakey Bakey Bakey We like that . It is like watching a fight . The crowd gathers to see the fight . I tell you what it was the Egyptians when chaos started and the people were grouped up by community I imagine and fights broke out . It was like a wave the way they ran at each other and then drew back . It was very strange to get to see human interaction like that. The thing is if we were they and that was our culture we would have done the same thing as they did . Does anyone understand that ? You would have been right in there more than likely . Spidey might have gone to visit his Mother instead . Me and Spidey we might of gone and visited his Mother! instead Course she might kick Me to the dirt but what the hey better than an angry Mob kicking you to the dirt. I would take a Momma beating any day over the Mob . If I could trade a Mob beating for a Momma Beat just imagine !!! ??
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    I think a lot of mob mentality is planned. All you have to do is get a lot of people together, get them worked up and emotional then create and incident that pushes them over into a complete mob serving the purpose of one or more individuals. I think most mobs have a leader, there is always someone willing to make use of a mob, even if it might be a last minute thing. Later if there's any legal action usually no one will remember anybody guiding the mob.
  6. spidergoat

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    I did go to a NORML rally once, that was kind of cool. Someone lit up and the police went to arrest him but the crowd surrounded them and they backed off.
  7. Me-Ki-Gal

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    see that is what I am talking about Spidey Engaging with your peers . It is a good thing . Finding like minded is the hard part
  8. Me-Ki-Gal

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    That is the great part about it all . No one knows who started it . Especially when so many want to take credit . You can drop notions on the floor and watch to see if they pick it up . If that don't work you readjust the notion and drop it on the floor in-front of another person and see if they pick it up . It is a lot like fishing and you know how I like to fish. When you strike an emotional chord they will chomp on it hard and take all the line . Hook line and sinker. It takes a little nerve to get it going as you don't know for sure what the consequences will be. Walls to Balls, you only live once,
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    Mob mentality is when a group of people began to lose their individuality and become cogs in the machinery of a larger entity called the mob.

    A good analogy involves cells. Single cells are individuals that can act on their own, independantly. But when many many cells become part of a multicellular organism, they all become smaller parts of a larger whole, with this larger whole similar to a larger animal with its own type of individuality. When the larger integrated animal barks, all its single cells contribute to the effect. The cogs in the machine will have to lose their individuality and become more unconscious for this to work.

    In sports, the emotions of the fans will rise and fall in unison, like a giant organism. Once this organism comes to a focus, mob mentality makes each person a cell in this multicellular organism. You may feel impelled to rise up in the wave. Like the human body, all the cells do not have to do the same thing, but all the actions, together will work in an integrated way. Some may cheer, some may fight, etc. but they work as a whole like a single animal.
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    Yeah, you no longer feel so...individual. A lot of people suddenly stop being as moral under said conditions. I've seen that.

    Protests get rather weird for other people, they kind of do things they would not do on their own...the one I went to that subsequently got whomped on by police (and they obviously planned to whomp on us in retrospect, they led us into a dead end and waited for it to get dark) I doubt most of those people would have ordinarily set police barricades on fire...

    ...I am depersonalized.

    This has the interesting effect that I never think of myself as a genuine part of any group. I may be working alongside the actual members.
    But I never feel a sense of unity with anyone. Friends, family, political groups...my partner.:(
    So I never lose that sense of unique culpability-good thing.

    I'd like y'all to take a look at the wiki on this classic study:

    Anonymity=disinhibition...and we're on the internet, where otherwise nice folks may be seen to behave like poo-flinging monkeys... It's a giant practical lab for group behavior...
    Porn and cats. And the badgerbadgerbadger song... people are weird.
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