What is Intelligence?

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by Stryder, Nov 3, 2002.

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  1. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member


    I'm sure you've probably heard of an adaption of:

    "Don't be like an oak that can break in the storm, be like the willow that bends".

    I mention this because this is what I'm explaining by "sensing destiny", the Universe is like that Storm.

    To us we interact with it, but the universe is far more vast with far more weight and to try and stand against it, we would fail.
    The "sensing" comes down to a Dynamical effect of unified fields, where as the universe causes force and we have to "bend" to it.
    (although most of the time, we are unaware of the bending)

    I mention this because I've been looking at FTL communication paradoxes and how they create Fractal algorthyms that certain systems would have to work out how to make "sense".

    If you could view the universe from an observatory position, then you'd probably see it repeat itself (destiny) through loops, but because we see it in relation to existing in it, we think we have the ability for free will and random decision. (This is where philosophy discussion truly stem from).

    There is this possible fact that we sense the field changes, of the universe we exist in and other universes we co-exist with, which have occured from some "fuzzy" decision.

    Chaos dictates that the more amount of time that passes after a fuzzy decision, the less effect will occur from the alternative decision.

    (This is because those fields are made of infinite possibilities that cause infinite encoding while still staying compressed to the a multiworlds confinement)

    [Someday I'll make it clearer lol]
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  3. Cris In search of Immortality Valued Senior Member


    Ok I think I can see what you mean and I kinda like the idea of the universe being a pattern of repeating fractals. But this seems more philosophy than technology.
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  5. DCLXVI Bloody Bastard Registered Senior Member

    What is sense but a flow of data? You touch something and your brain tells you weather it is soft, hard, wet, cold, hot, etc. based on what you have already learned or on an ability you are born with. You aren't completely self aware. For example, you "will" yourself to make a fist and you do, why and how it happens is essentially irrelevant to you. Likewise computers don't need to be completely aware of every aspect of their function in order to become intelligent.

    In a sense intelligence is nothing but the process of recieving data, processing it, and reacting in some way (i.e. making decisions). Though computers don't have the same senses as us (sight, sound, etc), they have other senses and could potentially interpret the data from those sensory "organs" and react in an intelligent way (keyboard/mouse input, incoming data over a network, etc).

    In order for the computer to seem intelligent to us, we need it to emulate a human behaviour/interaction in a believable way. But in order to make it do what we do, we need to fully understand what it is we actually do ourselves.
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  7. Bradentapes Registered Member

    Gentlemen....good afternoon. I am new here but hope to find an excellent programmer by these posts. So far, no luck.

    A little over twenty years back I had the occasion to be forcefully driven into the subject of intelligence. We will not go into what caused it but I can start with this. Please try to follow two simultaneous thoughts.

    For very obvious reasons the first place to start my research were my two-volume Funk&Wagnal and large Mirriam House Websters' dictionarys. The first thing I discovered (when lexicographers were still lexicographers) is that the words "smart" "intelligent" and "intellectual" were absolutely unrelated. Twenty years later....they meant the same thing!!!

    At any rate this is the way it goes. We have two seperate hemispheres, that is, the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, which are exactly 180 degrees opposite.

    In practice, the left brain is the material memory while the right brain is the abstract brain, which thinks in symbology....a universal charicteristic commonality.

    But there are THREE different minds. When we speak of the left brain, we are discussing how "smart" you are and how much retention you have. The faster you can learn; the longer you can retain and the speed that you can recall, the SMARTER YOU ARE.

    The left brain may also plug into the right hemisphere and think of answers or solutions not already known. Therefore, the less you have to know to find the answer or solution, THE MORE INTELLIGENT YOU ARE.

    Then, of course, you may also elect to think only in the right hemisphere, known most commonly as the intellect. In MY dictionarys it states, "The mind by which one 'knows' ."

    In other words, to be very intellectual, one must not be a paraphraser but commune with some higher mode of reality by which he learns and knows things not otherwise known.

    SO....in order to simulate human intelligence one must have two computers. One computer must be the "smart" computer, while the other one must think only in abstracts.

    The smart computer must have a vast understanding of reality and all that is the material senses, while the abstract computer must be able to interact with the smart one on que. If it is successful, it will be essentially, a self-learning computer. The smart computer must be programmed to ask questions when it does not know.
  8. kmguru Staff Member

    knows things not otherwise known.

    I am confused @#$%...

    Is that like "he eats food that is not there"...

    Anyway, all information is processed from data. Roughly the application server and the database server together make up the whole system - just like a human being. One can put all the functions in one system, whether they have two processors or 256.

    One can break it down to print server, input server, communication server and so on...but the principle is the same...
  9. Jerece Hunters Dumlupinar Registered Senior Member

    Intelligence means in Turkish language "Zeka"

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  10. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member


    Okay you'll have to forgive me the month plus wait for a reply, IRL is a handful that needs sorting.

    Anyway, my explanation of fractals could be further enhanced. You might well class it as "philosophy", but what is the discussion of theory other than a method to postulate how to go about solving a problem or dilemma.

    I should perhaps of inserted an explanation of how a short instance of time is more controllable to a longer one. This is proven with Chaos theory. (as proven as a theory can be).

    If I was to say "I'm going down the shop now", that instance I'm destined for the shop with a clue as to where my destination is, but over the length of time it takes me to get there, I could find myself whisked away on some magical journey and never reach that destination.

    This is why I mentioned that information travelling at FTL speed would cause an effect where a short distance it knows where it's going but a longer chronological distance and it can lose itself to entropy.

    The idea for the usage of fractals is a method of blending fractals back into a structure can allow that entropy to be transversed and chaos navigated. Possibly covering the method of how to deal with the paradox of timespace manipulation.

    (I know that probably sounds like a host of buzz words clustered together, but you'd get a better understanding if more information was available from the worlds laboratories that are working in the field of Quantum Encryption/Manipulation.)
  11. hlreed Registered Senior Member

    Adjectives have no definitions alone. Intellegence is an adjective word. Joe is an intellegent man. It is better to measure the complexity of an animal or machine. To do that count the sensors. Count the motors. Sensors/motors is the functional complexity.
    The data flow of any active machine is:
    Nature -> sensors -> brain -> motors -> Nature
    Note the loop. With this we can measure. There is no intellegence there.

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