What have you learned about women?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by zanket, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    This thread is great. I want in.

    If you stop growing, at least as a person as opposed to a physical body, don't you cease to be human? While there are varying degrees of stubborness between each person I would postulate that we are all in a constant state of flux and continue to be until...the livin' end.

    For example, a man can change in a split second, fighting in a muddy trench on the Western Front after he sees his lifelong friends burst into blood and bones. If he survives the conflict he may be a cold, elderly prune to the rest of his days. A person fighting in a horrific war is an easy piece of evidence to point to when trying to prove that people change, sometimes slowly, sometimes instantly. The guy that mows lawns in my town is a wreck and has been a wreck for decades because his son was killed in Vietnam.

    Are you the result of your mother being raped by her employer while working as a maid for a wealthy Jewish man or what? I can't possibly imagine what else could foster such animosity!
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  3. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    you have a great point there i just wish to point out that wrestling is completely different than martial arts
    however when trained properly and taken seriousely it is similar in the fitness and agility skills required
    it is more than likely that some guys would just through their weight around in school wrestling with little to no skill

    what is interesting is that on a theoretical psychology level it is thrown around that most men do not exceede the maturity of a 16 year old and women around one year older

    so to come to a conclusive self realisation that you have matured to adulthood at 17 may be normal to above average on one principal .. however if you do not develop past that then you remain the boy you always were

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    is a 17 year old ready to parent children?
    i dont think so
    make political decisions regarding town planning ethics and morality ?
    i dont think so

    what is the concept of maturity here, seems to have been interpreted as more of an ability to gain what is personaly desired
    hence the incumbering concept of selfish self existance
    in a format of contented small minded over simplification

    try and grow some more... Xerxes
    it is not all over yet
    you are yet to find the starting line
    you may have just learnt how to walk

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  5. Tyler Registered Senior Member


    Of course we all continue to grow (I won't get into the issue of whether or not stopping growth means not being human - too many subjective definitions), however I've yet to see any true distinction between the hundreds of 17/18 year olds I know and the fifteen year olds. Of course we're all a bit more mature, we play fewer stupid little games and we're a little less ignorant. But I would say the jump between myself and what I would consider adulthood is far greater than the jump between being fifteen and seventeen. Perhaps this is in large part because of our culture and upbringing. At seventeen, I'm still expected to be a kid. Of course at eighteen I can drink and drive and vote and all the other wonderful things adults can do - but I'm still expected to be a kid. University is just an extension of this - minimal responsibilities, partying and fun, the cliche self-righteous attitude...

    In fact, if there is one cliche I have found still pertains to almost every single teenager I know, it is the "know-it-all" attitude. We don't all act like the ten year old bastard boy who thinks he's better than everyone - we do it much more subtly. Ask a teenager their stance on a political issue - guarantee you 90% of them will give you a full out explination of their opinion and why it is logically right. I'm not saying no teenager is actually right - but very, very, very few times have I heard someone our age say "I haven't researched this enough, I don't know enough on the topic - so I don't really have a valuable opinion." The best example is the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Perhaps it's different in the States, but if you ask any student in my grade at my school (and I've talked to most of them about it), they have an opinion on the issue. Whether pro-Israeli, pro-Palestinian or somewhere in between -- I met only two who knew what went on in the Six Days War. How in blue fuck can someone have an opinion on something so major without knowing the slightest bit of history?? The problem with teenage ignorance is it's self-righteousness. (NOTE: I AM NOT ENTIRELY PRO-ISRAELI, DO NOT ASSUME SO). People at my school will literally take the Palestinian cause without knowing the slightest bit of background, why? Because they are the down-trodden. Because they are the underdog. Because the person who wrote a paper against the war in iraq also happens to be pro-palestinian - therefore it must be the right choice. (I swear to god if one more person tells me they have an opinion on this issue and can't fucking tell me what or when the Six Days War was I will pull out a gun)

    Anyway, now that my minor tirade on self-righteous teenage dumbasses is done... My point is that I can't fathom that the state I'm in now is adulthood. And I am 100% sure not one 17 year old I know is an adult. We're in between. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just what we are.
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  7. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    I agree. For the most part, if not for their different appearances, sophomores and seniors would have a great deal overall in common. I have friends in every grade of High School, and the only real difference I see is in the freshmen, who, with exceptions, still seem to have that elementary school psyche clinging to their personalities.

    BY THE WAY, in case you are assuming that I am fifteen, I would beg of you to double check my profile. If you were to do so, you'd find that I turned sixteen almost two months ago.

    In some ways more than others I think "maturity" is quite over-rated. Ignorance, however, is prevalent no matter where you look and no matter where you go. Because there are more adults than kids--let's say, adults being 21 years old or more--it is easy to hypothesize that, numerically and by our standards there are more "ignorant" adults on Earth than there are ignorant children. Proportionately this is debatable.

    This is discouraged by ourselves and by others. When we say we don't have a valuable opinion it is as if we are saying that we are worthless, as if we are saying that the other people with opinions are better than us. Most people seem to want to talk and to add their ideas to a discussion, why is completely beyond me, but when you take that power away you find yourself in a position of unique inferiority (or, if you'd rather: inferioritau) It's the same with asking questions [some more than others]--for me at least it is embarassing to ask the teacher questions for fear of being chastised by the teacher or by my classmates. There are only stupid people, not stupid questions. I, like every other person on Earth, am not perfect, and so while going to school I won't be clear on something and naturally I'll try to inquire about it further. Though, more often than not, with myself and with others, we'll wind up learning more on the topic in private or in small groups with our friends than in the classroom as a whole because we're afraid of being degraded in the eyes of our peers by asking questions. I've heard many stupid questions asked by many stupid people, most of them by people who weren't listening to the teacher to begin with, and it is in these cases that the degradation is justified. One of my favorite teachers threw chalk at the kids who asked stupid questions. Ahh, those were the days...

    All in all, having an opinion without research to back it up and the act of not asking questions comes down to being stubborn. If I'm strong or if I feign strength I'll look good to everyone else, especially if I'm right. If I'm blatantly wrong I can justify this incorrectness easily by saying that I was joking or that I wasn't getting my point across (there are many other methods)--I actually saw a moron do this a few weeks ago. He spent half an hour spouting some of the most inane nonsense I've ever heard and then, when confronted with his idiocy, he simply claimed that he lacked the ability to get his point across. The guy is a moron (he has a framed picture of his cat in his locker*) so it's more than likely that he was just being stupid than actually having a valid point to add to our discussion. He didn't do a good job of pretending to have made a simple mistake, but I have done that very thing probably many times before, and succesfully at that, all when it would have been easier to just say "you know, I just have no idea what I'm talking about here." We can't deal with the fact that our opinions may be invalid.

    This doesn't happen all the time. I do admit that I'm wrong when I actually am wrong, as rare as this is

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    From what I've observed it seems to simply be an unending cycle of violence, coupled with the twist of the oppressed (Jews) becoming the oppressors. The people killing each other in Israel would do better to have a look at New York City, where they'd find Jews and Muslims for the most part coexisting peacefully.

    I'll admit that on such a complex issue it's possible that I'm wrong

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    It happened a few hundred years ago, right? Over the Jews and the Christians warring over whether the day of rest was the sixth or seventh day. The Jews won, thus taking Israel from its Catholic captors.

    The knowledge I have regarding the war is vague, but I believe it ended in Israel kicking everyone elses ass, correct?

    I doubt I'll ever except the fact when it indeed becomes a fact.*I was lying about the cat thing. I couldn't think of an example. But the kid is a moron.
  8. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member


    You're right, but you have to remember that at this stage in life, many of the girls are just emerging from basic sexual awareness. Things will improve over the next few years, obviously, with bitches turning into good girls, and visa versa. But mostly the first (I hope).

    Also -- I'm not as one-size-fits all as it might seem. I'm don't even follow half of my advice. At school, I dress comfortably. Not like the self-important prince image I might be sending. They're simple precautions - not to overdress, but to be clean and look self-respecting, (which IMO, is how all guys/girls should feel about themselves, and show in the way the dress.)

    You know that womanizer from 'family guy'? He takes it to the point of stupidity and it makes it counteractive. Advising me against that is right, but I still thinks its a good idea to dress and act with respect to yourself.


    Very true. There is plenty more development to go through, and I know that there is plenty of room for experiece. Xev won't like my metaphysical approach, but I like to think that everything will fall into place as time goes on. Learning the Kaballah also helps to reach higher points of self-awareness, and I've got a ways to go with that

    They allow you to observe the opposite sex in a more raw, up front state before the complexities build up - and this may seem unsual - but I've learned useful things from them.

    He always had that anti-semetic, oliver-twist interpretation of a Jew or woman burned into his brain - just as I may have similar prejudices about women, and you, about Jews.

    And another thing is that my personality is a strong 'INTP.' I don't see's those traits as weaknesses. They're my best qualities! Only when they're out of control and cause all sanity and judgement to swerve - like Nietzsche - will I see them as problems.

    Unlike Nietzsche, I prefer solitude out of greater comfort, where he avoided people because of crazy trust issues and declining mental health. Nobody can deny that he was flawed. Still admirable that you try to defend 'Freddy' though

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    This might surprise you, but I am very much like that

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    Wrestling has given me a lot of thusting power. Shyness, also, as part of my personality.

    Have you been paying any attention at all?

    Its not getting women interested that I'm after. Its about being proactive and guarding myself against the dangers. I wear my sunglasses like a condom -- always vigilant, filtering out the dangerous UV radiation, trying to tell whats really beneath her skin...

    Of course it isn't, just as it isn't an indicator of feminity. Its not all that healthy either.

    As for the 'little bitch' part, read the last few lines of my response to rippleofdeath.

    I was joking, hoping that you could tell the difference. In real life I wouldn't meet a stranger for sex. Let alone at the mikvah.

    Its rare that I wrestle someone with more strength than me, but when it does happen, I'm more concerned about turning to my stomach and then countering.

    And to clear up your assumption -- the true homosexual(s) that I've wrestled don't do it to touch other men. Thats another common prejudice people have.

    *Hahaha* -- no. I know what you're suggesting and I can guarantee you that I'm not interested in members of the same sex. On the other hand, wrestling attractive women/females/girls (whatever you want to call them,) is always a treat.

    Aside from the fact that I am an early bloomer with some unique circumstances --

    I know what you're saying. And for a while, I wondered how anybody could ever become a man if it means full development and maturity. As in the way Jack (from fight club, if we're to use that as an example) thinks of himself as a 30year old boy having wasted so much of his life in empty materialism. Bar Mitzvah wise, and to me anyways, its about the level of awareness I have to my limits and what I can make of them. Because I'll never be fully developed or mature.

    We shouldn't waste time aspiring to goals of perfection that we'll never reach...as in how later on in the movie - on the bus - they say that 'a real man doesn't look like that.' I could be a few inches taller, and a few IQ points stronger. They're but empty numbers.

    To break it down, I've considered myself a man since the day I popped out of my moms loins. My synogogue since I was 13, and Canada when I turn 18. I have a long ways to go in terms of maturity and development. And chances are that Xev, yourself have even more experience than I do.

    Again, most growth is very superficial. Things like emotional toughness take years to gain, as opposed to the development of complex emotions that you can get at 13 and never 'outgrow'. Being able to cope relative to everyone else in the world takes a lot of conditioning. In the real world, its wisdom and experience that is measured to IQ and stamina to height. Theres still plenty to learn

    Of course being a Jew, with my pre-developed cunning and genetically programmed manipulation skills of the stock market and women, this should be no problem.

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    Conditioning wise, coming from a middle class home as you probably do, we're all within a certain threshold. I'm not unique by that definition.

    You should know first, that I only used that statement to protect myself from Xev's Tyler-Durdening of me, since she pictures me to be some materialistic puppy.

    But to answer your question - its been a long time, and I usually go out of my way to avoid those things.

    The last time was in grade 6, for a very dumb reason, and it was no match since puberty gave me a head start (he was a year older BTW.)

    But other than that, I consider streetfighting - the lust to hurt someone - as stupid and pointless. My biggest fear is that I could unintentionally kill someone streetfighting, with one punch in the right spot. I'll only do it in self-defense.

    Besides that, I've never had a gun to my head.


    High school wrestling is another thing altogether. First -- its the most dignified, cerebral, unbarbaric sport I've come across - ever- and second, its physically draining. Its always constructive, and always pushing you to new levels. After a match, I usually find myself discussing technique and mistakes with a guy that I just kicked the shit out of - Like we're buddies or something. Like fight club - because they're not gangs, but chums.

    Its one of the oldest and most respected sports for a reason.

    Streetfighting is the opposite. Cheapness pays, you do not need a brain - as long as you have a piece of metal or a gun, and theres nothing dignified about it. I couldn't stoop to that level.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2003
  9. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member


    You've never been to Haifa, or some of the more utopic parts of Israel. New York has a lot of built up feelings of hate in it, and personally, I'd rather live in Israel.

    Pray that you don't get that kind of a university professor.

    At risk of being a hypocrite, could you find some evidence? I've known people like that, and after meeting them, learned they usually have a story, and aren't all as dumb as we think. They're lazy(at least the one I spoke to).


    I never stopped

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  10. Xev Registered Senior Member

    There are very few complexities to women or relationships.
    No, friendships in that stage are better because there is less accumulated social bullshit. My best friend, his brother and I would beat the shit out of each other and think little of it because we were less brainwashed, not because we were less complex.

    Nietzsche actually respected the Jews, and did not blame them for any more than being the origionaters of Christianity.

    Your prejudices about women are to be expected. Women possess the untamed, generative power of life - something which has been feared by smelly little conservatives since the beginnings of civilization.

    As for my prejudices about Jews - 'Schindler's List' was a rather funny movie, wasn't it?

    Again, how was Nietzsche "insane"?
    He certainly defied the social order. I can see how a twerp like you would see traits like that as "insane" but that is irrelevent.
    Nietzsche was heroic.

    Again, what "crazy trust issues"?

    No Xerxes, you have to actually fuck a woman to know how you would fuck a woman.

    You're afraid of women? Great Cthulhu, you are such a complete fucking pussy.

    Ah, you're only interested in getting naked and sweaty with them, you little tease.
  11. Pollux V Ra Bless America Registered Senior Member

    You're nuts! Almost anywhere on Earth is preferrable to Israel!

    Happy to oblige. He had a crush on a good friend of mine for several years. According to my friend he would send her love notes that mostly spoke of how great he was as opposed to how great she was. By meeting him and interacting with him, you immediately get the sense that he's stuck up and full of himself. The case is the same with me, but the difference is that I know it and I poke fun at the fact often. I've found a consensus among friends regarding his personality--that he's a stuck-up moron. He only lets people of exceptional caliber into his room, apparently only a few people besides himself have actually been there.

    Is this enough? I could go on...I kind of just wanted to make the cat joke.
  12. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    It depends on what kind of a school you go to, Xev.

    First -- Jewish day school, then a private, uniform school where a lot of shit goes on.

    At least you admit to being brainwashed.

    Yes, I understand that, but besides the 'slight modifications' that his sister put into the will to power, I know that even in context, some of the things Nietzsche said were blatanyl anti-semitic. And that, Xev, was a result of his own cultural brainwashing. Like your own, and mine too.

    Its not honourable to deny the facts now..

    How so? and why would the smelly conservatives fear regenerative power, beyond the expected, lame response?

    I'm sure if she were still alive, you'd be a perfect personality match for Nietzsches sister. Fun taking what people say out of context to use against them, isn't it Xev?

    Tertiary syphillis. Remember? Your defense from a few posts ago. You used it as a crutch.

    And I don't deny the fact that Nietzsche was heroic, only that he went insane and failed at a lot of things outside of academics.

    I thought you were the expert? He always writes about the people he does not trust -- for example, the ones with quick eye movements.

    You're scared to admit your affections for me. So you hide it by calling me a pussy.

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    We wear singlets

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    And I promise you I'm straight.
  13. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    : Database errors :
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2003
  14. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member



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    You have to visit the place. Once at least. Haifa is incredibly idyllic, and if it weren't for the occasional suicide bomber/threat of war, it would be a #1 candidate for the olympics. And the people coexist well. Technologically, its also advanced. I'm not sure, but I think ICQ was created in there.

    Yes, its enough. I was just curuiys to see how personally you knew the guy. The love note thing sounds very strange..
  15. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Of course they were. And they were correct.

    Because it represents the eternal Dionysian, the mad, mad flutes of that nuclear blight of madness, that mindless, mad demon-sultan Azathoth who bubbles and blasphemes in the center of the cosmos.

    Conservatism fears change, vitality, the destruction of the old to make way for the new. Those dedicated to preserving the old will always try to destroy the curious and untamed.


    Explanation is not justification. And Nietzsche needs precious little justification.
    You also know that your reference to his "insanity" was not to the disease that claimed his life.

    Who cares whether he ended up alone and without a girlfriend, you oversocialized brat?

    Contempt is not always a sign of affection, nor is abuse always a sign of lust.

    No, that was a description, not a come-on. You're afraid of women, you're supplient and would alter your behaviour to please and impress others.

    Ergo, you are a pussy.
  16. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Such as?

    This is what I had expected to hear -- 'because they are capable of producing things which are a threat to the old.' Which is lame, and assumes a lot about the conservative mind. You make the same generalization about conservatives that I do about women. Whats sad is that while I'm halfhearted with mine (at best!) you believe that crap.

    It was not a direct reference, but the two can be used interchangeably since they represent practically the same thing.

    First -- If anything, I'm undersocialized. And secondly, my point was not that he ended up alone, but the fact that he failed at most of those things which made him happy. Wasn't he a depressed and overly serious man? I guess that was the price of his genius.

    But in this case it is. Let your emotions out, Xev

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    Suppliant? In grade 8 - and looking back, this was kind of stupid, - but anyways in grade 8, I stared at my science teacher, directly in the eye, for the first two months of classes to piss him off, just because I thought he was being unfair in subtle ways. It worked well. And he hated, but respected me for it. Of course I got a good mark anyways, it was grade 8 science, but the point being that I'm hardly 'suppliant,' and if you we're brave enough to conduct your debates without making assumptions on my personality (instead ofthe qualities of my points,) you would understand me a lot better.

    If I had wanted to impress him, I would have bought him chocolates for christmas, typed up my labs on computer as he wanted, along with daily sucking up rituals.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2003
  17. Tyler Registered Senior Member

    Then all this comes down to is a matter of definitions, and I'm curious whether or not I will ever consider myself an adult. (Actually, I'm sure I will eventually, I'm not a complete idiot, I'm just curious when). And I'm sure we all have different experiences in different areas.

    It differs with the person. For whatever reason I've turned out to be relatively cold emotion wise. Not evil or rude or anything, but I haven't been able to be affected by anything in a negative way for some time. I had one of those cliche go-away-to-europe-life-changing things. Kind of interesting, but we'll see how long it lasts.

    However, I still have my completely illogical and immature little emotional shits - for instance I have incredible difficulty having trust that a girl actually genuinly likes me. But my pathetic little problems aren't worth talking aboot.

    Yup. Been in two serious fights in recent years. And had a gun to my head once. Though I doubt the man actually wanted to kill me, he and about seven others were drunk and were trying to take drugs and money from my friends and I. I sort of insulted him and he flipped out and held my head to a wall with a gun on the other side. I got hit and roughed up and had the gun to my head for five minutes, but I'm sure he wouldn't have shot me. Still, it was intimidating.

    I don't know that I'd call it unbarbaric, but hockey is definetly the most cerebral sport I've played.
  18. Bells Staff Member

    We don't have to make assumptions about you or your personality. You have provided us with enough information on yourself for us to see what you're really like. It is to the qualities of your points that we are answering to. And trying to appear to be a man by telling a little story from grade 8... well lets just say you're not pulling it off. I just keep seeing a little boy trying to impress the bigger kids by telling them how tough he really is.

    And at this age most boys are just trying to hump anything that blinks an eyelash at them. And while things may improve for the girls over the years, I doubt that such improvement will affect you as much as the girls will be looking at you and seeing you for what you are... a bit of an immature dick

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    HUH? Are we supposed to care how you dress to go to school? Or are you trying to impress us with your maturity in that you don't dress like others? All I'm seeing from just that paragraph is that you're very immature and have absolutely no idea what really counts. Who really cares how you dress? Your dress sense or style says nothing about you.

    Xerves, don't deny your age or what you should be experiencing at your age. By harping on as you've been doing about how mature you are has only shown to me that you're the total opposite. You're not a man just because you say you are. You're only portraying yourself as being a little boy trying on the shoes of his father and telling the world 'look I'm a man now'. Be your age Xerves and enjoy it. My god, you're 17, on the brink of life and all of life's experiences. I remember being that age and looking back now I realise that I knew nothing about life. Stop trying to fool yourself about what a man you are. Enjoy being a 17 year old as when you're 34, you're going to wish in some moments that you could go back to that age of innocence.

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  19. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    What have you learned about women?

    how to facilitate multiple orgasims
    tantric sex
    massage therapy
    the female reproductive system

    where do you draw a line of what you know
    and what you think you should not bother to know
    should you draw such a line

    as bells has mentioned your reminising to childhood actions is normal because you have not got any (what we could define for arrgument sake) adult experiences to draw on
    if you exist as the counter part to the lesson as a child then you live as the child
    variety is the spice of life and requires many tastes
    to learn how to create the flavours and tastes you need to know how to mix them to suit the situation and the person
    (offering ham sandwiches to people in a sinnagog)
    you can stand there and claim you were only being friendly
    and thoughtfull
    although it still looks very thoughtless and immature
    who's standards are being considered

    where is the standard mounted and can it be moved
  20. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Just had a power surge while typing up a response-- thank god for my keylogger...here goes:

    Probably when everybody else starts to call you an adult. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, in the same way a good girl becomes a slut. Its alll in the mind. Anyways, I don't care for the labels that people give me, iindcluding 'suppliant,' 'childish,' 'athletic,' or 'witty.' They only empower the person who's labelling.

    I was that way for quite a while, but routine hass changed it. Like those people who've survive terminal illness and vow to live puposley...for a month. Then they become a bit more irritable.

    I'll loose some of that new sensitivity towards graduation/

    OK. I'll give you that one. Wrestling can be barbaric. But if you've ever wrestled someone good, its like trying to concentrate three moves ahead in a chess match while being stretched in uncomfortable ways. Which requires double the concentration; hard to get more cerebral than that.


    You've made some valuable points, but this is just silly. I doubt even a trained professional would be able to draw a scientifically plausable picture of my personality from this debate. Let alone untrained sciforumers.

    You've forgotten, Bell, that I used this examle to prove that I'm not the suppliant Xev imagines me to be. Nothing to do with being man or not(as you think). Unless you would correlate childishness with supplinity(?) which to me, is upside down. Maybe it's my circle of friends, but I've never known anyone to snub a teacher that badly, which should be proof enough if I did it ten years ago, or last week. Pesonality are generally fixed.

    It was probably a dumb way to say 'fuck you,' but the point is that I did it effectively.

    I think this is a great time to point out how drastically a smiley changes the context of something. But I'll save that for later

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    What I would like to comment on is the massive misunderstanding that typical adult women have of the typical high school 'boy'. Sure, there exists the type that will fuck anything, and the other stereotypes you probably have, but those are the ones you see on TV. What you hear on the radio of disgrunted goths carrying around guns in their lockers.

    High school is much different than I could have ever imagined it, and if you took the time to meet some of the stereotyped people, you would also see that there's more to the average high school than you could have imagined. Same for a lot of the girls I meet. The common 'slut' is sometimes just mistreated, and the 'good girl' is sometimes a slut.

    So what I'm saying is that if you really think I'm unfair (which is possible,) then you should consider the off chance that you're doing the same.

    It wasn't an FYI. It was in addressing an important point that I had made waay back (on page 2 I think,) about things a man can do to attract a women. Which had being brought up by (I think) rippleofdeath or Xev.

    It was clarifying that I don't take it that far because its unnecessary and stupid. Not to prove anything.

    Also, I'm curious where you got the idea from?

    Yes I am. Even if the whole world votes against me and says that I'm not a man. This is a one person democracy, and I am a man. A young, unnaccepted man, and the thought that I have to prove it to anyone else if laughable. I don't limit myself to being a 'child'.

    Some of your advice is good and I appreciate it. I really do. But I've learned the hard way that 'acting your age' or according to your 'culture' is limiting, and I'd much rather prefer to act however the hell I want. I do a lot of 17 year old activies, some 12 year old activities, and then some 50 year old activities and I'm not ashamed of any of them. Like I said, I don't always fit in, but its preferable to pretending so that you can.

    It could be - and I'm not just saying this - but it could be that you tried to act according to a certain stereotype, because you were unsatisfied, and later regretted it. You wanted back to the innocence. This is precisely why I don't act my age. Because I tried. I really did. But its boring old, predictable donkey work. You live by a clock. Have a middle aged breakdown and die just like everyone else. Having or acting an age is as meaningless as death itself.

    Its funny, because we've turned the debate 180 from that topic.

    But to answer your question, a cliche: The more I learn, the less I know.

    I shouldn't, because I'd prefer not to know everything there is about a woman. It makes them less attractive.

    The statement is logical enough, but remember that my statement had nothing to do with my being a child or an adult. Just as a defense against Xev's claim of my 'suppliance'

    Thats an art I'm still trying to get the hang of. Sometimes you get along the with the most unlikely of people.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2003
  21. Morteza Olangui Enemy of the people Registered Senior Member

    I had a hot argument with my wife this morning. I wish, honestly, I had not married her. I have an 11 year old daughter from her. I do not want to divorce her. She is a real dictator. She used to fight again the Shah regime, now she is like the Shah, like most Iranians.
    With every argument and quarrel, I become more aware they are selfish human beings, as much as I can be.
    Now, the good part is that she works very hard. She is very intelligent, a little bit above those around me, and very faithful, she is very naive, as I am. Both of us make a complete naive.
    quack - quack, thanks
  22. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    Why not?
  23. Morteza Olangui Enemy of the people Registered Senior Member

    I have become used to this daily routine, waking her up, eating with her, go to work together and....
    Secondly, I am not an adveturers. I am a bit coservative.
    quack - quakc thanks

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