What have you learned about women?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by zanket, Dec 16, 2003.

  1. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Perhaps you should tell us all about yourself, no? Afterall it seems we are so far off the mark. I mean it couldn't be that you are one female. Or that by the nature of the question, we can only be talking about females we have been with...

    It is not sexist. Every relation"ship" is a power game. And yes, she will feel better if she thinks she has control. How does it make you feel jumping on a high horse and attempting to demean the posts responding to this topic-- those you deem wrong?

    I don't have to do that to feel like a 'big" man, sorry.

    A rooster can strut? In any case, no.

    No. I always feel good about myself.


    Heh. And I was thinking maybe I'd let your around []hed...

    hed thinking through his "sex organs": Are you a hottie? If so send me a naked pic.

    I was celibate in primary school, and I am no pedophile. Perhaps you need to get out of your hole and see some daylight? In these times, twentysomething and college girls do indeed put themselves in positions to be approached or go after men.

    I'm told that when the hed rubs off, it feels good. How then did something rub you in such a bad way?

    You are incorrect, so sorry.
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  3. Bells Staff Member

    A REAL relationship is not a power game. And I wasn't attempting to demean anyone. I was responding to a particular statement you made in this thread. After all, this is a forum whereby people put up what they think, and that was what I thought. If you found it demeaning, oh well, my deepest apologies then.

    Eh? Is this your way of saying you're a block head

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    ? And if you didn't get that... that was meant to be a joke.

    No. And that was not a joke

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    Awww but I happen to like my cave. I don't have to put up with people who think they are in control in my cave

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    . And yes I'm well aware that members of both sexes put themselves out there to be approached by members of the opposite/same (depending on your preference) sex. Such behaviour is not solely restricted to women. Isn't that what the single scene is all about? But last I checked, no woman I know put themselves out to be caught. That notion or ideal went out when women set fire to their bras.

    You have to be told that when your hed rubs off it feels good? OOOKKKKK! Hed, whatever you do with your hed is your own business... lol... And the only time I've ever really been "rubbed" the wrong way was when an old friend attempted to remove something from my eye and he had just chopped chilli while making dinner. Ugh talk about pain. It still makes me squint just thinking about it.
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  5. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member


    Any relationship is a power game.

    Lol. No I did not find your post demeaning; I found it funny. I was referring to Xerxes' post, and your attempt to use your gender as some kind of whipping stick. In truth, you have merely one subject-- yourself; don't forget that.

    Nah. It was my way of distinguishing between hed, and my
    []hed...I'm sure you got it b4.

    boooooo. Ok, ok, wait. Are you very pretty? If so, send me a naked a pic.

    Well then my advise on them making you think you have the power in "your" cave should prove useful, neh?

    In general, however, 'tis the male approaching the female. The male goes to 'pursue"..

    Heh. Methinks someone was thinking I was speaking of marriage? Yuck.

    Well you see, if you were a hottie or if you are very pretty, I wouldn't mind making it your "business" too.. he he he. Is that sexist?

    cave stories...
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  7. Bells Staff Member

    No, a real relationship is not a power game. A relationship based on the notion of a power game is bound to failure.

    Geeeee, make me sound like the wicked witch

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    . And I was merely stating an opinion on what the boy said.

    Yes I did get it before, but I thought it may have been rude and unladylike to ask if your 'doodle' was square shaped... lol..

    No, I'm an ugly hag

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    They don't have to let me think I have power in my cave. If I didn't have power I wouldn't be able to plug in the computer to type this post to this thread. Wait, I'm wrong. If there was no power I could still jump on the laptop to post a reply... lol..

    But oooohhh wait, you meant the guy letting me think I have power (and no I don't mean the plug the kettle in for coffee type of power). A relationship doesn't mean that one lets the other think they have power. Why would you want to? The other half and I have been together for 2 years now and if either of us thought that we wouldn't have lasted 2 weeks. Neither of us think that we are better than the other. We each have power, but that power does not apply to our relationship in the way that you appear to mean. Neither of us think that we allow the other to have that power. We approach each other and the relationship on an equal footing. A relationship is based on equality. If one thinks that they have power over the other in a relationship, it is no longer a relationship per se. It only results in a type of relationship where one is dominant to the other and is one that will most likely fail.

    Both sides pursue. But the notion of women putting themselves out there to be caught is archaic.

    LOL... refer to above.

    No, just a really, really, bad line.. lol... And refer to above about the hag comment...


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  8. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    what is the most important thing to have in your community?

    social status?

    most likely intellectual ability falls below those three

    fashionable looks come before them all

    selfishness is wide spread
    to think you enter a relationship in the idea that you must have control of the relationship means you have lacked control over yourself in your life and seek to find it in areas that are easy to manipulate...
    like when someone has a crush on you
    once that is gone it is all down hill
    and leads to the 60% rate of divorce that is small conpared to the amount of non marital relationships that occur more frequently

    what you fear most is lack of control
    so you desire it in a sexual relationship
    you have adopted the concept of a relationship as being a power game because that is the easyest way for you to get your "fix" (like a drug fix) of power control over another person that you then transfer, to lie to yourself in that you have control over yourself
    (you are in a majority in most aspects in this regard so dont feel like the odd one out)
    power lesson are often long in the learning and cruel in the teaching
    i hope you learn before you hit the cruel part
    many dont
    also thinking that, to know what every women wants to be similar is like saying that all women are alike
    and that is obviousely not true
    you need to meet some more women who are more worldly.
    one just may break your heart and then you will fall to your own game of power and control leaving you bitter and regretting everything
    that is a very common thing

    adopting an attitude that relationships are a power game is to continuosely live a lie in emotional communication ...
    it is a bitter and harsh lesson that can sometimes take a life time to get over

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  9. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    Not quite. What I meant to say is that I know how to make a woman happy.

    Actually, you're right. I never said that age qualified me as a 'man'. You won't find any disagreeing from me.

    I guess the fact that I considered myself an adult at the age of 8 would also serve to invalidate the whole age thing. In writing assignments, I constantly used prepositions like 'when I was a kid,' and sincerely believed them. Not because my classmates were so immature(and they were), but because I saw the school as training grounds for miniature adults that would soon rule the world. Which I don't exactly believe anymore..

    It goes back to the self-awareness thing that Xev was talking about. I know what I am whether a single other person see's that in me or not.

    First you say that a set age in years does not make man (which I agree with.) And now you say that there is an approximate age? haha Too much :m:

    Again, I've considered myself an adult for the majority of my life. If it was feasable, I would've moved out on my own years ago (and my parents are decent people.)
  10. SoLiDUS OMGWTFBBQ Registered Senior Member

    Women are like a PC DOS: if you stray from the usual 'commands'
    in even the slightest way, you will get...

    Bad command or file name.

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    Oh well, you can always Format!

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    But seriously... they want affection and attention. Give them some
    time and the rewards are plentiful.
  11. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    LOL. Gotta love pathetic attempts at psychoanalysis based on one post. You are way off Rip. It's not that simple mate.

    Unexpected party; nevertheless, two down, one to go.
  12. spookz Banned Banned


    actually where you are concerned, all things are simple. rip is right on the money. there is a constant refrain in your posts.... "i am somebody!" this colors all your social interactions to the point of pathology (pimping out a chicks toilet webcam, fantasizing about ripping and bloodying chicks's anuses)

    nevertheless, two down, one to go.

    observe the approach. classic! the head offered up as some intellectual giant in a sea of retards. the object is to prevail at any cost. this is neccessary to maintain cohesiveness and sanity
  13. spookz Banned Banned

    it is a fantasy that plays out in head's head. no one has gone down

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  14. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    Ah, so finally, Spock, my favorite bitch finally joins the party.

    and you'd know because i'm the "enemy" and you need to "rip"(pun intended) my name? Makes sense; you never had the choice.

    [quotethere is a constant refrain in your posts.... "i am somebody!" [/quote]
    Let's analyze this Spock. Were I not "somebody", I wouldn't be typing this shit maggot.

    This is quite illogical. "I am somebody" and therefore I sell someone's digi cam on a site?


    You are in the sea. Welcome minion.


    There are much better ways to introduce yourself, you know?

    You are most certainly right: first impressions are quite accurate. After reading the first line, I assumed you were dickless "bleached" faggot begging to be shitted on by hed. Your second line confirmed this assumption. Unfortunately, the hed's proverbial boat is quite full. But for starters, fuck off and wait your turn. The hed will turn to you soon enough.
  15. Bells Staff Member

    LOL... make us sound like house plants

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    Eh? Hmmmm reading back, was I the number one? Huh? Huh? Huh? LOL...

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    He could be double jointed you know and if he can bend down that far... Ugh.. oh the mental pic

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  16. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

    No, not really. But you jumped the mantle so freaking fast and you fit the profile, so I was satisfied.

    I am not, and why even try when others beg to do it?

    I know, it does not fit. Besides, why fuck yourself up? You'd rather be the one who went down. Unfortunately, I am displeased you are not a "hottie" or "very pretty"
  17. Bells Staff Member

    You keep profiles of the people who post in here? Oookkk. Ermm Hed, I really think you need to get out more

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    Mmmm hmmmm... Of course they do dear

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    No the image fitted, was just ugly that's all.. LOL.

    Hey you might be one of those people who can't get it elsewhere and do themselves instead. I don't know or want to know what goes through your mind.



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  18. MISSunderstanding@ Registered Senior Member

    They are indispensable mediators between the individual and the universe, Paul Eluard
    I hope I have spelled his name correctly. quack - quack, thanks
  19. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    you need to meet more women... those who are past the stage of basic self sexual awareness
    maybe "they" would not care for your one size fits all type of approach
    if you think all are the same then you will most likely only gravitate toward those who are receptive to your single minded aproach system..
    it is not uncommon for some people to out grow there small community personality stereotype
    it would be a sad thing for you to limit yourself to only those women who you feel fall below your perception to inspire and surprise you

    you are funny

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    you would have to agree with me to prove me to be more on the incorrect side of my basic outline of your comments
    how sad that you reduce even your relationships to a winning and loosing power struggle
    what a sad scene that must be
    i pity you for what you define as your own sexual disfunction!
    what you may expect in the future ?
    well... why should i spoil the surprise
    some lessons are not learnt the easy way for some people

    go ahead .. you may think you have won
    use another women/girl as a sexual object like your personal toy and material objectification tool of self disfunctional diversions

    it bothers me not!
    aside from the obviouse exploitation that you speak of of those who may be easily miss guided from a vaunerable position of emotional problems.. your natural hunting ground for sex maybe?

    lol nice!

    LOL... make us sound like house plants
    fantastic point
    the dismissive atitude toward women as being complicated and intricate beings is on parr with the "all men are stupid" stereotype often spouted by their wives
    they do deserve each other i guess

    not quite sure what you mean
    do you mean thefountainhed gets off on the "yeah,sir-mass-ser"
    as 'Missy Elliot' put-it in one of her songs ?
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2003
  20. thefountainhed Fully Realized Valued Senior Member

  21. ripleofdeath Registered Senior Member

    rip: Think real hard....
    besides, http://www.sciforums.com/showthread...&threadid=31653
    umm ok
    so you have a new years resolution?
    very little challenges my thinking in a requirement to :think hard" these days
    maybe you could elloborate so i may know what you are vaguely refering to
    are you continuing in some line from another post aside from the new one you have just made?

    or another feeble attempt at the power struggle you seem to need for self sexual gratification?
  22. Xev Registered Senior Member


    Grade-school romances are hardly indicative of anything.

    Go you!

    What "prejudice overtones"?
    An oversocialized Jew would see these things - a failure at romantic relationships, an aloofness and preference for solitude - as weaknesses.

    I do not.

    I always figured he'd be shy and rough, the sort of man who'd stroke your face and fuck you hard.
    Oops, no fantasizing.

    Chromosomally speaking....

    Nonsense. The rest of your posts on this thread show an inordinate interest in learning manipulation - you are, after all, a Jew - how can you alter yourself so that women will like you, how can you alter yourself so that women will want to fuck you, how can you act so that women will want you.

    You do realize that getting laid often is not an indicator of masculinity, especially if you act like a little bitch for that purpose?

    You're an aspiring womanizer....or so you say.
    So you do not realize such.

    I haven't.
    Although I can say in my defense that my interest in sweaty, half-naked men with cute butts is strictly heterosexual.
    Do you like it when another man 'pins' you down with his strong arms?

    What dream, of creaming my pants while 'wrestling' a virile young man?
  23. Tyler Registered Senior Member


    I'm the same age as you, and I have to say I wouldn't call myself a "man" in the strictest sense. Technically if you just follow the dictionary, yes I suppose I qualify. But I'd like to take the defintion of man as being "an adult male". And adult - by the dictionary - means "fully developed". Yeah yeah, I've gone through puberty and all that shite so technically I'm developed...

    But if you want to include maturity? Shit, if this is as mature as a man gets, humans are a sad bunch. I'm still in high school (only six more months!!!!), and I think I can say quite safely that I have more developing to do before I'm done growing. If you think at 17 you've hit your peak of maturity - or at least, you've hit full out adulthood - you must be something incredibly special. I've met some people who've been more mature than others at our age - obviously - but there is not a single seventeen year old I have ever met who I would begin to consider calling an adult. We're all still kids to a degree. I can't imagine being egotistical enough to think that as a highschool student I'm a full out adult. I'm pretty sure I have growth left. Maybe you really are that much different than every other teenager I've ever met, but I haven't seen a single thing on this board that's shown that.

    Ever gotten in a real fight? Where someone's actually trying to break bones in your body? Or had a gun held to your head?

    I bet you've only lived out that fantasy in highschool wrestling/martial arts.

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