What do you see when you meditate?

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by seekeroftheway, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    Does the "spirit's eye" see within oneself, or do they see without? Is there an astral plane of some sort?
  2. draqon Banned

    When I miditate I usually see myself from above and sides...and usually feel very powerful when I meditate...so powerful that I can be sure that if I gave it a chance I could destroy everything around me...yet in meditation pureness of the spirit is the most important thing...thus I keep that strength within me...I then imagine myself floating half a meter above a body of water and moving very fast above it. I then imagine fire in my hands, fire that does not hurt me...I then imagine myself dancing with this fire in my hands...In fact I leave my meditation pose and begin dancing usually in a trance...I feel meditation during this phase....I usually try to leave as much power as I can by making fast moves as though I would be fighting an opponent that can fly. This trance/meditation state continues until I have no more power left and until my throat calls for water.
  3. i see whatever i choose to (usually), i meditate for a certain reason, (not always the same reason) its always to calm myself before something, or before i start training i will center myself. someimes i meditate to find answers about myself from within my own mind, i see many things it all depends on what type of meditation i am doing at the time. sometimes i see nothing (on purpose). it is just white or black depending on the meditation. i usualy meditate and picture loads of warriors to challenge me, and they all have super powers like on dragonball z, and i just have to fight them all, (i believe if you win battles inside your own head it makes you mentally stronger),

  4. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    Not what you imagine, what you see. You can imagine anything while meditating. But when you empty your mind of thought, where do you go? If anyone has read xerxes' "Five Tibetans" thing that the posted, it speaks of the Lama's and how they affect the planet in a very small way every time they perform a rite, and when they meditate they see the world through the "astral plane". Any thoughts on that?
  5. nameless Registered Senior Member

    The 'eye' of consciousness 'sees' that there is no 'outside' or 'inside'; no one to do the 'seeing' or thing to be 'seen'.
    Meditation enables the experience of Oneness.
  6. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    IF YOUR DOING IT RIGHT.... falling... shaking.. spinning.. swirlings.. and eventually splitting.... and supposivley then .. flying..
  7. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    Ah but perhaps it's a unique experience for every different person?
  8. Avatar smoking revolver

    Meditating is like dreaming for me. I visit worlds, different planets, different creatures,
    and I don't force myself to imagine, just let go my mind and let my unconsciousness take over.
    99% it's the product of my (un)consciousness, but it is the subjective reality for me then, so there is no difference.
    No difference whether I really walked on that moon above an unknown planet or not, becase to my mind I did - I now have the memory of it, the memory of feelings I then had, memory of the experience.
  9. dao seeker.

    im going to give you some scripts/doctrines to read, but i caution you dont take the buddhist teachings exactly as they are percieved to be, what they speeak in most senses is true, but to read the higher doctrines you are supposed to be in the physical company of a spiritual master/teacher of some kind, things can be translated wrong, things can be taken out of true concept, the early buddhists took many previous teachings and claimed it to be there own teachings, wich is false,

    i do not speak of such things here, because of certain reasons, but i will this once, but you must after reading these doctrines, you shouldent really be reading them to begin with at such an early age, but if you think you are ready for the astral planes and other dimensions of meditation, then seek the doctrines and info im about to list. im not going to link you directly to anything myself, but you can if you want to, but i warned you remember that,

    bardo thodol (tibetan book of the dead)
    rigpa, dhamakaya

    you and others of your level might need this infomation, others like myself are not going through bardo, we have anouther more simple fate.

    oh and C702 you can reach non existance if you realized what you already know,

  10. nameless Registered Senior Member

    As long as ego maintains the belief/delusion that you are 'unique' and 'seperate' from all else, yes, the 'illusion of uniqueness' will be maintained. Ultimately, the 'fruits' of true and traditional meditation seem to exhibit a consistant commonality; the experience of Oneness (enlightenment), as reported by all those who have, throughout history, reached that 'level' . It is not an intellectual understanding, although that can come first, but you BECOME that Oneness... Your 'uniqueness' is subsumed...
  11. ElaMiNaTo New Member

    When I meditate then there is just seeing of whatever may appear. The question is: Who is the observer ? Who observes all the objects ? The feelings the thoughts ? Who is it ? Who is watching ?
  12. nameless Registered Senior Member

    The 'answer' to "who", lies in the meditation, beyond the 'seeing of whatever may appear'...
  13. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    Exactly, because everything you may see is a total illusion. If you are seeing it, it is technically "material" and therefor not really real.
  14. nameless Registered Senior Member

    'Existence' is inversely proportional to 'Reality'.
  15. seekeroftheway Let go your conscious self...

    Whatever reality might be.
  16. nameless Registered Senior Member

    'Truth/Reality'... I like the vedic scriptural definition; "Reality must rigidly adhere to that which is in an unchanging state of universal permanence." -Vedanta
    the temporal and contingent and contextual...
    You 'know' Truth as you become Truth.
    Inversely proportional to being who you think that you are (existence), who you see in the mirror (contextual).
  17. Gustav Banned

    a momentary glimpse of relatively undifferentiated awareness aka ______ am aware of nothing in particular

    the rest of the time i fight off yawns and evil spirits
  18. Mosheh Thezion Registered Senior Member

    THERE are many ways to meditate... but only one logical method to achieve astral projection.
  19. too much meditationcan be bad for one,

    remember that, dont abuse meditation use it wisely, experiencing life is much more rewarding if you are seeking, but dont get me wrong, i meditate quite often, but for no longer than 1 hour per day now,

    it can have negative effects, dont stray to far into the other realms of existance inside your own mind, or you might get lost int here and lose touch of the reality outside, (yes i realise a buddhist comeback for that would be, but the mind is all that you see around you so when you realise this you will finally stop the cycle of reincarnation and suffering and become free and non existant.) but i stand with what i said, too much meditation can make one lose grip of reality, or lose grip of the "illusion" in buddhist sense.

  20. spidergoat alien lie form

    If you do it right, you shouldn't see anything, shouldn't recognize objects, only percieve vague shapes, colors, forms, smells, sounds...

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