what are the warmest U.S cities?

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by devils_reject, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. devils_reject

    devils_reject Registered Senior Member

    I mean warm year round, no snow, no winter, and no chills. Let me know please. Thanks
  2. Neildo

    Neildo Gone

    Probably San Diego as that's the furthest south you can get that isn't near Hurricane Alley.

    - N
  3. Any city in hawaii?
  4. Baron Max

    Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Spurious is probably right, but in the Continental US, it would have to be a city in southern Florida ...most any city!

    Even some of the hottest cities in the nation, like Tucson, can get damned cold at night in the winter months. Not so in Florida.

    Baron Max
  5. Fraggle Rocker

    Fraggle Rocker Moderator

    Key West at 77.8 just barely beats Honolulu at 77.2. (Fahrenheit, I doubt that any Europeans are reading this thread.) Several other Florida cities are in the seventies, plus Corpus Christi TX, Yuma and Phoenix AZ. Phoenix and Yuma don't have Tucson's elevation (2600 ft) so they don't get those bone-chilling winter nights. I lived in Tucson back in the 1950s, it actually snowed once.
  6. valich

    valich Registered Senior Member

    Death Valley, California and probably any city within it, including Barstow where my little car's engine seized up 20 years ago.

    It holds the record for the hottest place in the U.S. During 1995, 1996, and 1999 temps reached 134 degress Fahrenheit (56.7 C).
  7. analbeads

    analbeads "loosen up"

    Oakland/San Francisco are pretty consistantly in the 60's F year-round aren't they? I've never lived there, but have visited my relatives there plenty of times and my cousin (they live by Oakland) says she loves the consistency of the weather there- no winter, no major heat spells, etc....
  8. quadraphonics

    quadraphonics Bloodthirsty Barbarian

    Oakland and the East Bay typically have better weather than San Francisco, since they're shielded from the open Ocean. The whole area gets quite a bit of rain, and SF is famous for blustery springs and summers (especially the west side of town). But overall, yeah, they got good weather. Probably comparable to the Carolinas, I would guess?

    San Diego and Los Angeles aren't really that hot, since they're on the coast. It just doesn't get very cold in winter. It was in the 70's here today in SD, although it drops down to the 40's once the sun goes down on some days. Pretty mild overall.

    It gets hotter real quick as you head east from southern California. The Mojave Desert area in southeastern CA is, I think, the hottest place in America, maybe even including Hawaii... it gets up to 120-130 there in the summer in Death Valley. And it's certainly hot in the areas farther east, like southern Arizona and New Mexico, and west Texas. Phoenix or Tuscon is probably the hottest major city, overall.
  9. valich

    valich Registered Senior Member

    Annual hottest "daytime" temperature is beyond a doubt in the Southwest - probably Yuma, Arizona. Arizona has the highest heat related mortalities of any other state in the U.S. and gets most of it's heat coming up from the Gulf of California.

    Mean Annual Temperatures (not including extreme daytime and night fluctuations):
    Key West, FL (77.5°F)
    Honolulu, HA., 25°C (76.5°F)
    Miami, Fla., 24°C (76°F)
    Phoenix, AZ., 22°C (71°F)
    Tucson, AZ (68.4 F) - a wee bit cooler than Phoenix because it lies in a basin
    Yuma, AZ 23.5 C (74.4 F) - has the warmest daytime winter and summer temps, but nights in the winter really drop, as they do throughout the Sonoran and other deserts in the Southwest.


  10. valich

    valich Registered Senior Member

    Hawaii, and especially all the cities in Key West will feel a lot cooler than their higher annual temperatures because of the breeze that comes in across the Pacific and Atlantic, respectively. There's seldom any breeze in Arizona.
  11. Roman

    Roman Banned

    The Southwest cities are all in the desert, though, so have pretty low "nighttime" temperatures. Quite low, actually.
  12. devils_reject

    devils_reject Registered Senior Member

    Thanks for the inputs guys. But I meant "year round". Yes, thats very important in my plans. At the moment it seems like FL or CA. Thank you
  13. Hapsburg

    Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist

    Honolulu, Salt Lake City, Miami, or L.A.
  14. analbeads

    analbeads "loosen up"

    I'd go with CA over Florida.
  15. Cloud9

    Cloud9 New Member

    The farther south you get, the closer to the equator you get, therefore the warmer it is.
  16. But once you pass the equator it gets colder again.
  17. Baron Max

    Baron Max Registered Senior Member

    Well, I don't know ...it's pretty damned cold in the high mountains of Peru and Ecuador ...and that's practically right on the damned equator.

    Baron Max
  18. I am in florida and it is pretty dam cold too. That's because the AC is broken and is on full cold.


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