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    Okay, so I had a strange dream last night/this morning. A hooded-figure arrived at my door and tried to stab me. I grabbed the knife by the blade and wrestled with the figure, and eventually got the knife off of them. The hooded-figure ran, and I gave chase. I beat the figure to the car they were running to, and saw there was two women in the car, and the hooded-figure was also a woman. Three women had driven to my house to kill me!

    Then, I returned to my home and one of the women's husband arrived. He wanted the keys to my car, but when I went to look for my car, it was invisible except for a rear-light in the rear-window. It was as if the car had disappeared, except for the rear-light.

    "Where's my car?" I asked the husband.

    "I don't know." He replied.

    He then handed me a multi-pack of Rizlas with a phone number on it. He told me to phone the number if I hadn't heard from him within a week.

    I returned to the living room and took a bite of one of my two-sausages and mashed-potatoes. Then there was a knock at the door. I answered it. There was two Asian fellows stood before me, also wanting my car. I told them they couldn't have it, and the second Asian fellow began searching the courtyard. He returned with a computer-keyboard.

    I handed over my car-keys and the men wanted to see my computer, insisting each keyboard is individually configured for each computer. The first Asian man entered my bedroom, while I waited at the front-door with the second man.

    After a silence of about thirty-seconds, the man who had entered my bedroom ran past me and threw my car-keys over his shoulder.

    "Keep the car!" He shouted as he ran off.

    I entered the bedroom and switched on a light, which was dim, and red. The room was full of my friends, one of whom was one of the women who had come to kill me. She was wearing too much make-up and chatting away on a phone. Other friends were sat on the sofa chatting, and in the corner was an old-friend. He was wearing nothing but a leopard-skin thong and cowboy boots, and he had been dancing like that, in the dark!

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    That's when I woke.


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