Was 9-11 a government conspiracy?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Euler is my Hero, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Light Registered Senior Member

    That wasn't intended at all. What WAS intended, as someone once said, "Facts is facts!"

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    Remember, she says the whole world is controlled by this shadowy, secret group that must keep it's presence hidden, yet is constantly revealing it's self through numerology. Without coming even close to recognizing it, she contradicts herself at almost every turn.

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  3. qwerty mob Deicidal Registered Senior Member

    Well, okay... I didn't mean to call you a name caller... that'd make me a hypocrite, or worse!

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    I share her level of frustration, though I place the blame of 9/11 on the actual perps and their financeers, not the gallery of incompetent spooks and politicians.

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  5. duendy Registered Senior Member

    as an INDIVIDUAL begin trusting your own understanding. ANYclues, hints, follow them through. do NOT conform to authority......Easier said than done i know, but the alternativeis just being part of the totally utterly ignroeant self-destruct behaviour being shown by authoritarian power structures and its following sheep

    professor liht doesn't understand. well, get the fukin flags out he doesn't understand how on one level we can have a shadow/secret cabal running things and yet have blatanyt hints of their existence all ofer '9/11' etc.
    well, checkout how people like him research. His mindset will just leave it there. these pople which belong to the -usually-materialistic right wing mindset, tho of course you have the leftwing fraternitiy too. they seem to have a filter. they dont wont harbour ANY doubt but live in a weird kind of 'safe-zone'. Not oe would look deeper into what they just cast off a 'conspiracy theory'. in a way their mindset intrigues me. how they DO it. it's beyond me

    but anyhow, what it meN IS THIS: YES. THEY are BLATANT. rthey KNOW, areplaying wth--like the power weilding psychos they are--the fact hat a certan amount of people will be aware, but the bigger the lie the lss it will be believed.
    Do these poo pooists here eer bother to research what tyrants have said. what some of the Nazi SS said and someof the major players in the conspiracy say, in their speecehes, books?bet any money they dont. for example, the power weilders reveal how easy it is to manipulate 'the people'. they knowthe trricks. do you honestly think they are naive about how to manipulate people?

    i ask each one of you tp look at the occult symbolism surrunding '9/11' and make yer own minds up. if you can refute it do it
    but remember it all adds up. hat adds up with te many 'mundane' clues that 9/11 was an inside job!!!!.....Ad ask yourself tis. WHo did that atrocity benefit? the people? or the power-over controllers?

    think about the absurdity of the superpower US being intimidated by a group of 'rag heads' operating from 'secret caves'. if it wasn't soo fukin serious it'd be a black comedy
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  7. Light Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, right, Duendy!

    If anyone even says "blow up" (though they are talking about a balloon) to you it would mean they are going to destroy Big Ben so that no one in London can tell what time it is. Therefore thousands would be trampled as people rushed madly in both directions since they could not tell if the were supposed to be going to work or going home.

    Sounds stupid, doesn't it? Yet that's exactly how your drug-diminished mind works. You fear every moving shadow. Trust no one. Everyone is the enemy or one of "their" agents.

    Do you check under your bed each night (three or four times) before going to sleep? I would imagine so.

    You see patterns alright, and so does every deluded individual. Quick! Look! The pieces of your oatmeal are forming a picture in your bowl! Someone is sending you a message!!!!
  8. qwerty mob Deicidal Registered Senior Member


    Just a suggestion... if you really have something solid, hound independent media. Forget mainstream media; it's deader than a doornail.

    By chance, I've chatted with two (so-called) "9/11 researchers" in the past who both expressed frustration that even "Indy Media" won't interview them, the more well-known one is Michael Ruppert (author of "Crossing the Rubicon") who spoke with some lament that outlets like democracynow.org won't touch anything related to "9/11 truth"... which seemed odd to me, since Amy Goodman has interviewed author Peter Lance (whose work is also fully sourced and compelling) and theologian/author David Ray Griffin.

    Good luck to you



    I apologize, but I really missed your point (about the man who didn't show up for work)
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2006
  9. qwerty mob Deicidal Registered Senior Member

    Again, I'm sorry, but there can't be "bombs in the building" AND "no bombs in the buildings"... I agree that other possibilities exist; even "probabilities" (such as that the Twin Towers were "miraculous lucky collapses" but that WTC 7 was "pulled" strategically)- but speculation just isn't very useful to anyone.

    I thought about the "self-destruct button" demolition theory some time ago, but such a modification to the buildings would never have been permitted by building code. Not in a public building anywhere.

    SAM "counter-measures" at the Pentagon, however...

    Well, still... it's a good example of a waste of the US taxpayers' money to take bald assertions and racist propaganda like that seriously.

    Our federal government's own dis/info site actually uses that silly story to mischaracterize "9/11 research" altogether.

  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    if you are familiar with the construction of the wtc 1 and 2
    you would come to the conclusion that pancakeing is valid

    each floor of the wtc 1,2 was secured at the outter wall
    at the core columns the floors were held up by what i would call "keys"

    the keys were only tack welded because the weight of the floor held them in place

    as the heat weakened the initial floor it pulled away from the columns
    the weight of the sagging floor pulled it from the outter wall

    since each floor was about an acre in size and was covered with concrete
    it is not inconceivable that the floors would pancake
  11. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i haven't read the entire thread so forgive the querstion

    who do you beleive perpetrated and financed 9/11
  12. leopold Valued Senior Member

    what kind of horseshit is this?
  13. Light Registered Senior Member

    Oh, brother! What a crack-pot!!

    If the current mess of conspiracy theories isn't enough garbage, start inventing some new ones of your own! :bugeye:
  14. TW Scott Minister of Technology Registered Senior Member

    1: Ever seen a paper fire? Almost every business and office in the WTC building kept extensive hard copies. not to mention all the plastic, carpeting, wood, and other combustable materials present. It would have been all to easy to get a fire of 1525+
    2: For a normal amount of heat generated by the suns rays striking the building. Burning fuel igniting everything else would easily over come that.
    3: It did keel a little, but not much in the grand scheme of this. I suppose the same structural engineer told you it is possible for a building to fall like that.
    4: That could have been for any number of reasons, including colds, sinus infections, or even temporary fear of flying.
    5: Wasn't FEMA scheduled to have a conference that day? arriving the night before seem logical in that case.
    6: You know I heard more than 5, but then I was actually listening.
    7: Coincedence if true at all
    8: You do not land heleicoptors on a burning buildings.
    9: How hard do you have to look for most of it.
    10: Lucky for my second cousin.
    11: Thank God, I actually like Fergie, she's a normal person, rare among royals.
    12: So? It could be exactly as it is described.
    13: ooooh spooky
  15. Light Registered Senior Member

    And how does having a mind so open that your brains fall out honor them?
  16. leopold Valued Senior Member

    nobody is dishonoring the dead

    you never explained what chef knife cuts through steel like butter
  17. leopold Valued Senior Member

    concerning 9/11
    there is more at work here than anybody realizes

    i have reason to beleive the events of 9/11
    was in fact carried out by terrorists

    but the real question i have is why?
    why did 9/11 happen?

    the answer i beleive lies at the heart of our national security.
  18. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i have opened cans of soup with cheap ass wal mart specials

    a soup can lid is no comparison to the hardened steel shackle of a padlock
  19. river-wind Valued Senior Member

    The Popular Mechanic article linked above effectively covers most of the commonly referenced theories, but not all.

    There have been reports that a number of the hijackers are currently alive and well back home in the ME. The wheel hub left over at the Pentagon does not match the design (missing triangular gaskets around oval cut-outs, inaccurate diameter/width ratio) documents for the type of plane said to have hit the building. Dog-security controls were removed from the WTC a few days before 9/11, while at the same time, security systems for multiple floors were shut down, and network upgraders had comparatively free access to the building for a number of days.

    Any explanation for those? The obvious answers:
    1) not all hijackers were involved in the actual hijacking, but in the planning and background execution of the attacks.

    That is *not*, however, what is being presented to the public. They are labeled as "hijackers", not – “co-conspirators”.

    2) the gaskets may have all broken off, there may have a been a wheel from another plane in the cargo hold, during maintenance, the standard wheel described in the design manuals may have been replaced by another design.

    It could also be that poor reporting and inadequate fact-checking have resulted in the dissemination of false information. In most areas, this has been the *exact* truth behind the rumors.

    3) dogs: bad timing?

    4)the reality of the business world is that while we have security in place, if it becomes too difficult or costly, people often just ignore it to get thier job done.
    I see this *every* day at work; I'm in NYC now, and having left my ID at home by accident, the "high security" mearly asked me "what floor are you going to?", and had me sign in. No ID checks, no calls upstairs to verify that I wasn't just making sh*t up.

    Part of why these conspiracy theories have gained so much traction is the government’s inaccuracy in other areas. By holding fast to ideas which have been shown false or inaccurate in some areas, the level of trust in everything that is said is reduced.

    The government has shot itself in the foot here; if they want the people to believe in the official story for 9/11, then they need to be clear/concise, and honest about *all* areas of public discussion.
    If nothing else, THIS is where the current government has failed RE: 9/11.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2006
  20. Light Registered Senior Member

    Not at all. Your determination to present half-baked unreasoned arguments show you to be very gullible, to say the least.

    You present off-the-wall theories as if they were facts. You ignore the reasonable explanations in favor of overly complex fantasies.

    Now... exactly who is it that has an "inability" here??????
  21. Light Registered Senior Member

    You are absolutely full of it!

    Tell you what - I'm a betting man and I just love taking other people's money. Especially fool's money - it's like taking candy from a baby.

    So here's the deal. We'll select someone here on the forums that we agree upon to hold the cash and each send them US $10,000. At the end of the year the money goes to the winner. OK?

    By the way, are you old enough to enter into a legal contract?
  22. qwerty mob Deicidal Registered Senior Member

    I have no beliefs, per se; only my assessments of the available evidence, and criticism for those who are witholding further evidence improperly (that which should be eligible for FOIA disclosure).

    The 19 perps named by the FBI in the PENTTBOM documents don't all wash, and Moussaoui's role in 9/11 is doubtful (prosecutors had difficulty linking him to the FBI's 19 names, in part because of barred evidence, but Moussaoui still took a plea last April which effectively ended the trial).

    As for financing, Pakistan's ISI is up to it's eyeballs in the 9/11 plot. Hardly a peep about it anymore.
  23. genep Guest

    HOW did the terrorists put all the demolition explosives into THREE skyscrapers so that all three of them could implode, get pulled, when two planes hit TWO of them?

    And if those three skyscrapers were not “pulled” then what miracle imploded three buildings with two planes?

    And if those buildings did not implode then it is only because I have never seen a demolition implosion.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2006

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