Warhammer Online

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by Quigly, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Quigly ......................... ..... Registered Senior Member

    Anyone playing? What are your thoughts so far?

    I find it a nice change of pace from World of Warcraft, but I can see certain things that could be a problem in the future for the game and hope they make some changes...though i am still only lvl 9, so not too far into the game.
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  3. OilIsMastery Banned Banned

    Lvl 10 Shadow Warrior.

    Positive: Some graphics slightly superior to Wow. Elves look great.

    Negative: Servers too crowded and disconnects too frequent. Interface could be refined.

    Too busy with work right now to play.
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  5. MacGyver1968 Fixin' Shit that Ain't Broke Valued Senior Member

    My friend has it, and I watched him play...looks very cool. Tons of stats, pve and pvp. I think i may try it after I burn out on Vanguard.
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  7. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    So you wanted to jump right in to PVP?
  8. Bells Staff Member

    Didn't like it at all.

    There doesn't seem to be any weight to the characters.. For example, Elf swordmaster hits a mob and it looks like it's waving a feather. Even the way the characters move and run around.. There's no weight to it.. It looks like they are floating. At least with WoW, as insane as that is now, when you hit something or a mob, it looks like you are hitting it instead of tickling it with a feather like it looks in Warhammer. Even if you make your toon jump up and down on the spot.. It doesn't look like it lands as it comes down. There's no character to the toons themselves at all. And those chat bubbles.. Ugh.. I searched far and wide to try to turn them off, to no avail and no one seemed to know how to either. It was as bad as the banners of doom across the screen in AoC each time you got a level or looted a quest item.

    It just didn't grab me at all. I found it dull to be honest. I wasn't a huge fan of the PvP system either. A lot of the people I know from WoW made the move over and are loving it because it is so new, but there's just something missing in it for me. As for the elves.. Seriously.. Give them pants instead of those long white dresses.. I felt like I was watching a debutant ball in game.

    As for any hiccups that may occur upon release, such as constant disconnects and downtime. That is standard for any game. It will probably take a few months (if not more) before it starts to even out a bit. It is a lot smoother than WoW was upon release.

    I have been in the closed WoTLK Beta for a while now and I'm enjoying that more than the live version of WoW and I am not a huge fan of WoW either these days with the ridiculous changes they've made.. And if I had to choose between WoTLK and Warhammer, I'd pick WoTLK in an instant, simply because the characters appear to interact with the environment a lot better than they do in Warhammer. Hell, if I rolled a gnome warrior (I shudder at the thought) and had it tank a raid, it would still look like it was hitting something compared to what it's like in Warhammer at the moment.

    People have been stating that it will be the WoW killer, but I'm not seeing it at all to be honest.

    To each their own I guess.
  9. zenobia Registered Member

    It needs a serious amount of work before I would consider buying it. Especially since WotLK looks so damn awesome.

    The graphics are nothing special, character movement is awful and even though alot of items drop you can't wear 90% of them anyway.

    I'll stick to painting my Warhammer.
  10. Bells Staff Member

    The graphics in WoTLK are a huge improvement on the game itself in my opinion.

    I wasn't overly impressed with Warhammer's graphics. Seeing that it came out after AoC, which graphically was stunning, Warhammer's just looked 'meh'. It looked like WoW. And considering how long WoW has been out, there's no excuse for it. It should have been better. I get the impression that it was rushed, hence explaining its unfinished feel to the scenery and the toons themselves.
  11. Ganymede Valued Senior Member

    I'll get it eventually. I'm holding out to see if the WOW expansion is any good first. Since they've nerfed my beloved class into oblivion (Warlocks), I plan on giving DeathKnights a try, I'll level it up to 80 and try some Areans with it. But I'm really waiting on the true WOW killer, Knights of the Old Republic Online, currently under developement by Bioware.
  12. chris4355 Registered Senior Member

    there will never be a true wow killer.

    it won't surprise me if wow still has a huge fan base in 15 years.
  13. Bells Staff Member

    Well, I had gone off WoW completely. Then I got into the WoTLK Beta and I have found a whole new level of appreciation. Granted, this is coming off the back of the disaster that was AoC, so even Pokemon would have looked good after that.

    The DK is fun. I rolled one in Beta and am enjoying a hell of a lot. It is insane in PvP at the moment. I'd stopped playing my resto shaman a while ago and switched to a huntard when TBC came out.. There was only so much healing I could do and raiding Naxx pre-TBC was trying on healers lol.. And I simply lost all feel for it after a while, even with the easy-mode class like the hunter. I had a lock as well, but again, lost interest. But since getting into Beta, I am finding myself enjoying the huntard again.. and the shaman went elemental... mwahahahaaaaaa.. But the DK is a lot of fun. The start quests are good.. disturbing at times.. but interesting and fun. I am currently debating whether I want to get back into raiding and trying to decide which class I would want to play.. Blood spec DK or huntard. I am leaning towards the DK, but not sure as yet. Will wait and see how much they nerf them before release.

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  14. Bells Staff Member

    WoW is popular because it is easy to play. It is easy to simply pick up and play. Something a lot of other games have failed at. I mean, you can literally roll your face across the keyboard and you'd do fine in most cases.

    Plus Blizzard have just gone stupid with the development of the classes and they market their product very well. I miss the WoW of old though, before BG's and Arena's were ever introduced.
  15. Steve100 O͓͍̯̬̯̙͈̟̥̳̩͒̆̿ͬ̑̀̓̿͋ͬ ̙̳ͅ ̫̪̳͔O Valued Senior Member

    I used to enjoy playing Guild Wars.

    Do you think this game would suit me nicely?
  16. lucifers angel same shit, differant day!! Registered Senior Member

    my son has played it since the day it was realised, and he loves it, but i think its crap, might has well just play world of warcraft which is much better and smoother to play, the people are better and the game itself is better
  17. Quigly ......................... ..... Registered Senior Member

    It has some intuitive design that I wish WoW would pick up on. For one, I like the idea of the public quests. This makes for a lot of fun.
  18. pjdude1219 The biscuit has risen Valued Senior Member

    Warlocks needed to be nerfed almost as bad as shammies.
  19. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member

    What is the best one of these three?
    Pristontale 2

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