Voluntary Erythropoiesis? Smoking!

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    Voluntary Erythropoiesis? Smoking!

    Concept, condensed/abstract; Erythropoiesis.
    Smoking thought to be form of voluntary erythropoiesis.
    The volume of natures niacin and other compounds trans-
    ferred into and out of the blood, increases due to hypoxia.
    To some smoking has been determined salutary.

    We are what we repeatdly do; excellence then is not an act, but a condition of the mind. -Aristole-

    NIACIN = Nicotinic acid- Biochem. A colorless, water soluble compound, C6 H5 NO2, prepared by the oxidation of nicotine and forming part of the vitamin B complex, used to prevent pellagra.

    PELLAGRA - PATHOL. A disease characterized by gastric disturbance,
    skin eruptions, etc..., caused by a deficiency of nicotinic acid.

    Say you were a farmer, and you are growing things, and you planted two separate fields of corn. In one field you till the soil, plant the corn, and then water it. In the other field, you till the soil, plant the corn, add fertilizer, and then water it. Which field would produce more weeds?

    The theory of Magnetrition explains how the nuclear envelope within the cell deteriorates along with the bones as osteoporosis sets in, and that being the main cause of cancer. Statistics have shown there to be a higher rate of cancer found in smokers. Is this because, when a cancer cell arises, due to the nuclear envelope no longer protecting the DNA sufficiently, it finds a healthier environment (added niacin) in the smoker? Is the act of smoking, like a farmer putting fertilizer on his field? Do you get niacin (also called Nicotinic Acid, or Vitamin B3,) through the oxidation of nicotine?

    To keep from suffering the diet deficiency disease known as pellagra, the tradition of smoking has evolved and grown for hundreds of generations. The term niacin is a trade name for nicotinic acid, which comes about from the oxidation of nicotine. The smoker is chemically altering the makeup of nicotine as he burns it, changing it into a required element essential to good health. The discovery of smoking stands as one of the first and greatest discoveries of mankind. Because the jungle/rainforest environment affords a much more organically rich atmosphere, and our bodies learned to operate best under such conditions, smoking is still the best way for most people to avoid the effects of the deficient environment. The smoker follows this reasoning into the future, healthy enough due to smoking, to notice other deficiencies, and therefore in a position to help others.


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  3. alanejackson Search + Share ~ Magnetrition Registered Senior Member

    You get niacin, the vitamin, when you oxidate nicotine, the poison. There is slow oxidation, rusting, and rapid oxidation, burning.

    You suffer from a disease known as pellagra when you are not getting enough niacin. Common acne is a symptom of pellagra.

    The tradition of beginning smoking as a teenager, is evidence that the smoker is getting niacin.

    A face full of pimples means your in need of niacin. Smoking began, and has continued as a tradition, as an effort to combat the effects of pellagra in society.

    The books say when you oxidation nicotine you get a vitamin. The pharmaceutical companies were not an option in the past. There is a lot of evidence indicating the symptoms associated with a deficiency of niacin, are diminished in the smoker. I think that's evidence the smoker is getting niacin.

    I think NASA is about to learn that the astronauts tissues/cells are deteriorating from not moving in the Earth's magnetic field, like they have to. This will mean all lab animal experiments are invalid, due to the animals confinement. We will learn that older people are prone to cancers because their nucleic walls deteriorate as they age because they slow down in their rate of movement. We will realize the higher rate of cancer in smokers was because cancer cells also live healthier where niacin is prevalent.

    Not only is a smoker getting a required vitamin, but through the exercise of smoking he boosts his red blood cell count which allows the transfer of needed elements at a higher rate. During the act of smoking, the body senses a lack of oxygen like if you went up into the mountains, and calls for more red blood cells. Hindus have an exercise where they hold your breath to accomplish this.

    Smoking can be such an advantage to the individual, to society, that the dark ages in Europe were caused mainly due to the Vatican's efforts toward banning the practice of smoking. To get people to be different from those in the Middle East, the Europeans were asked/made not to smoke. Commercial, cultural, and historical ties to the Middle East were discouraged by religions in Europe. The effects of this politically motivated behavior we now call "The Dark Ages". And tobacco from the New World was the cure.
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  5. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    So, do you work for Altria or Liggett?

    Describe "magnetrition".
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  7. alanejackson Search + Share ~ Magnetrition Registered Senior Member

    Introducing "MAGNETRITION"; a term describing the/a process by which magnetism is utilized biologically.


    Good news for some. Bad news for others.

    It now is shown that all lab animal experiments were flawed because the animal's need to move about in the earth's magnetic field was not taken into account. Like NASA, and all medical diagnoses up to now, something they were not aware of was playing an important part, but went unnoticed for many different reasons. With the lab animal experiments, many researchers reported seeing what they and/or their supporters wanted to see. They essentially led many into embracing their personal beliefs, or prejudices against others, by the deception of allowing their assessment to be referred to as proof.

    Systematically, man source of niacin has been shifted from the time honored tradition of smoking, to one controlled by those in the pharmaceutical industry. Because those in the professional practice of medicine stand to profit as niacin becomes a monetary issue for everyone, we see it embraced by those known as doctors. Without a person smoking, he is left lacking, both physically and mentally. This has led to many embracing a lifestyle offered by religion. A lifestyle which is group oriented becomes helpful to those made lacking by the deception that smoking is causing the effects of magnetic deficiency syndrome.

    Those who have embraced the deception that smoking is unhealthy, and have publicly denounced the tradition of smoking, not only helped to lead many astray, helped in the persecution of those keeping to the tradition, but now prevents the benefits of magnetrition to all, by their unwillingness to admit to being wrong. Poor health is the price for greed and ignorance.

    From: Encyclopedia Americana, -by Eric Partridge-

    PIPE< Tobacco. "A tobacco pipe has been dully described as a bowl, to hold smoking tobacco, and a stem with a mouthpiece. It is usually made wholly of baked clay or stone or predominantly of wood. Less pedestrianly, the pipe is an instrument affording a soothing pleasure to pipe smokers and a profound mortification to all nonsmokers. Smokers claim that pipe smoking is a healthy habit and it forms a wonderful disinfectant and safeguard against many ills and infections. Nonsmokers assert that it is a filthy habit, almost as bad as cigarette smoking.
    One of the most interesting facts about tobacco pipes is that they have not only a fascinating cultural history but also an illuminating word history that renders the cultural history much more human."

    "Niacin was originally prepared (1867) from nicotine. (However, in the body it cannot be formed from nicotine.) Its functions have not been fully investigated, but it aids digestion and stimulates the appetite and is believed to play a part in the oxidation processes in the body. A number of investigators contributed to the discovery of its effectiveness in preventing pellagra. Experimental studies begun in the S United States in 1914 by Joseph Goldberger and continued by him with G. A. Wheeler and others established faulty diet as the cause of the disease."
    -The above copied from a Dictionary at the library in Moab.

    "This connection between coenzymes and vitamins enabled chemists to work out the structure of a particular vitamin molecule. In the middle 1930s various chemists showed that the coenzyme that had first been studied by Harden had an unusual atom-combination called "nicotinic acid" (NIH-koh- TIN-ik) as part of its molecule. It was called that because it had first obtained by chemists in 1925 by breaking up the molecule of nicotine, a chemical found in tobacco.
    -The thought occurred to an American chemist, Conrad Arnold Elvehjem (EL-vum-yem), that nicotinic acid might be the P-P factor. In 1937, Elvehjem gave a dog with blacktongue a single dose of one-thousandth of an ounce of nicotinic acid. The dog was cured.
    -To prevent confusion, doctors combined the first two letters of "nicotinic" and the first two letters of "acid" and added "in". That gave them "niacin" (NI-uh-sin) and this is the name that is almost always used for the P-P factor, instead of nicotinic acid."
    The above from the book: HOW DID WE FIND OUT ABOUT VITAMINS?
    By Isaac Asimov.
  8. Hercules Rockefeller Beatings will continue until morale improves. Moderator

    Complete and utter twaddle.

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  9. alanejackson Search + Share ~ Magnetrition Registered Senior Member

    People are learning!! Listen and learn what you've been missing, because policians want to rule over everyone!



    "We explore the science behind medical marijuana.

    Much of the evidence for the efficacy of marijuana is from the people who say it helps them. Heather Jones of Ottawa uses marijuana legally under an exemption from the government to treat her chronic pain, nausea and respiratory ailments. She, like thousands of other sick people, has found that marijuana provides great benefit."

    And they say our body makes cannabinols and uses them all the time.

    Why do they put vitamin D in milk if our body makes it?

    Is it because the body can only make it under certain conditions, like when out in the sun?

    Is it wise to take vitamin supplements? Like movin about every 10 mins? Like sleeping in Beds?

    supplement: vt. - to provide a supplement to; add to, esp. so as to make up for a lack or deficiency.

    Psalm 119:83 For I am become like a bottle in the smoke; yet do I not forget thy statutes.

    Revelation 8:4 And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel's hand.

    Revelation 15:8 And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power; and no man was able to enter into the temple, till the seven plagues of the seven angels were fulfilled.
  10. alanejackson Search + Share ~ Magnetrition Registered Senior Member

    Moses and Us Smoking:m:

    For man to have started smoking, he needed a reason, and the reason is still the same today. Man found that by smoking different substances he could maintain better health, by supplying the body rapidly with needed elements, and at the same time combat many microscopic organisms. The rapid oxidization of the substances, cooks any organisms on the plant while chemically braking down the elements. It was wise for man to begin to use for his betterment, the fact that elements enter the blood system faster through the lungs, and not only does the burning of the bush take the place of digestion, it also saves the energy it would take to digest. Man soon found that he could better control his mind with a more controlled diet. And that each person could seek-out, through experiment, an herb that might help balance his metabolism.

    The burning bush has been educational to man, but it has caused man to have to develop his self-discipline, a major move away from the animals. Let us not forget, what got us here, what formed man from the dust of the earth, and without which we would fall back.

    Smoking is the traditional way of getting vitamins. Mankind has learned to oxidize the poison the plants produce to protect themselves by burning them and changing the harmful chemicals into required vitamins. Smoking has always been good for your health.

    Where only some are allowed to practice health care, others are not.
    Have many jumped on a bandwagon that ain't playing the truth?

    Vitamin D - It Is Now Said To Prevent Many Health Problems!!


    Preventing Illnesses and Diseases with Vitamin C



    Nicotine is commercially obtained from tobacco scraps and is used as an insecticide and as a veterinary vermifuge. Nitric acid or other oxidizing agents convert it to nicotinic acid, or niacin, which is used as a food supplement.

    NIACIN - Nicotinic acid- Biochem. A colorless, water soluble compound, C6 H5 NO2, prepared by the oxidation of nicotine and forming part of the vitamin B complex, used to prevent pellagra.

    PELLAGRA - nutritional disorder caused in large part by a deficiency of niacin, a member of the vitamin B complex, and characterized by skin lesions and by gastrointestinal and neurological disturbances.


    Home Madical - Fanily Medical Encyclopedia.

    Vitamin B3 (Niacin)


    Nicotinic acid, one of the forms of niacin (vitamin B3., after decades of neglect by the medical establishment, is abruptly coming to be regarded as one of the substances of choice for lowering blood levels of cholesterol, edging out multi million dollar drugs that were designed for that purpose but which do e job less well, have more side effects and cost the consumer up to forty times as much!

    It is also clear now that nicotinic acid significantly reduces the risk of death among those who have previously had heart attacks.

    On another front, nicotinic acid has achieved a sort of cult status in the supplement underground, first for its claimed benefits in preventing or even curing schizophrenia, more recently for its claimed efficacy as a detoxifying agent, a substance that can cleanse the body of all manner of toxins, pollutants and even many narcotic drugs.

    The term niacin is commonly used to refer to the two forms of vitamin B3, nicotinic acid and nicotinamide.

    Niacin deficiency:

    A lack of niacin, one of the B-complex vitamins, causes pellagra.

    Pellagra was known as the "disease of the four D's" -- dermatitis, diarrhea, dementia and death. The disease is specifically characterized by:

    · Dermatitis: A rash on areas of the skin exposed to light or trauma and ulcerations within the mouth

    · Diarrhea

    · Dementia: Mental disorientation, confusion, delusions and depression

    · Death, if untreated.

    Pellagra, once a puzzle, was solved by Joseph Goldberger (1874-1929). Serving in the Public Health Service, Dr. Goldberger proposed that pellagra was due to a nutritional deficiency and in 1915 began experiments with Mississsippi prison inmates (who "volunteered" in return for full pardons). Dr. Goldberger fed them a poor diet he believed caused pellagra and within months, many developed the disease. Their symptoms of pellagra were reversed when meat, fresh vegetables and milk were added to their diet.

    Niacin, Dr. Goldberger subsequently showed, was the principle that had this remarkable effect. A readily-available B vitamin, niacin cures pellagra and prevents it.

    The name "pellagra" comes from the Italian "pelle", skin + "agra", rough = rough skin, referring to the skin problems in pellagra.

    Mosby's Medical Encyclopedia.

    niacin /ní'æsin/ a white, crystal-like, vitamin of the B complex group that dissolves in water, usually found in various plant and animal tissues. It acts in the breakdown and use of all major foods. It is necessary for healthy skin, normal working of the stomach and intestinal tract, caring for the nervous system, and production of the sex hormones. It may also improve circulation and reduce high blood cholesterol levels. Rich sources of both niacin and its originator, tryptophan, are meats, poultry, fish, liver, kidney, eggs, nuts, peanut butter, brewer's yeast, and wheat germ. Symptoms of a lack include muscular weakness, general tiredness, loss of appetite, various skin spots, bad breath, swelling of the mouth, lack of sleep, irritability, nausea, vomiting, frequent headaches, tender gums, tension, and depression. A severe lack leads to a niacin deficiency syndrome (pellagra).

    pellagra /pælà'græ,pælag'ræ/, a disease resulting from a lack of a B complex vitamin (niacin) or an amino acid (tryptophan). Persons with diets made up of foods lacking in tryptophan, as cornmeal and porkfat, are at risk. Symptoms include scaly sores, especially on skin exposed to the sun, swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth, diarrhea, and mental problems. These can range from depression and confusion to hallucinations. Treatment and prevention are to give niacin and tryptophan, usually with other vitamins, and a well-balanced diet with foods rich in these nutrients, as liver, eggs, milk, and meat. Compare 10389kwashiorkor.-pellagrous, adj.

    kwashiorkor /kwä'shè×ôr'kôr/ an early childhood malnutrition disease caused by severe protein deficiency and found mostly in Africa. Because calorie-rich starches such as breadfruit are available, the child may not lose weight. Eventually the following symptoms occur: retarded growth, changes in skin and hair pigmentation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fluid accumulation, anemia, liver failure, and abnormal fiber growth in body tissues. A skimmed milk formula must be used in treating kwashiorkor. Fats are difficult for the child to digest. Additional foods are then given until a full, well-balanced diet is achieved. Also called infantile pellagra, malignant malnutrition. See also 11057marasmus.

    marasmus /mæraz'mæs/ a condition of excess malnutrition and wasting, mostly in young children. It is marked by step-by-step wasting of skin tissue and muscle. It results from a lack of enough calories and proteins. Marasmus is seen in children with failure to thrive and in starvation. Less commonly, it occurs as a result of an inability to absorb or use protein. Care of the marasmic child involves restoring the fluid and mineral balance. It is followed by the slow and gradual addition of regular foods as they are tolerated. Stimulation that is right for the developmental age should be given. As much of the care of the child as possible is given by one person, if the child has also been emotionally starved. See also 7189failure to thrive, 10389kwashiorkor.

    failure to thrive slowed growth of an infant from conditions that affect normal body functions, appetite, and activity. Causes include birth defects, as in Turner's syndrome and other defects; major organ system defects; sudden illness; bad nutrition; and many psychological or social factors, as maternal deprivation syndrome.

    Mayo Clinic - Family Pharmacist.

    Niacin (Vitamin B3) (Systemic) - Description.

    Vitamins (VYE-ta-mins) are compounds that you must have for growth and health. They are needed in small amounts only and are usually available in the foods that you eat. Niacin (NYE-a-sin) is necessary for many normal functions of the body, including normal tissue metabolism. It may have other effects as well.

    Lack of niacin may lead to a condition called pellagra, with diarrhea, stomach problems, skin problems, sores in the mouth, anemia (weak blood), and mental problems. Your doctor may treat this by prescribing niacin for you.

    Patients with the following conditions may be more likely to have a lack of niacin:
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes)
    • Diarrhea (prolonged)
    • Fever (prolonged)
    • Hartnup disease
    • Infection (prolonged)
    • Intestinal problems
    • Liver disease
    • Mouth or throat sores
    • Overactive thyroid
    • Pancreas disease
    • Stomach ulcer
    • Stress (prolonged)
    • Surgical removal of stomach

    Claims that niacin is effective for treatment of acne, alcoholism, unwanted effects of drug abuse, leprosy, motion sickness, muscle problems, poor circulation, and mental problems, and for prevention of heart attacks, have not been proven. Many of these treatments involve large and expensive amounts of vitamins.

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  11. alanejackson Search + Share ~ Magnetrition Registered Senior Member

    Why smoking to get a vitamin?

    "Dr. Reinhold Vieth is a clinical biochemist at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. He's one of Canada's more vocal advocates for increasing the amount of vitamin D we take. Dr. Vieth argues that we evolved under conditions in which we naturally made plenty of vitamin D, but as we migrated towards the poles we began to make less and less. Dr. Vieth says the current Health Canada recommendation for vitamin D intake is about 10 times lower than what we ought to be taking."

    Statistics don't lie. But people do. And they misintepret statistics and overlook data to seem correct in their assumptions. Especially when there is an incentive of monetary profit to be gained.


    My studies show that many of the problems that are being blamed on smoking, can be shown to be caused by us not moving in the magnetic field, like we did when we were younger. I find it strange that young people don't have problems with smoking, like the older people are claimed to have. And the fact that all smokers don't have the problems. And the fact that the oldest woman smoked until she was about 119. I say she moved around more then most people do, and stayed healthier for the same reason kids do. And the rats in lab cages don't. It's called scape-goating, when something that is not causing the problem, gets blamed rather then the real reason, "us" not doing what we used to.

    And the books say we get a vitamin by the oxidation of nicotine. And this would explain the higher rate of cancer in smokers, if they were healthier from having more niacin in their body which would help cancer cells also. If the cancer is not caused by the smoking, and we see cancer in non smokers, then smoking is like the farmer putting fertilizer/vitamins on his fields, it makes it so there are more weeds, it helps the weeds also, but it is not the cause of the weeds. So, the data can be showing smoking is good, but who wants to read the data that way? Now, after reading it wrong.

    If we could all lived in a moving heated greenhouse, or back in the trees of the rainforest at the equator, we would not have to smoke, sleep in beds, or artificially move ourselves every 10 mins. But since we "all" cannot, these are lame attempts at making up for having to leave that evironment and move out over the globe, into conditions that are not the best for us, not like the conditions we evolved under. Many of the other life forms that spread out from the equator wait for evolution to adapt them to their new environment/homes. Man is different, he is not waiting, he is thinking and reasoning, by way of words/thoughts saved and added to over the generations. This is God helping man in a way he does not help other animals. The knowledge of good and evil is something man now has going for him, or against him, as we try to learn. We learn by our mistakes/errors/sins, alot of the time. Man is a sinner. Knowing this has him always having to check himself, think about what he is doing. He back-slides when he does not. The anti-smoking movement is what happens when eazy people group together, and think someone else is doing the thinking, only thinking "so many could not be not thinking and found wrong". But history says groups have.

    Song of Solomon 3:6 Who is this that cometh out of the wilderness like pillars of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, with all powders of the merchant?

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