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Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by kingwinner, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Jesus Christ.
    Look at this, Tristan. Do you see what we've been trying to deal with?

    Oh my god!! I'm guilty of the great crime of quoting things Valich has said... Oh. What a sin. How horrible. How disgusting!

    See? I've gone to great lengths to explain his mistake and this is his response.

    You've been given such argumentative responses because you repeatedly refuse to ever admit your mistakes. You even seem to think that you shouldn't be called to task for calling Vesuvius the most destructive volcano in the history of the Earth.

    Yes. You've finally said you don't know. But at the same time you're trying to squirm away by saying that it's destructive in terms of human life. Meanwhile, you're completely ignoring the point of the whole damn thing.

    You also fail to respond to the fact that you've lied (or simply don't remember) what you yourself have posted. You seem to think that you can say anything you want and everybody should be just fine with that.


    If you cared to go back and do some research into the 'history' of the interaction with Valich, you'd see that it started quite amicably (although my first posts to him were somewhat aggressive in that I asked him to stop ressurecting threads (three pages worth in one sitting.) Ophiolite was his defender at that time. We then all sat around and tried to talk about things but quickly discovered that it was impossible.


    And yet. We continue to try.
    Because... that's a good question.
    The man is excellent at what he does.
    I stand firm in my belief that he does it on purpose. And, again, that doesn't remove any of the responsibility from my own shoulders.

    However, I think that there is a responsibility to protect (as Ophiolite calls them) 'casual readers' from Valich's posts. The things he says are... not good.

    Your forum. Your law.
    I'll acquiesce. For now.
    But, do me a favor. Keep on eye on Valich and make up your own mind. I have no doubt as to your final decision.
    I'm that confident.
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  3. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Come to look at exactly what has been posted in this thread, I fail to see where your problem is, Tristan.

    There are other threads where I have been quite aggressive (mostly out of frustration) and even Ophiolite has been aggressive.

    I don't see what you object to in this thread though.
    I'm calling Valich on his bullshit, yes. But, not very aggressively.

    Could you quote exactly what you have problems with in this thread?
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  5. valich Registered Senior Member

    I just told you in a very short post that "I don't know how many fatalities Vesuvius or the Minoan volcano caused." I admitted my to you my own ignorance. I didn't say anything insulting or implied in any way that I knew more than anyone else. My ignorance about this suggests a possible further inquiry or a polite intellectual debate which is what these forums are all about.
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  7. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member


    I know.
    I've already said that you finally admitted to not knowing.
    But, that doesn't change the fact that even while claiming ignorance, you continued to try to defend the Vesuvius being the most destructive volcano in the history of the Earth statement you made.

    Or are you?
    Did you completely forget that you posted that?
    It wasn't that long ago.
    If you forgot all about that, then why did you bring in that quote on Vesuvius? I assumed that you were trying to back up your earlier statement on Vesuvius. This was the only context which I could make sense of it. The only context by which it had some form of relevance to this thread.

    Either you were trying to back up your earlier statement or you were simply introducing tangential and irrelevant quotes to the discussion.

    Which is it?

    Also. Why is it that you object to me calling you on your own words? You made a statement. Just because you forgot you said it doesn't mean that everyone should forget you said it.

    Also. As my previous post to Tristan states. I don't believe that I insulted you. I did call you on your bullshit. I also made it plain that I don't appreciate your evasions when called on your bullshit. Other than that, I think I was pretty nice.

    The only 'insult' I can see in this thread is Ophiolite calling you a weasel. I see that as the same thing as me talking about you squirming. Hardly insulting. Merely factual. Tristan doesn't understand as he hasn't been present during the evolution of our relationship.

    I guarantee you, Valich, if he sticks around and observes your posts... he'll understand. That won't necessarily mean that he'll let us go around flaming you as we sometimes have (by your own provocation) but I bet he'll think about it...
  8. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    I want to publicly agree with invert's comments in his recent posts, in relation to Vallich. I am unable to comment on Vallich's responses, as I currently have him on ignore (The remote destruct button does not appear to be working, so ignore is the next best option.) I would quiblle with one small point.
    No. I really did intend it as an insult. I don't see why Vallich should be allowed to go around insulting the scientific method and the integrity of this forum with his blatant lies, and not receive insults back.
    So, my apologies if it was not clear that in calling him a weasel I intended to offend. (I rather think most of the offense would be taken by actual weasels.) Perhaps the use of an adjective, such as snivelling, would have made the insult clearer. I'll remember that should the occasion arise in future -which if I can manage to keep him on ignore should never be the case.

    Tristan, you said you didn't care who started this. I think you should. Vallich is the most pernicious influence on this board. BaronMax, for example, may be a racist bigot, but he's an honest racist bigot. You can communicate with him. Vallich is in a different universe.
    Most of the rubbish on this board (and we know there is a lot of that) is readily identifiable as rubbish. That allows the quality posts to stand out an be readily identified. Vallich's material, however, gives the impression of erudition and scholarly research and so may mislead the unsuspecting 'casual reader'. I thought at first he was an enthusiastic seventeen year old, who didn't quite grasp things too well. I now believe him to be chronologically (though not mentally), much older.
    You know what I think should happen to him, but you guys are in charge. Your choice.
  9. valich Registered Senior Member

    This thread is called "Volcano Experts."

    My post contributes to this thread by asking ""I don't know how many fatalities Vesuvius or the Minoan volcano caused." This would be a good topic for discussion on this thread.

    Can't you see how your "Ophiolite" and "invert_nexus"'s posting have absolutely nothing to do with the subject matter? Reread both of your long postings. What do they have to do with what we are trying to intellectually discuss? Again, everytime I post anything, you simply reply with an irrelevant accusation, insult, belittlement, condescending comment that contributes nothing to an intellectual forum. Why are you doing this???
  10. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    Guys, just call a truce, and get it over with. This is ridicoulous. Nothing is going to be done because rules arent being broken. All thats happening is bickering like 12 year olds out at recess.

    Valich: go look up the word Humility at dictionary.com. And practice a little of it.
  11. valich Registered Senior Member

    Did I say anything in my above posts that would not contribute to a peaceful intellectual "humble" discussion: "Vesuvious vs. Minioa."? I honestly don't know what you mean by suggesting that I am not being humble. I asked you before, please advice me as to how I can ovoid the cursing vulgarity directed t me, the constant belittlemen and condensation, and the immediate condemning replies to whatever I post? How am I not being humble? I am not angry. I am not using vulgarity. I posted a humble possible discussion point. What do you mean???

    So I look up the word "humble": "not proud or haughty, arrogant, or assertive...reflecting submission or...ranking low in a hierarchial or scale." What have I ever vehemently denied without asking for a further explanation or proof - for my own education. I've even repeated three times on these forums that 'I am stupid" and dumb: but I am smart enough to realize that I know there is a lot to learn and a lot that I do not know. I remain humble.
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