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    Comments: I have had a very unique experience with a TRV/OBE TIME~Travel Experience to the Yr. 2112. Clothing was constructed of some Biologically, Genetic Engineered process woven into artificial textile fabric. It was some sort of strange "Smart Clothing" and very complex as it seemed to be "Alive" and when it was worn, it carried out some sort of "Symbiotic" relationship with whoever wore it. Smart clothing in the future 0f 2112 performed a variety of complex functions ranging from a total platform of visual global communications, to navigational interface systems, and total biological maintenance, which brings preventative medicine to a whole new level. Smart clothing is both a blessing and a curse.... the downside to these smart clothes, is that they constantly transmitted a signal of your location, and activities to be monitored by the "Trackers" who worked for the Global GVT Society. (Modern Day Police force) You see the eventual outcome is at what price are we willing to sacrifice our rights for security, has no end to what we are willing to give away freely out of fear. Anyhow, I would love to tell you more of my experience in the future, but my visit was cut short as I was soon to be discovered by one of these "Trackers" from the Future. Apparently one of these very same "Trackers" somehow was playing a double role, and was also part of some underground secret resistance movement...I know this sounds like "Earth Final Conflict" Movie but Resistance & underground railroads have been existing in our "Real World" for hundreds of years, so it is nothing new. I was saying, one of These "Trackers" working on both sides, somehow knew who I was & knew that I was a "TIME~Traveler" and did not belong there, he also was aware what may become of my fate, if I were captured, so he gave me a pull over piece of "Smartclothing" wear to throw them off, while I attempted my escape. For all I know perhaps one of these "Trackers" also have the capability of "TIME~Travel" and is on to me, "Hell"... they may even have contracted with other parties within our own GVT to seek & report on anyone who went to the future & try to prevent returning back to the past to warn you! I do not care anymore, I know what I have experienced was as real to me, as to you sitting down to write a letter, or talking to a friend on the telephone. You can believe me, or not I do not care, I am simply telling everyone what I believe I experienced, and what I saw while I was experiencing this journey to the Future, and I am convinced what I saw, was real to me, and that’s all there is to it!

    "Everything you know, Wrong!
    soon we shall all discover the truth.

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