Viral TB appendicitis: How should it be treated?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by caters, Aug 2, 2017.


Which treatment is more reasonable for appendicitis?

  1. Appendectomy to prevent appendicitis from reoccurring

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  2. Colonoscopy to drain the appendix and prevent it from rupturing

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  1. caters Registered Member

    My Kepler Bb humanoids have lots of similarities to us and lots of differences too. Here are some of those differences:

    • Extra intracranial space so that the brain can swell from illness without injuring itself
    • Appendix actively participates in digestion by breaking cellulose down into simple sugars that are then absorbed into the blood(so longer appendix)
    • 2 hearts and circulatory systems, 1 of which is inverted
    • 2 sets of ovaries in females

    Now, there is a virus that can be transmitted in every way possible, is completely antiviral resistant, and can infect every part of the body. That virus causes a severe and sometimes even deadly illness known as Viral TB. Viral because a virus infects the cells and TB because it can infect every part of the body and granulomas regularly form and go away(latent and active phases respectively).

    This can be a serious problem if the virus infects the appendix causing appendicitis.

    Appendicitis caused by Viral TB actually has 2 stages that are determined by the phase of the virus in the appendix.

    The first stage of appendicitis is actually pretty mild. Swelling occurs but blood supply stays normal for the appendix. This also corresponds with colitis and proctitis in the timing(colitis at the same time as appendicitis, proctitis a bit later than appendicitis. This is when the virus is in the active phase in the appendix.

    But later on when the immune system traps the virus in granulomas, it is quite different. At this point the appendix is blocked by granulomas which leads to a much more severe stage of appendicitis and even a ruptured appendix.

    Because the appendix is blocked the mucus and gut flora can't get to the colon and food with cellulose can't get to the appendix. The appendicular artery starts to get pinched by the appendix and this is when classic symptoms of appendicitis appear such as RLQ pain. As the appendicular artery gets pinched, the appendix starts to die. Not a good thing. But it gets worse. As the appendix dies, the wall weakens and eventually it ruptures causing an infection throughout the abdomen. All from an organ the width of a finger.

    Because it is caused by a virus, antibiotics won't work. And antivirals won't work because the virus is completely resistant to them. So there are really only 2 options here.

    Option 1: Appendectomy

    1 option is to have the appendix removed either via open surgery or laproscopically. This will prevent the humanoid from ever getting appendicitis again but with the cost of not getting as much energy from food as previously(which would be bad news for vegetarians)

    Option 2: Drainage via colonoscopy

    The other option is to have a drain put into the appendix via colonoscopy so that mucus and gut flora can go from the inflamed appendix to the colon. Again, this means that the humanoid would not get as much energy from food but this is only a cost during the appendicitis. After it is over, the drain is taken out of the appendix via colonoscopy and the appendix can participate in digesting food again. But this has the risk of reoccurring appendicitis.

    So I was thinking that appendectomy should only be a last resort given the importance of the appendix and should only be done if the appendix ruptures. So appendix drainage via colonoscopy would be the preferred way to go about treating any appendicitis really and the drain would be in there for a few days or weeks if the appendicitis isn't caused by Viral TB and months to years if it is.

    But is it reasonable to put a drain into the appendix in humanoids with appendicitis to prevent rupture of the appendix due to its role in digestion or should everyone, including vegetarians get an appendectomy and just eat more food to compensate for a removed appendix?
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  3. Write4U Valued Senior Member

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  5. caters Registered Member

    But how would that help at all against a virus that is completely antiviral resistant and causes appendicitis? It isn't like food without cellulose normally goes into the appendix to be digested. Normally in these humanoids, just food with cellulose normally goes into the appendix to be digested into simple sugars. And so I would think in the case of appendicitis caused by Viral TB, that bulgarian yogurt would not help at all with the appendicitis or at most help with it at the opening to the appendix.
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  7. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    But that's where the problem starts.

    A regular intake of Bulgarian Yogurt may prevent this blockage from occurring in the first place.

    Bulgaria is reputed to have the lowest intestinal problems of any other country that ingests processed (sterilized) foods, If we add opioid use (which causes constipation) to the equation, the problem is compounded.
  8. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    Just to clarify: are you asking about appendicitis in human beings, or in some kind of hypothetical extraterrestrial lifeforms from the planet Kepler Bb?

    Maybe it would help if you provided some links to medical sites you have consulted, so that we can learn more about the two options you have mentioned.
  9. caters Registered Member

    I am asking about it in my Kepler Bb humanoids which are a fictional species I made to be Human Version 2.0 as it were(which is why I posted it in Sci Fi).

    The only appendix related treatment via colonoscopy I have seen online is that for intussuception of the appendix. And when I search for "colonoscopy to treat appendicitis" I get 2 different types of results. One of those types of results is appendicular tumors causing appendicitis and the need for a colonoscopy. The other results I get are colonoscopy by itself causing appendicitis.

    And I get tons of results about appendectomy being the gold standard for treating appendicitis here in the US. I even get results related to appendix abnormalities(namely, double appendectomy always done if a person has 2 appendices, even if just 1 appendix is actually inflamed).
  10. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    More than likely this would be result of cleaning the colon of all mass, including the good bacteria, which subsequently allows ad bacteria to take hold and cause secondary problems as a result of the colonoscopy.

    I am not an MD, but logic would suggest that the first food intake after a colonoscopy should contain a lot of acidophilus lactobacillus bulgaricus, so it can establish a culture before you ingest any other foods which may contain harmful bacteria.

    I am due for my 3 year colonoscopy and I will ask Dr. about this in depth. Hopefully I can get some useful info, which I will pass on in this thread. Not looking forward to it , but last time they found some very small polyps and recommended a follow up to verify if any further problems might have developed. I am stocking up on yougurt with live culture.
  11. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member

    Not sure how that would work

    Are you saying the colonoscopy goes as far as the appendix and contaminates it?

    ??? The above seems to imply cleaning the colon of all mass would be ALL mass not just the good bacteria and allowing the bad bacteria to make problems

    When I had my appendix removed they also took out a Meckel's diverticulum's_diverticulum

    Colonoscopy about year ago no problems and no follow up required

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  12. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    I'm not sure.
    No, it would take everything both good and bad leaving a perfectly clean colon for visual inspection.
    I was speaking about after the colonoscopy you would have no healthy culture present to combat any possible bad bacteria which you might take in after the procedure. I think that to first establish a good culture would be desirable. I should think that a bowl of yougurt with live culture would be preferable to eating anything that might contains say e-coli ( like a hot-dog or hamburger from the corner stand). A preventive measure if you will.
    Excellent news.
    But as long as one has an appendix, there is always a chance for infection. Whole grape seeds are notorious for causing appendicitis. They are just the right size and difficult to digest.
    Lesson: always buy seedless grapes, unless you have your own wine distillery..

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    OTOH, crushed grape seed extract may be a very healthy natural food supplement
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2017
  13. Michael 345 New year. PRESENT is 69 years old Valued Senior Member


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    Have a look at where the appendix is located on the large bowel section of the gastrointestinal tract and where it is in relation to the entry point of the endoscope

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    Got it

    Did not know that

    Grapes in Darwin out of season so expensive at the moment. Bought 1 kg pears for $1-90

    Only at odd times get to drink femented grape wine

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