Discussion in 'Human Science' started by eddie monkey, Mar 9, 2003.

  1. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Dr Lou Natic:
    Obviously you haven't the slightest grasp of biology. Any fool knows that there is no such thing as genetic perfection - indeed, perfect adaptation leads to extinction.
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  3. Mrhero54 Registered Senior Member

    Why do peopl become veggies?

    health reason..okay

    save animals....dumbass
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  5. Commandore Zippy Kender Legionnaire Registered Senior Member

    Umm. I got a question. Why do people become veggans? It's not like you're killing animals.
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  7. SwedishFish Conspirator Registered Senior Member

    there are a lot of reasons, individual to each person unless they can't think for themselves and followed someone else into it. strangely, most of my vegan friends acquired names beginning in "vegan" so i'll refer to them as such.

    Vegan Dan objects to the industries, how animals are treated. milk cows are treated with hormones so they can mass produce milk which is detrimental to their health and the quality of milk. they develop sore, infected, oozing, painful udders from this process and need to be treated with antibiotics. they're kept in small pens next to other cows so diseases are spread like wildfire (that's what more antibiotics are for). they're milked by machine, never get fresh air or exercise (which also ruins the quality of the milk) and are kept constantly pregnant to continue producing milk(don't you worry, they wisk away the babies to be box prepared for veal) which is a strain on their bodies and immune systems (more with the antibiotics!). most cattle is also fed cow remains which became a problem with mad cow disease. chickens are packed in small pens unable to move, living on top of their waste so disease is again a problem. they too are induced to constantly lay eggs. gelatin is made from boiling calf hooves, sugar is bleached by grinding with bone char.

    then you have Vegan Mark who refuses to put anything from an animal in his body as a personal choice and strives towards being the most ethical person on earth(yawn). Vegan Paul says it is an issue of stealing, so he thought my breastmilk cheese idea was fabulous as long as the woman consents.

    i lean more towards the industry thing. so while i'm not a vegan, i do not support the american meat industry if i can help it. my eggs are organic, cage-free, vegetarian fed, antibiotic/hormone free. it costs more but the quality is so so much better, plus eggs look cooler in brown. cheese i'll only get imported from countries that raise milk cows the old way.
  8. freefall Registered Member


    humans actually need meat unless they're eating very carefully or taking supliments. even still baby humans have problems if they're not fed the right kinds of protein in the right ammounts. there are disorders that vegitarian children get because their bodies and brains are developing and need all available resources.
    humans became smart when they became omnivores because it gave their brain the protien it needed to expand. just because they stood on two feet didn't make them smart! apes have thumbs but they can't do what we do.
  9. river-wind Valued Senior Member

    Re: evolution

    sorry dude, this doesn't make sense. Apes and monkies fill the same food chain role as humans do - they range anywhere from pure carnivoe to pure vegitarian. the diet does not alone make the man.
  10. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    What ape or monkey is a pure carnivore?
  11. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    I think it's pretty damn remarkable that we've evolved into something that has the potential to control it's surroundings. I'd rather have that then the strength of a frieght train - though it would be pretty cool to crush buildings etc... From now on, all the evolution will be done in test tubes.

    But as Xev said, you really don't have a good grasp of biology. It doesn't really matter now that we have physical flaws. Perfection (by your definition) is not the same as transcendance.
  12. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Our brains are evolved, remarkable whatever, but our bodies are comparitavely pathetic. Our brains are our everything, most animals have numerous traits that assist their survival, all we have is our brains and tool user body type.
    I'm just saying people aren't that evolved, actually, it is a fact that we are the least evolved of all animals because we are the newest, this means we haven't even started to evolve yet as opposed to say a sperm whale which has evolved greatly.
    I don't need to defend this, it is an obvious fact, I would say that you don't have a grasp on biology.
    I agree all our evolving will be done in test tubes and this just helps my point, we never will truely evolve.
  13. Xerxes asdfghjkl Valued Senior Member

    3,830 so Dr. Jekyl?! I happen to have a very good grasp of biology. In fact, I expect the province to be hunting me down for diagnosing the illnesses of my friends and family (which as you know is taboo).

    And yes. If you say anything 'scientific' it needs to be defended, otherwise it isn't a scientific fact.

    Acutally the fact that our bodies haven't really adapted (ie completely conformed to a single environment) means that we have been able to proliferate to the four corners of the earth. That is much more integral to our survival as a species, and in my opinion far more useful to our evolution. 'Adapting' as you call it would be disastrous for the species because basic things like metabolic functioning would be in direct conflict with out modern day life. You make it sound like evolution is completely practical and positive which is a blatant lie. You're simply wrong. Accept it. Evolution is a double edged sword.

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