use of language to deceive

Discussion in 'Linguistics' started by charles brough, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. charles brough Registered Senior Member

    I have spent years collecting examples of professional double-talk in my work. Anyone know of any others?

    Educanto and academese are my speciality as I have to deal with it all the time in my research, but they are not found just in the sciences. Double talk also prevails as legaleese among lawyers, and psycho-babble in the pseudo-mental health fields. In the Army they have military sneak-speech (“enhanced interrogation techniques”=torture, “self harm”=attempted suicide) and in churches, they use spiritual gibberish. (“evil,” “Truth,” “holy,” “bless”).

    Can anyone think of more of them?:D

  2. draqon Banned Banned

    I love watching that police show where there are police videos of all the cars being chased and wrecked by police.

    I know there are a lot used by commenter of that he really loves saying "obstruct the law" when what he means is a girl showing her boobies to the police officer trying to walk away from speeding ticket...or "payed the price" when the guy is lying dead after a cop hit him with his car to stop his car.
  3. John99 Banned Banned

    charles, perhaps it is your perception.
  4. firdroirich A friend of The Friends Registered Senior Member

    check out - goodness, people are just trying to cover as much in as little as possible over there
  5. Orleander OH JOY!!!! Valued Senior Member

    why??? :bugeye:

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