US adults score below average on worldwide test

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by arauca, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    The US has one of the least standardized systems of education, among the countries taking that test.

    Not that I would worry too much about it - not knowing how to mouse is pretty far down on my scale of indicative "knowledge" gaps.
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  3. elusive Registered Member

    I think there is a generational concern here too baby boomers (myself included) pushed our kids to go to university it was the "key" to all good jobs and that has changed now a lot of the trades can not be outsourced and are good educational choices for the future.
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  5. Peregrine Registered Member

    From Wikipedia: (I cant post links yet)

    "Richard Lynn in his 2006 book Race Differences in Intelligence reviewed the literature on worldwide IQ testing and calculated the average IQs for different races based on earlier IQ test results.
    Aborigines: In Australia 62. In New Guinea 63.
    Arctic People: In North America 91.
    Bushmen: In Southwest Africa 54.
    East Asians: In East Asia 105. In the United States 101. Elsewhere 102.
    Europeans: In Europe 99. Outside Europe 99.
    Native Americans. In North America 86. In Latin America 86.
    Pacific Islander: In Pacific Islands 85. In New Zealand 90.
    South Asians and North Africans: In South Asia 84. In Africa 86. In Fiji, etc 85. In Europe 85. In Britain 92.
    Southeast Asians: In Southeast Asia 87. In the United States 93.
    Sub-Saharan Africans: In Africa 67. In the Caribbean 71. In the United States and the Netherlands 85. In Britain 86.

    These are measured (phenotypic) average IQs. Differences for the same race between developed and developing countries can be explained by factors such as malnutrition being prevalent in developing nations. Thus, Lynn estimates that the genotypic average IQ of Sub-Saharan Africans is 80 rather than the measured phenotypic 67. The genotypic average IQ of Blacks in the United States is estimated to be somewhat higher at 85 due to some interbreeding with Europeans."

    I would submit this is also a factor.

    I didn't read page 2 yet, but I think ADD and ADHD are also a major factor. Having interacted with children and teens, they are very smart and have alot of USELESS internet knowledge.

    I think that one main cause of declining test scores is due to just not caring. If I get one of these kids enthusiastic about something, they are all about it and have no trouble learning something new.

    School and testing are just WAAAAYYY behind the entertainment value (and therefore attention span) of everything else outside of school. Including the first billboard in proximity to the school.

    My thoughts.
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