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    Centrifuge process.

    The centrifuge process uses UF6 gas as its feed and makes use of the slight difference in mass between U-235 and U-238. The gas is fed into a series of vacuum tubes, each containing a rotor one to two meters long and 15-20 cm diameter. When the rotors are spun rapidly, at 50,000 to 70,000 rpm, the heavier molecules with U-238 increase in concentration towards the cylinder's outer edge. There is a corresponding increase in concentration of U-235 molecules near the centre. These concentration changes are enhanced by inducing the gas to circulate axially within the cylinder.
    The enriched gas forms part of the feed for the next stages while the depleted UF6 gas goes back to the previous stage. Eventually enriched and depleted uranium are drawn from the cascade at the desired assays.
    To obtain efficient separation of the two isotopes, centrifuges rotate at very high speeds, with the outer wall of the spinning cylinder moving at between 400 and 500 meters per second to give a million times the acceleration of gravity.
    centrifuge uses an aluminum rotor or a maraging steel rotor which is stronger, spins faster, and therefore enriches more uranium per machine than the centrifuge's aluminum rotor(Maraging steel is an iron alloy which is known for possessing superior strength without losing malleability. The iron base is alloyed principally with a large percentage of nickel to produce a very specific heat-treatment product. Other alloying elements include molybdenum, aluminum, copper and titanium and are added to produce intermetallic precipitates)
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    Do you have a question or point of discussion, star_2121? If not, why start a thread on this topic?
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    there is a far better way but i can't discuss that kind of stuff on the internet

    but i will suggest, the Newtonian frame of inertia can be likened to filtering water thru a medium rather than using .............. ?!?!?!?

    sorry........ can't do it! (will NOT)

    ooops.... the guy is gone banned

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