Unprecedented April 2007: Teach the UK Met Office how to calculate a climate average!

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by MattMarr, May 1, 2007.

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    ----- Can someone teach the UK Met Office how to calculate an average???
    April Top Ten mean temperatures for longest reliable recorded series - Central England 1790-2007

    In the list of the ten warmest April mean temperatures, from ranks 10 to 2, temperatures are in the 10.0° to 10.6° range.
    Since today, the difference between the first and the second is no more 0.1°C but 19 times greater, as April 2007 records 12.5°C.
    Now note that all time records with even higher differences to previous records were set in France, Holland, Germany and Switzerland.
    Besides this, all these countries (except for a small area of Germany) as well as other areas in Europe (northen and central Italy, Croatian coast, most of Austria) had the hottest April on record.

    Update: As of May 2, the Met Office issued no correction. Actually no other news were released on this subject after April 27....

    ------ Records broken as temperatures rise
    News release by the Met Office, 27 April 2007

    With forecasters at the Met Office predicting another weekend of above-average temperatures for most of the country, Met Office climate scientists have released more figures revealing new temperature records.
    The Central England Temperature (CET) is the world's longest running temperature series and dates back to 1659. April 2007 and the 12-month rolling period ending in April 2007 are set to become the warmest since the records began 348 years ago.
    * Provisional figure for May 2006 to April 2007: 11.6 °C - beating the previous record of 11.1 °C for the 12-month period ending October 1995
    * Provisional figure for April 2007: 11.1 °C - beating the previous record of 10.6 °C set in 1865

    Days before:
    *** Climate: *** PROOF WMO and NOAA are lying about global climate data since October 2006 - presented worldwide first
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    Wow! Awesome! Swimming pools for everyone!
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    With so many hoaxes, how to the illuminati keep track of it all?
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    with the microchip in everyone's forehead.

    you obviously need to go back to "illuminati 101".

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