Unnecessary Toxin

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by Xmo1, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Xmo1 Registered Senior Member

    The furniture my sister so loves to rack out on is still de-gassing formaldehyde years after she bought it. That's F'd up! Gotta stop making furniture with that material geniuses.
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  3. DaveC426913 Valued Senior Member

    Doesn't really seem very high on the list of scary chemicals, unless one is exposed to it in usually high concentrations such as manufacturing.

    "Formaldehyde is an irritant, and exposure to high concentrations of formaldehyde can cause burning sensations in the eyes, nose and throat.
    Long-term exposure to moderate formaldehyde concentrations (at levels lower than those causing irritation) may also be linked to respiratory symptoms and allergic sensitivity, especially in children."
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