University of Toronto Solar Car Damaged in Accident

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    University of Toronto Solar Car Damaged in Accident...

    Toronto Star Article

    I've always wanted to build a solar car, but the cost of solar panels is prohibitive. Over time I've developed a more economical viewpoint on renewable energy transportation...

    1. Cargo-proportional transportation
    2. Chassis Kits
    3. Shock Absorbers
    4. Stick Welder
    5. Windwrap & all-weather fairings
    6. Briggs & Stratton Intek Model 20 Engine for Supermileage & Mini Baja Motorsports
    7. Flexible Fuelling
    8. Convert your engine to ethanol
    9. Make your own ethanol fuel
    10. Growing Jerusalem Artichokes as an ethanol feedstock

    Or if you've got more money to burn...

    11. Convert a Merlin Coupe to ethanol
    12. Connect a series of Direct Liquid Ethanol Fuel Cells to power an electric car

    I chose ethanol as my preferred alternative fuel because it's clean, renewable, and in theory we have a choice between cars powered by internal combustion engines versus electric fuel cells. With biodiesel we don't have that choice.
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