Universal Consciousness

Discussion in 'Eastern Philosophy' started by Empty Dragon, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. poop Registered Member

    ever read Krishnamurti?
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  3. poop Registered Member

    try Krishnamurti
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  5. poop Registered Member

    he kind of gets me going and shuts me up by making me realize there arin't nothing to say but maybe "wake up" and then what else can be said?
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  7. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    J or U.G. ?
  8. te jen Registered Senior Member

    An electron is a particle... and a wave. So which is it? Depends on how you measure it - it has both attributes.

    A human is an individual... and a collective. So which is it? The enlightened person understands (by having more or less experienced it) that she shares a collective consciousness with everyone currently alive and as a product of all those who lived in the past, but also understands that to function in relation to other people she has to embrace her individual attribute as well. We have both attributes. We come from the collective, express our individual for a while, create other individuals while we're at it (both biologically and cognitively), then sink back into the collective.

    To deny either attribute is unwise.
  9. zonabi free thinker Registered Senior Member

    the earth is the byproduct of conflicting polarities.

    it is where spiritual souls can incarnate into physical forms.
    and where physical forms can get their spirituality back.

    in a sense spirituality can be related to 'universal consciousness' (positive polarity)
    and physicality can be thus be related to individualism (negative polarity)

    Duality is the KEY issue here, and most recognize this.
    Duality is directly related to Division.

    let me try to explain:

    we can have 2 types of individuals, one positive and one negative.
    this is polarity, orientation, preference- whatever you want to call it.
    BUT, each of these persons has, within himself, both polarities as well.
    whereas the positive person may have more positive within himself, he nonetheless contains some negative energy/attributes as well, even if they are minor.

    positives are known as the helpers, or service-to-others. these people operate like a group consciousness, meaning that if one needs something he can count on another to provide it, and vice versa. a seemingly too-good-to-be-true scenario, but rest assured, even positives have their conflicts.

    negatives take many names, and also take alot of heat. they are looked at as 'evil' or 'bad' sometimes, yet those are merely bias labels. these individuals operate in a more strict order. they have specific rules, positions, and laws to follow- and they believe dominance is the only way to maintain control. hence their affinity for war and conquering of others (be it land or soul)

    what peoples of the past HAVE NOT COME to realize is that INTEGRATION is INEVITABLE. while humans continue to attempt segregation, and have throughout ALL HISTORY~ the truth is that you cannot have one without the other, true DUALITY.

    if you cannot integrate smoothly, friction occurs naturally, and this usually leads up to WAR. much of this is evident in our current age and time, and perhaps some of you are familiar with tales of Orions struggles between polarities.

    so what does this mean for universal consciousness? alot.

    realizing what kind of person you will yourself to become is the first step towards universal consciousness. without decision, you cannot move on. choice is required.

    you will find that Negatives tend to resent Group Consciousness. universal consciousness is a THREAT to self-centered peoples, because their true intentions are easily seen, deceptions clearly labeled. therefore Negatives lean towards physicality rather than spirituality. these peoples do not want everyone to rise in consciousness, they'd rather maintain their current positions above many.

    Positives gladly accept universal consciousness. it helps communications between the peoples, and allows for prompt and effecient action in cases of emergency/dire need. we are the peoples who are more open hearted, open minded. one thing that is interesting to notice is that Positives DO NOT GO OUT LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO RECRUIT. people are DRAWN INTO THIS ORIENTATION, and their own soul attracts them here. this is opposite to the negatives (of course it would be opposite) - who use FORCE and THREATS to RECRUIT their members.

    it is interesting to draw a line, you will see it is very obvious who is who.
    just remember that the line can be erased, re-drawn.
    especially if integration occurs.


    well, i hope i have not strayed too far away from the thread. you can see that the Earth is at a critical time in its current evolution. more and more souls are awakening their bodies to realization of a bigger picture. we were built this way by our founders, whoever you decide that to be. now, more than ever in current human history, is the time to AWAKEN to our UNIVERSE and OPEN OUR ARMS/EYES/EARS, instead of turning the other cheek.

    i would like to say that im Glad to see nice threads such as this one. it makes me feel better about what i'm trying to do. thanks guys!
  10. Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History! Valued Senior Member

    M*W: You are right, Adam. This is what I believe. Humanity is God, and we are an evolving god. When we die, we simply discard our Earthsuits. The only purpose for our Earthsuits is to be a vessel to carry the pure positive life-giving energy that is what most people call god.

    Maybe I'm wasting my time and efforts on the Religion forum. I'm more comfortable here. Good post!

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