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Discussion in 'Linguistics' started by Frud11, Dec 12, 2007.

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    ne 1 n2 a test of linguistic/archeological type skill (it involves Latin -a foreign language these days, which I have a schoolboy knowledge of).

    Something to do with Sumerian bartenders; is this a cool place to give this a try (my 'communications' experiment)? No biggie :)
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    non scholae sed vitae discimus
  3. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    throw it at us. we love a challenge around here.
  4. Frud11 Banned Banned

    Tabernarius modi sciens instrumenti, paret aptissimu sumer

    so assume it's incomplete or possibly idiomatic. You find it scratched in the wall of some ancient ruin in Turkey, over 2000 years old. So, what does it mean?

    P.S. It doesn't look like this, the real thing is two separate phrases, scratched into a wall, the comma is the archeologist's doing. Two phrases, possibly incomplete, because part of the wall looks as if it has been repaired at some time (possibly with Roman cement).
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