UFO propulsion

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Arnold, May 31, 1999.

  1. Arnold Guest

    For information on psychotronic generators, find the book, "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain", by Ostrander and Schroeder. A UFO that is filled with psychotronic generators charges-up on the Aura energy (mental energy) of the occupants by resonance. It becomes filled and surrounded with psychotronic energy and it starts to move into another dimension, (mental dimension). It starts to glow like an Aura. Because it is partly or totally in another dimension, the laws of physics no longer apply. Gravity loses its hold, and the UFO starts to float. Being either partly or totally in another dimension, the UFO has very little inertial mass or no inertial mass and it can accelerate very rapidly with no G-forces. It can move many times faster than the speed of light. Light speed is a limitation only in the physical dimension. (For more information about psychotronic generators contact, "The Pavlita Foundation, Roth Associates, 83-15 Lefferts Blvd., Suite 5F, Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11415 (718) 847-7532.
    This is part of my theory on UFO propulsion.
    Note: Researches that use psychotronic energy say that it is capable of mixing with and generating all other energy forms. This can explain how a non-physical mind can generate physical energy fields to control a physical body; it can also account for the electric and magnetic effects produced by UFOs and their glow. Sightings indicate that if the energy field is more concentrated on one side of the UFO, then the UFO will accelerate in the direction of the other side.
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  3. Aloysius Guest

    This is unmitigated drivel. Sorry.

    I was around in the 70s when this book came out.I bought it.
    This was about the time that people began building pyramids to sharpen their razor blades. I built one.
    This was about the time Uri Geller began his scam. I paid attention.

    We live and learn, Arnold.
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