UFO Propulsion Mk 11

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Dave, Jun 1, 1999.

  1. Dave Guest

    In light of other(s) saying that aliens are now interdimensional mind projecting beings simply because a UFO was seen to fade away, brings me to think what Boris says!
    My slant on things is this:
    In the late 40's the USS Eldridge "faded away" during magnetic/gravity field tests conducted by Einstien and Tesla. (Townsend Brown was the nuts'n'bolts guy on the project as well)
    Now, Loonie Toones hero Bob Lazaar claims that 'craft' held at S4 use gravity amplifiers to propel their craft. Soooo, even though the tests in Philadelphia were "officially" halted, the fact remains that the ship was seen to fade away (we all know the rest of the story)...WITHOUT the use of mind projection! Would it therefore be a plausible guess that this is what people might be seeing when a UFO engages it's own gravity generators?
    Please don't go religious in your replies, I'd really love to just speculate on propulsion systems and what others might think makes them go!
    Also, the vast distances of space, by the way, is not made up of nothing- it is made up of something - MATTER! Matter can be manipulated, especially if it can be subjected to a strong gravity field. e.g.- light bends when passing blackholes,due to the strong gravity fields they have, that is a simple fact, so what's to say space can't bend if subjected to a strong gravatic force. If it were bending "towards you" wouldn't that lessen the great distance between two objects, say planet A and planet B? And now aren't we back to needing gravity generators to perform this?
    Go easy on me.......Dave.

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  3. Plato Guest

    I think you are confusing magnetism with gravity here.
    For example light could travel to the most intense mangetic field without noticing it. This is because magnetism is mediated by photons, the very same as light in other words. Now, in contrary to the nuclear forces who arise from tensor fields, electromagnetism is a vectorfield and this hasn't got a charge of it's own. This means that photons don't interact amongst themselves.
    Any way, magnetism is one of the most pathetic forces when you look at cosmic scales, there gravity rules !

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  5. Dave Guest

    How embarrasing! Yes - I meant GRAVITY Amplifiers..gravity this and gravity that...Sorry.
    Regards, Dave

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  7. Plato Guest

    No problem, you can still modify your message before anyone else sees it ;-).

    we are midgets standing on the backs of giants,
  8. Mid12am Guest

    Too Late.. ah ha ha HA ha ha ha..

  9. Aloysius Guest

    He meant Grivity. You know, the force that moves people to post nonsense.

    We are all victims.

    Time for another Merlot.
  10. lets build a magno-spaceship that will use magnatism to wisk us away...

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    (Hey it sounds better than a gravo-ship...)

    How about building a battery-operated spaceship, yeah that is a good idea to help the enviroment.

    Better yet, lets use GIGATIC SLIGSHOTS to fling our spaceships to hypervelocity...


    We live, we die, WHO CARES!
    -Double Overdrive

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  11. Dave Guest

    Hey, Super-nova double drive man,
    Did you read this
    exoScience - http://www.exosci.com/

    Hey everyone,

    "It looks like another fine product of Area 51, and it really is shaped
    like a flying disc, and would even fly like one."

    The NASA-supported 'Lightcraft' project is involved in testing a
    saucer-shaped vessel which is lifted to great heights by a high-powered
    laser. The laser superheats the air beneath the craft, causing it to
    expand and provide the propulsive force needed.

    Even more interesting is that the craft would be able to behave very
    differently than conventional aircraft. "Switching on the microwave
    transmitter would make the Lightcraft disappear in less than an eye blink
    ... as the Lightcraft accelerates to 25 times the speed of sound."

    Be sure to check out the whole article at:

    Thanks to Hrvoje Horvat for pointing the story out to me:

    Dave Watanabe
    Did you take the piss out of DaveW too?
    Did NASA get a rib poking via the double drive man?

    One step at a time, alternative methods of propulsion will be discovered...and I point out that nearly all the major US aircraft companies each have a division specifically set up for research and developement of anti-gravity technology. Since this research has been in progress since the 40-50's, Some-one somewhere is getting closer to a practical working model. I suppose time will tell.....
    Do you actually have any thoughts on drive systems or are you just joining in and having a little fun and keeping it light? LOL
    Regards, Dave.

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  12. Dave:

    Yes, I have heard about lightcrafts and anti-gravity experimentation, but those are just in the experimental phase (the largest lightcraft they could get to work was the size of a frisbee and only went 30 meters if my memory serves me correctly). And for Anti-gravity, yeah right... maybe 50 years from now we may be able to take into consideration the possibility of accually building a working model of this kind of craft. Oh, also on the light craft, Doesn't it produce heat greater than the sun? If this is true what kind of materials should they use.? (they idea of lightcrafts are very intriguing

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    , they could lower the cost of getting to LEO (low earth orbit))

    Sorry if I affended you in any way dave, no hard feelings?

    We live, we die, WHO CARES!
    -Double Overdrive
  13. Plato Guest

    Dave and Double Overdrive,

    I wouldn’t bet on constructing a anti-grav engine in the coming century because we haven't even gotten a theoretical proof that it even exists. The only anti-gravity forces that theorists for the moment agree on is the Einstein constant (which nobody really understands) who makes the universe accelerate it's expansion and some exotic side effects of quantisation of the gravity field of general relativity. This theory is still on lose shambles though because it's not made entirely consistent (the infinities of the self energy are a bit more tedious then in the other force-theories).

    we are midgets standing on the backs of giants,
  14. Is gravity a real force or just an aspect of the effect of a mass on flat space?
  15. Plato Guest


    this is a strange question. What do you mean with a 'real force' ?
    You do realise that string and M theory are linking every single one of the four fundamental forces with 10 or 11 dimensional hyperspace bending ? So I'm afraid that is just the only type of force out there...

    we are midgets standing on the backs of giants,

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