U.S. Evasion of responsibility

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Pine_net, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. Pine_net Chaos Product Registered Senior Member

    This is very hard for me to write about because I love my freedoms, but if my freedom is aquired through the oppression of another individual I think I need to stand up and say something. Screaming it in fact...

    History is working out some very unhappy sittuations around the world. Forced culture has never worked without large amounts of blood being spilled.

    Prerequisists of the Power?

    Present facts:

    (a) Nato sanctioned attrocities against Kurdish populations in Turkey through the 90's during the Clinton years should never have been. The U.S. supplied tons of money to the Turkish government for exterminiation of Kurdish populations living peacefuly within the country. Why did we do this? Who is responsible? The then current U.S. Government...

    (b) There is a great cry out for forensic evidence in East Timor, and these atrocities are unquestionably a matter of the people of The United States verses the Government of The United States. The suppression of this information within our borders is highly of a criminal nature and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law permissable by our courts and our constitution.

    (c) The Drug War is highly questionable at this point for providing a solution to drug use in the world. It never worked in fact and only made the problems worse.

    (d) Primacy of Nuclear weapons, including the first use posture.

    Someone recently said that " the easiest way I believe that a terrorist might smuggle a Nuke into the U.S. would be to wrap it in a large bail of marijuana.

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  3. overdoze human Registered Senior Member

    Opportunists win in an opportunists' world. The trick is to balance the opportunism in such a way as not to antagonize the world too much.

    It would be nice if the world was tightly organized and everyone followed the common rules of decency and empathy. Perhaps one day it will come to pass, but the current world is too far removed from such an ideal and unilateral idealism is a prescription for getting trampled.

    Still, there's always a question of how far is too far. Personally, I think US militarism and colonialism are taking too great of a toll on our standing in the world opinion, as well as taking resources away from worthier concerns here at home.
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  5. spookz Banned Banned

    (a) turkey will and have screwed the kurds with or without the us
    (b) indonesia will and have screwed the timorese with or without the us
    (c) damn the us
    (d) conflicted but will go with "first use" in certain scenarios

    radioactive weed - what a high that would be
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2002
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