True Christian Dilemmas

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by PsychoticEpisode, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. answers Registered Senior Member

    My understanding that it is a non-Jewish person? Enlighten me if I'm wrong.

    Thanks and there's no point carrying on with this attitude, it's a bit of a joke, I'm here to discuss things, not have someone trying build themselves up by taking others down. Non-christians condemn christians for it yet practice it themselves.
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  3. stretched a junkie's broken promise Valued Senior Member

    “Stretched, I salute you on your ability to format and spell.”

    * Thank you. I try to please.

    “Other than that, you're wrong about most everything, but at least you did it with some degree of grace. ‘

    * Thank you, o` esteemed kind sir.

    “Most of what you posted is opinion, and as such, really can't be refuted or argued.

    * A lot like fickle religious views eh?

    “We're all going to believe what we're going to believe, right?”

    * Yep.

    “Archie: In fact, people with 'sin' problems – that is – people who continue in activities they know to be sinful are usually not very comfortable in church. Not that people pick on them about it, but they are more aware of it.

    Stretched: You know this absolutely for sure, right? Everyone believes (or should) in sin just like you do eh?”

    “and see if you can find the mistake. You'll probably have to go back to my post to find it.”

    * Nope. Can’t find a mistake. Please help me. I’m not bright enough. My sinful nature tends to dull my wits.

    “And, Stretch? The part about"
    "Archie: What is humorous about this, in an ironic manner, is Adstar is so clearly superior to 'godless' in every facet.
    Stretched: Because he is a Christian right? Blissful arrogance. (yes, even within the context) ”
    “You already know the answer to that one. And you agree with me. “

    * I think I`m going to flunk this one outright.

    (I enjoy your sense of humour Archie. Heh.)
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