Trouble in WinTel World?

Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by kmguru, Feb 4, 2002.

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  1. kmguru Staff Member


    ** Scaling The Heights: A Linux-Only Mainframe

    On the eve of the Linux World conference, IBM says it's making
    a Linux-only mainframe. IBM execs say they're aiming at
    businesses that use numerous smaller servers (read: Wintel
    machines). Transferring the computing tasks handled by multiple
    servers onto a single mainframe, the company maintains, will
    help users lower their overall computing costs without
    sacrificing horsepower.

    The eServer zSeries for Linux will feature IBM's z/VM
    virtualization software, which allows the machine to be
    subdivided into hundreds of so-called virtual machines that
    operate independently of each other. The Linux-based mainframe
    will sell for less than IBM's conventional models, which run on
    the company's proprietary zOS operating system. But the new
    machine lacks some of its predecessors' high-end security and
    transaction processing features. A basic version of the Linux-
    only mainframe will start at about $400,000, including three
    years of maintenance, while the sticker price on an entry-level
    zOS-based mainframe starts at about $750,000.

    Bob Sutherland, an analyst with Technology Business Research,
    says that by offering a Linux mainframe, IBM is trying to
    create a new market for the big iron, which once ruled data
    centers but in recent years have given way to less-expensive
    Windows and Unix machines. "It may make them more appealing for
    users that ordinarily would never have considered buying a
    mainframe," Sutherland says.

    Despite the overall decline in mainframe use, IBM has managed
    to enlarge its mainframe business in recent quarters, though
    sales were essentially flat in the company's most recent fourth
    quarter. - Paul McDougall
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  3. kmguru Staff Member

    What is great about zOS is that you can run two machines as redundant. If they can do that with the new ones, it will be good for many applications. Might take the RS/6000 thunder away...
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