Trojan War

Discussion in 'History' started by orestes, May 15, 2004.

  1. orestes Strategos Registered Senior Member

    Seen the movie yet? It's good. But the question I have is there any proof the Trojan War? If so, how massive do experts think the real war was compared to Homer's description?
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  3. eddymrsci Beware of the dark side Registered Senior Member

    haha did you watch daily planet on discovery channel yesterday? An archeologist at the university of Cincinnati talked about the real Troy and flaws in this fictious movie.
    There were a number of interesting flaws in the story he pointed out, I do not remember all. He asked how could they have put coins on the eyes of the dead since they have not developed the concept of coinage at that time. haha neat... He said that there are many scenes of gold in the movie, which would be unlikely in the late Bronze Age. Furthermore, he said based on evidence the Trojan War was most likely started because of money and power, not because of a woman.
    There is not much evidence supporting the existence of Troy and Achilles and Helen.
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  5. path Militant wiseguy Registered Senior Member

    well if the finds made in Turkey (forget the archeologists name now) are really Troy then it's population was no bigger than about 1000 inhabitants. Homer undoubtedly embellished alot(if the basic story has any truth to it) the greek city states were not established enough or big enough to support a 10 year siege so far from home ( according to what I have read). If anyone has any suggested historical reading on the subject please tell
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  7. maxzuk Registered Senior Member

  8. wellborn Registered Senior Member

  9. Thersites Registered Senior Member

    Herodotus mentions Troy several times.
  10. Rappaccini Redoubtable Registered Senior Member

    Is he a credible source, though?

    Historically, nothing about the account of Troy stands up.
  11. airavata portentous Registered Senior Member

    I remember reading that it was in reality a trade war.
  12. YadaYada subspace being Registered Senior Member

  13. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Yes, Tin
    Troy controlled the tin trade through the black sea. 2 generations of Hellenes sought direct trade with Colchis for northern Afghanistan tin.
  14. nitram22 Registered Senior Member

  15. nitram22 Registered Senior Member


    Actually, when Schliemann un earthed Troy, he was so ignorant to proper methods of archeology he a great deal of evidence.
    It is more likely that a larger population lived out side the walls in less durable structures. Structures that didn't bear the weight of time.
    Thucydides speaks of this as he covers the known history leading up to the Peloponnesian war 800 years later. There was likely a great deal more physical evidence the see at that time.
    I believe the Trojan war and the people in the poem were real. Mycenaean expansion and trade control thru the Hellespont was the cause of the war and over a 10 year period much had happened that will never be more than speculated on. But its with little doubt Troy had enough strength to hold on to nearly a victory before the walls could be overcome. By some sort fantastic and outrageous plan.
    When Troy fell, the Minoans fell, Mycenaeans fell and it was the Hellenic dark age.

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