Trending Up and Down IT/Tech jobs in 2016

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    According to David Foote, Chief Analyst and CRO of research firm Foote Partners LLC (who accurately projected solid job growth in 2015), these will be most wanted tech jobs/roles in the following year:
    DevOps Pros
    Or practically everyone from engineers to developers and testers.
    Security, mobile cloud and software pros leading the way.
    Big Data Specialists
    Foote expects robust demand for data scientists, database developers, analysts and technical specialists to continue into 2016, despite the disparity with Big Data certs such as Oracle, SAS and EMC.
    CyberSecurity Experts
    Employers plan to hire more security experts, with computer forensic and intrusion analysts topping their wish lists.
    Application Developers in a Microservices Architecture Environment
    Companies also want to develop modular applications, so their goals will boost the stock value of architects, front-end developers, and back-end API web engineers, as well as UI/UX specialists who adopt a micro-services approach.
    Digital Product Designers
    Foote agrees with Gartner's prognosis that digital product design is a “disrupter” that will change the future of IT and increase the demand for product design engineers and analysts as well as digital specialists.

    Losers in 2016 according to Foote will be SAP specialists (no much room for growth in ERP), storage gurus (whatever that is) and surprisingly (or not) network managers (thanks to outsourcing and moving apps and storage to the cloud).

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