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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by VossistArts, Feb 26, 2005.

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    Are 257 users, as is the number we are hosting at the moment, a large number of users for the server(s) this site uses? I'm asking because for one thing I dont know a lot about webserving (heh) and because even with a broadband connect and low user numbers, navigating from post to post takes what seems like a long time. I know for the dial-up people this probably seems like a big baby whine, but that's not my intention. My intention is to understand. Perhaps there is a solution if any else cares. I'd make a donation in the name of a server or account upgrade heh. Or something. I dont know, i dont know. Not knowing is kind of a good thing to me in a way. Its why I ask. If everyone else is content tho, I shall be too . peace

    p.s I appologize for the times I post redundant posts. I admit I dont always, well never have, read ALL of the posts on this site. ::bows::

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