Tonald Drump vs the rest...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JohnLiberty, Aug 18, 2016.


Vote for the most Ethical Moral and most Justifiable President available.

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  1. Trump

  2. Clinton

  3. A fluoridated chimp

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  4. A moon rock

  1. JohnLiberty Registered Member

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  3. mathman Valued Senior Member

    The chimp and the rock are even less qualified than Trump.
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  5. Rayolight Registered Member

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  7. JohnLiberty Registered Member

    The reasons I love my candidate.

    A moon rock can't...

    Raise taxes
    Declare illegal wars (I guess congress would be on their own..)
    Initiate Nuclear war
    Bail out special interest
    Create programs that buy votes
    Sing along to the same old tired song
  8. JohnLiberty Registered Member

    More reasons why I love my candidate.

    A moon rock can...
    Teach us that silence is truly golden.
    Promote a green environment by not breathing.
    Show us that age means nothing in presidential races.
    Watch over our earthly existence from a safe distance which would cut secret service security details by quite a bit and save us $$$!!
  9. JohnLiberty Registered Member

    Did Hillary have an earpiece... What was that? Russian bug possibly? Heavy buildup? Pearl necklace gone awry?
  10. sculptor Valued Senior Member


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    Obama used an ear piece during his debates. Last night Hillary was caught using one. Sad to think Politicians are just puppets. Who are their puppet masters?
  11. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    You are never going to learn about these sources of yours, are you. You will continue to believe everything they tell you, no matter how many times they humiliate you in public, no matter how fucking stupid it is.
  12. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    Some days,
    I am left to wonder:
    Do you have a sense of humor?
    The earbuds are obvious
    the rest is humor.

    are they both deaf?
    coaching from off-stage?
  13. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    The humor was based on assuming the earbuds actually existed, in physical reality, as seen in the posted photo. It's a standard hypnotic technique, whereby the subject - or in this case victim - is led to take for granted the context of a joke/story/etc, so that the joke/story makes sense, is funny, etc.

    A related technique in fiction writing is called "suspension of disbelief", but it is openly contrived as well as temporary. In these circumstances of propaganda the intention is actually to permanently deceive, to take advantage, to inculcate a stable and reliable delusion by establishing a common false context of multiple stories. To establish a bubble.

    Embarrassingly enough, the basic technique works on us all. It's embarrassing when we discover what happened, which we almost always have opportunity to do eventually.

    But although some of us learn from the experience, especially when meeting the same technique employed by the same people who swindled us before, many do not. And a continuing vulnerability to being suckered like that by the same people in the same way, over and over and over, is no mere social embarrassment. It's become a political threat to the governance of the United States.
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  14. JohnLiberty Registered Member

  15. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Mod Hat ― Double-check

    So ... is there actually a thread subject, or is this just some spam tradition?
  16. JohnLiberty Registered Member

    This is an experiment in liberty. The moon rock is pulling from behind!! My only hope is that it wins by a landslide. Check me out on tw1tter #johnliberty01 .
  17. JohnLiberty Registered Member

    It's interesting how Time magazine and CNBC will not have a second poll to see who the American people thought won the debate last night. Every poll I can find shows Donald as the winner. I also wanted to point out that the moon rock would never engage in locker room banter or be accused of shielding a rapist.

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  18. billvon Valued Senior Member

    CNN/ORC - Clinton 57%, Trump 34%
    YouGov All voters - Clinton 47%, Trump 42%
    YouGov Undecideds - Clinton 44%, Trump 41%
    YouGov "who was most presidential" - Clinton 57%, Trump 31%

    Latest Rasmussen poll (which has a consistent right wing bias) - Clinton 45% Trump 38%
  19. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Passionate Apathy

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    So much for your (ahem!) "experiment in liberty"↑.

    Then again, it's not like anyone actually believed you. Nor is anyone surprised at how easily you broke after Donald Trump demonstrated with no real room for question just how badly he has lost his shit.

    Still, though, to answer your question about Time and CNBC, the online polls were such a wreck last time that FOX News executives tried to tell their on-air talent to stop citing unreliable numbers↱. That came about in no small part because, well, the alt-right bragged about spiking polls↱. For news outlets like Time and CNBC, online polls virtually guaranteed to be spiked by activists who are afraid of good-faith participation have exactly no useful news value.

    The only methodologically valid poll regularly slated for these events is CNN/ORC, and the industry seems to defer to them in part because of the recognized protocols. Later polling tells us a great deal about CNN/ORC numbers, but that's the thing: Donald Trump fares well in the unscientific polls. He lost both CNN/ORC post-debate polls.

    After the first debate, Ben Collins↱ of the Daily Beast explained:

    Some users took time to attempt to game online polls soliciting opinions on who won the debate, imploring users to "abuse airplane mode toggling" to allow for more votes for Trump on websites like CNBC, Time, ABC News, and CNN.

    Trump then spent the night pointing his Twitter users to those same poll numbers, which had been brigaded by 4chan and Trump's Reddit community r/The_Donald. "Great debate poll numbers - I will be on @foxandfriends at 7:00 to discuss," he wrote. "Enjoy!"

    "OK guys, let's cut the bullshit. Trump actually sucked tonight," wrote post ID 3h7UYcU0. (All posts are anonymous on 4chan.) "Let's talk about where we go from here. What does Trump need to do better next debate?"

    I actually hadn't known there was anyone left who falls for those stunts, but here you are, John Liberty, and just how smart and aware would you like us to believe you're not?

    In truth, I never did quite understand this combination of passion and apathy. I mean, that's what it is, isn't it? You have passionate opinions but just don't know what you're on about? Or are you just another one of Trump's pepes who's in it for the antisocial self-gratification?

    4chan's de facto white-nationalist mascot Pepe, a cartoon frog that has come to represent both pro-Trump and anti-Semitic users on the site over the last year, even had its hand Photoshopped onto a smiling Clinton. Another meme showed Pepe pointing a machine gun at the back of its head.

    A third showed the mascot drinking wine, along with the caption "Just for the record I never actually supported Trump. I just did it for the memes."


    † † †​

    "If you vote for either candidate," one 4chan user declared, "you are a traitor cuck who deserves to have their god-given rights taken from them."

    "How does /pol/ feel now that the election is over?" a self-aware 4chan user asked for us. "I suppose you'll have to go back to your shitty, miserable life now the Drumpf's campaign has totally derailed."

    "The very reason we're hearing all this post-debate discussion of biased moderators and microphones not working is spin for the Trump loss," another 4chan conceded.

    Perhaps the most noteworthy admission came from a 4chan user who openly acknowledged the big scary alt-right's satirical (and inflammatory) edge: "CTR shills still not realising that pol is a board of satire and our only mission is to meme the retarded manchild to the white house for the lulz."

    So now we know.



    Collins, Ben. "Donald Trump's Online Trolls Turn on Their 'God Emperor'". The Daily Beast. 26 September 2016. 10 October 2016.

    Gauthier, Brendan. "Pepe's post-debate identity crisis: Online alt-right turns on Donald Trump after his presidential debate fiasco". Salon. 27 September 2016. 10 October 2016.

    Tesfaye, Sophia. "Fox News executives forced to warn pro-Trump network hosts against citing bogus online polls". Salon. 28 September 2016. 10 October 2016.

    Edit: Correction ― Listed Brendan Gauthier's name incorrectly in Notes. (10 Oct. 2016; 17.57 PDT)
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2016
  20. JohnLiberty Registered Member

    OK, so lets talk about the CNN/ORC poll shall we. Out of 537 respondents, 58% were democrats. This does not mean that 42% were republicans, since the 42% figure also includes independents. The full methodology to it's polling techniques still have not been released. The YouGov "All voters poll" - Clinton 47%, Trump 42% posted is sampled at 41% Democrats compared to 31% Republicans, another clear bias that skewed the result of the poll.
  21. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Yeah, how's that skewed poll↗ argument↗ been working out for Republicans?
  22. JohnLiberty Registered Member

    Pure fraud. Watch to check out the evidence.
  23. billvon Valued Senior Member

    To all you anti-Trump folks who claim that Trump isn't a master politician, consider this:

    Trump has singlehandedly managed to transform the GOP from a force to be reckoned with into a whiny, impotent bunch of conspiracy theorists. Usually it takes a career politician to lead such a large group of people into complete ineffectiveness.
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