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Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by whitewolf, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. whitewolf asleep under the juniper bush Registered Senior Member

    Every time I show up outside of my house, there are at least two strangers who whistle, yell out hello, or say "niiiiiice" when I can hear it. Those are cleches, most guys find more creative ways to "start a conversation." Sometimes, it's a compliment, sometimes it's harassment, depending on my mood. I usually gaze into horizon, but lately, I started to look around at other people, and I noticed each guy at least gives me a glance.

    Is it only NY men who do that? Is it only American men? Does every guy you know do that? Do you do that?

    Nobody in their right mind would jump on your neck if you're a stranger on the street, so why do you do it?

    If a girl makes eye contact, what do you think? If a girl smiles back, what do you think? If a girl says hi, what does that mean to you? (Well, it doesn't get further than that, 99% of the time

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    ) And, if the girl ignores you, do you find it offensive? What do you expect from a decent female after you whistle/comment?
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  3. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member





    It's only the idiotic few that give us males a bad name...but suprisingly these are the same guys that get the girls. What a fucked up world we live in.

    Do I have a booger? Is my flies undone? She thinks I'm weird...I bet she's looking at my hair...I know she is...

    Where's the number for St. James' mental hospital, I've got a live one here!

    She wants directions or money...


    If I did (hypothetically) then I would expect said decent female to walk up to that guy, grab him by the juggler/genitals, and squeeze and make him swear never to do it again. Then do it anyway, the world needs less people like that.
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  5. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    'Round Seattle, that ain't too kosher. Not only are we liberal folk out here, but we're glowering liberal folk.

    Nonetheless, it does happen.

    While I won't blame the women, I would ask them to keep in mind that a large number of women treat such behavior as acceptable on Friday night. And while it may not be appropriate for Sunday morning, I would ask women to please remember that this is men they're dealing with, wherein many actually believe that if a woman talks to a man for more than ten minutes she must want him in bed. Few of the men I've called friends have been able to keep their Friday-night behavior to themselves come Sunday morning. Most don't understand the situational difference.

    Again, not to blame the women, but I beg you to please bear in mind the reduced capacities of men in this case; it is, generally speaking, a handicap.
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  7. whitewolf asleep under the juniper bush Registered Senior Member

    Thing is, I'm not even average-looking. That means, they whistle at any female human. Not every female, that would be too revealing, they're smart enough to see that. But the selection is random, partly mathematic.

    I get these things even from guys that look decent. Well, "niiice" is quieter in their case. But guys on their home lawn do it too!

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    And they're old!
  8. sargentlard Save the whales motherfucker Valued Senior Member

    What sexually opressed area of NY do you live in?

    As a fellow NYer and a dude I seriously don't understand how you have so many guys whisteling at you everyday. I know, mostly black males have a tendency to do that but they do it mostly in groups and they certainly do it mostly Latino, Asian or Black women. But not every second of their waking lives.

    What you describe sounds nothing like NY.

    As for giving you a're not alone. I give a galnce to every woman I see (not desperate glances) but it is merely to observe people.
  9. whitewolf asleep under the juniper bush Registered Senior Member

    Brooklyn. Also, by our school.

    HAHA, no, they keep quiet now. Nothing can outdo the white male.

    Edit: I rarely come out outside of Bklyn and our School area, but it happened on a nice part of Park Ave. And I don't want to go to museums alone, there's always some freak that really wants to share his theories with me.
  10. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    I personally don't think anything when that happens, and think its strange you assume we would think something. But then maybe I'm wierd, because I have a friend who, if he gets eye contact, is convinced the girl is obsessed with him.
    But no, he's incredibly self absorbed, so its still not normal.
    I need a lot more than a smile or freaking eye contact to think a girl is interested.
    You can tell a girl is interested if she keeps talking about you to you, what I mean by that is they comment about your arms or hair or whatever, not even necessarrily compliments, you can just tell when they are fixed on the subject of you. Also if they feel obliged to tell you about the other girls that like you, thats a give away. Those are the kinds of ways I pick up on a girls interest. I don't get this whole eye contact and smiling business. I hope everyone I make eye contact with or smile at doesn't think I'm hot for them. It seems so vague, I don't know how my friend uses stuff like that as a guage. No wonder he's experienced so many turn downs, I haven't because I only ever move in if its crystal clear.
    Anyway, thats just what I want to tell my friend but all I can do is praise him about his lady-chasing antics because I kind of boned his dream girl that he told me not to bone and I feel bad.

    They'd find it offensive in a way you wouldn't understand.
    See its kind of a way to sexually assault someone, guys feel like a "niice" or whistle is an airborn penis that penetrates your ear. They get a thrill from doing it. If you want to make them happy, act offended, thats what they want. If you ignore, its like the airborne penis didn't hit the mark. But thats if you truely ignore, if you try to ignore and its obvious you are trying, they love that.
    I don't think stopping with wide eyes, a smile and a curtsy like you're accepting an award is the desired effect. That would probably creep them out.
  11. Aborted_Fetus Bored Registered Senior Member

    if a very good looking woman walks into a room, ANY man will at least give her a look. its like infused in males brains, its something we do automatically. now as far as the yelling and calling...thats for the immature low lifes that cant control their primitive compulsive urges. any woman that would actually respond to that should seek professional help immediately.
  12. robtex Registered Senior Member

    I usually say hi and if I get a response ask them what their hobbies are. I have a gf now so I don't do that at present. The frankness, interest in them and lack of games seems to do well for me.

    If I talk to woman about dating (which is a topic they tend to bring up) I sometimes ask them what they like about kissing. It is funny but less than 50 % seem to know.
  13. fahrenheit 451 fiction Registered Senior Member

    in the song from TLC, only's scrub's do that, ok, it's from a car but same thing(no ball's to come up and ask you out)
    and yes a lot of british, juvenile boy's do the same thing, and think it's cool
    (these's are not men, ( men dont hoot and howler, men dont talk about what they did over weekend, he who talks about has'nt done it.)
    if a girl make's eye contact

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    which most do as that's human nature) nothing.
    if she smile's back: she's has a nice nature, as she is being polite.
    if she say's hi: then that's a different question, I'd see what she would want, as it might be just direction's, (you alway's try to pick a friendly face when asking for direction's)however, if I liked what I saw, I'd go up to her and say hi first.
    if she ignores me: (se la vie )such is life, and it's not offensive.
  14. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    Well... giving a glance is ok... But the rest is tipic jerky behaviour, and unfortunately, you can expect that from most men.... :/

    No. No.

    Almost every guy...

    Unfortunately... no. But most girls seem to enjoy it...

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    Totally depends on her eyes, how long she does it, how she does it...
    If a girl stare at me while I'm not seeing her, and when I look at her she pretend she wasn't seeing me, I interpret that as she does like me - specially if her pupils are dilated and her eye brows are in a special position. But it is pretty detailed involuntary reactions... you have to pay a lot of attention...

    Again, depend on context and how she does it. There are quite a few kinds of smiles. Also the other parts of her face would be important to interpret what the smile means.

    Yes, indeed. It means just a hi. But the tone of voice and all the involuntary nonverbal clues is what really matter...

    Totally. And it is not just with girls. If anybody ignores me I find offensive (I mean when I say hi or something, because only seeing that person doesn't mean that that person saw me...).

    .... slap me?

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    It depends on the comment...

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  15. robtex Registered Senior Member

    Truthseeker I have to ask---if you find it offensive when somebody ignores you--I have associated that with lower (than average) self esteem. Why is it being ignored on a causual street passing irks you? and why do you care if they saw you or not?

    I have sold computer equip, services through a gov bureau, and retail clothes and I get ignored at least once a day. Cannot say it phases me in the least? So I wonder why the dicotomy. Why it has no impact on my day and some on yours?

    I hope you don't see this as an attact on you cause it is not meant that way....just curosity as to what in general, or specfically if you have an example, offends you about being ignored?
  16. TruthSeeker Fancy Virtual Reality Monkey Valued Senior Member

    It is not a matter of feeling, it is a matter of respect. I don't like when people ignore me. It tells me that they have no respect for me. But have in mind that I was talking more about people that know me....

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    I'm just too right.

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    I wish people were better, and when they aren't, I get a littl bit annoyed.

    Nah, it is alright...
    But I don't like being ignored for no reason....
  17. apendrapew Oral defecator Registered Senior Member

    It could be that they think you're really ugly and they're just being sarcastic.

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    I know that sometimes if I see a really ugly person, I sometimes can't take my eyes off of them. Their uglinesses are enigmatic and thus attractive.

  18. Lemming3k Insanity Gone Mad Registered Senior Member

    No its done the world over
    see above
    Some do some dont, depends on how mature they are.
    No if i wanna talk to someone i'll talk, but girls seem to like the attention and think that they are good looking enough to be whistled at.
    Nothing unusual, you instinctively look at people, and some people look you in the eyes when they talk or want to talk to you, its nothing unusual.
    Shes polite, happy, probably a decent girl as opposed to others that'd shout out 'what the fuck you think you lookin at mo fo'
    It means she wants to talk to me, but i wouldnt know what about until the conversation flowed.
    If im talking to anyone and they ignore me i find it slightly arrogant that they wont talk to me, but i just walk off, no time for jerks and bitches in my life.
    A decent one would carry on walking and ignore the comments, probably muttering 'jerks' under her breath and wouldnt give it a second thought.

    Anybody with a hint of personality thinks that, its called not being big headed, self centred and vain, besides beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  19. Zero Banned Banned

    No. The group of men who do this are known as the "chauvinists who can't get any". It doesn't include me, because I'm frankly not interested in dating right now. Never was, probably won't be for another year or two.

    Because I'm Dracula's reincarnation. I'm after your neck for entirely nonromantic purposes, I assure you.

    Now stick out that jugular vein before I make you.

    She's after my wallet.

    She's after my reputation.

    She's after my life.

    A likely quote from a 40-year old virgin with a high-powered job who can't get any but would like to pretend she's a gregarious, fertile, covertly manipulative queen bee.

    Encore, I say.

    It means she isn't after my wallet, reputation, or life. A good sign.

    I return the favor and move on.

    I don't whistle or comment, so this is irrelevant.
    (Makes one wonder why I bothered to reply to this one.)

    Rock on. Try harder to get some.
  20. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    its america, what do you expect
  21. darktr00per Registered Senior Member

    What kind of stupid threads are you people running lately!
  22. water the sea Registered Senior Member

    I was wondering about this issue too:
    The other day, as I was on my way home from jogging, I met the soccer team in the wood, exercising. They whistled after me. I went my way,looking down.

    I live in the country, and there aren't many people there, much fewer who exercise. My jogging route goes through the wood, then on an asphalt road with little traffic, then uphill a field, and back. Next to the wood, there is a soccer field, and the players sometimes exrcise in the wood, as there is a nice place there.

    Now, if I met a group of soccer players exercising in another place, where more people exercise and is more frequented, I wouldn't care, and they wouldn't do anything, wouldn't whistle after me. But here, at home, it's different -- going jogging is regarded as showing off. (Even though one simply goes out jogging because it is the cheapest variant, and also the only variant to exercise properly here.)

    So what does one do when meeting a group of men in such circumstances who whistle and make comments?
    What is one to think?
    What do they think?
  23. darktr00per Registered Senior Member

    Thats the way the cookie crumbles lol

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