Timing of pregnancy debate

Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by caters, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. caters Registered Member

    So far I have chapters in my Kepler Bb story about these life events:

    • Events from death of Robin's parents to leaving for the wilderness at 6 years old(chapter 1)
    • Events from death of Lisa's parents to surviving in the wilderness at 15 with a lone wolf by her side(chapter 2)
    • First time meeting each other for years and marriage(chapter 3)
    • Building their home and surviving together(chapter 4)
    • Debate about when to have a child(chapter 5)
    It is this last one that I need help with. Specifically, I am wondering if Lisa should become pregnant right after they get major progress in their home and start building the baby room and growing fruits, vegetables, and grains, or if she should wait a year. Lisa wants to become pregnant right away but Robin wants to wait a year. This is 1 of their few non-physical differences.

    If Lisa becomes pregnant right away, there is a higher chance of a miscarriage, preterm labor, or stillbirth and even if this doesn't happen, there might only be enough food for Lisa and Robin, not Lisa, Robin, and the baby.

    If she waits a year, there won't be as much risk but she will be impatient.

    So should Lisa get pregnant right away despite the risk or should she wait a year and then do it?
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  3. Daecon Kiwi fruit Valued Senior Member

    How selfish is she?
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  5. Baldeee Valued Senior Member

    You alone know your characters, their motivations, their history, their thoughts.
    If you're having to ask us then how convincing is it going to be to the reader that these are actual characters they're reading about?
    Assuming your characters are aware of the issues that you raise then surely it is for them to discuss and argue about.
    It is then for them to decide what course of action to take.
    Sometimes when writing your characters will almost demand they act in a certain way, because that is their character.
    You have to let them decide.
    And only you are in the position to determine what their characters will decide because only you know their characters.

    It may be that you have Lisa as desperately wanting a child as soon as possible because she thinks it will overcome some perceived deficit in her own upbringing/childhood.
    It may be that what she wants really doesn't matter because you have written Robin to be a control freak and what he wants for their relationship will eventually happen.

    So arm your characters with the information that they would each have available to them, their beliefs, their motivations, their personalities, and then have them discuss it and argue it between them.
    Then you will know what they have decided.

    If you want a different answer than the one they come up with then you'll need to furnish one or other, or both, of them with something else that will sway the debate.
    If you think that they actually both want the same thing anyway then it will be a relatively simple decision.

    There, as helpful as ever.

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