Time travel

Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Dragonrider, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Dragonrider Registered Member

    Is it scientifically possible to time travel?
    I am interested in this phenoneme, not to visit the history or the future, but I want to visit other solar systems and galaxies. I want to know how life would be on other planets. I depart from the hypothese that the universe is large enough to have uncountble numbers of planets where just like the Earth intelligent life forms have evolved.

    I know that nothing can go faster then c, but as far as I know there is no phisical law that says it is impossible to make the time go faster or slower.

    Even more I think it is also possible to move the space where a spacecraft is flying in.

    What do you think about this idea?
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  3. Naat Scientia potestas est. Registered Senior Member

    Of course, find a closet, go in, wait for an hour or two, come out. Voila, you have traveled to the future!

    Seriously thou, have you ever heard about the twin paradox?
    Time is relative, so I don´t think you can do anything with that. You can think that the the speed of time has changed. You could freez yourself on a long spacetrip. It that way (theoretically) you would just wake up at destination, without realizing that time has slipped by. Furthermore, painful experience can seem like ages.
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  5. UNIVERSE TODAY Banned Banned

    Travelling back in time involves playing around with mass to turn space in on itself. Using a blackhole you could theoretically travel back in time while also moving through space and the multiverse. Unfortunately, navigating parallel universes is going to be hard.

    On the plus side, you can go anywhere. Its just finding your way back thats going to stretch your technological capabilities.
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  7. CANGAS Registered Senior Member

    If time travel ever has been, is, or will be possible, where are they?

    ( The time travelers ).
  8. draqon Banned Banned

    All humans are time travelers, otherwise they wouldnt exist. There is no need for time machines. Close your eyes when your time comes, and you will forget everything including realization of yourself, until the time when you wake up and slowly realize yourself as a baby in a new world in another time.

    Of course if we had time travels, the ones you speak of, then we would see them. However we dont. So there are many explanations to this phenomena. 1) in future we havent created time traveling because we thought of it as impossible 2) time traveling was invented but time travelers create their own parallel universes that they visit when they go back 3) time traveling in the future is controlled and it is not allowed by the future to change the course of the events in the past, thus time travelers should in no way interact with the past, and therefore remain unseen 4) time travelers are simply not interested in their own past 5) time traveling requies so much energy that it is not economical...rather future creates its own illusion of the past in a virtual reality 6) time travelers are amongst us blending in with our current environment

    I side with 1) and 2)...what do you side with?
  9. Pete It's not rocket surgery Registered Senior Member

    Time travel through wormholes may or may not be possible (personally I doubt it, but that's just an opinion), depending largely on whether it's possible to make wormholes at all.

    It wouldn't be possible to travel further back in time than to before the time of the other end of the wormhole (which would be proceeding through time in the ordinary way), explaining why we see no time travellers from the future now.
  10. Dragonrider Registered Member

    ok, I thank everyone for his or her comment.
    Naat: I have never heard about the twin paradox.
    Universe Today: Why do you think that navigatitn to parallel universes is going to be hard?
    Dragon: I think that 2 and 6 are the lost possible. But I add 2 ,ore possibilities:

    7) Time traveling is invented in the future. Timer travelers have visited their own past, but they also have invented a way to stay invisible an unheard. Thats why we don't notices them.

    8) If a time traveler wants to time travel, he simply paralizes a moment (he does this by mental power or with a time machine) and then moves back or forward the time, untill he has reached the time he has planned. If anyone tries to remark a time traveler, he simply does the same thing. Paralizing the time, and the he sneeks away.

    Pete: I think if we want to make a wormhole, we first need to know what exwctly it is.
  11. Pete It's not rocket surgery Registered Senior Member

    We do know exactly what a wormhole is. Kip Thorne's Black Holes and Timewarps contains the popular science exposition on wormholes, and they're also well described in academic literature.

    9) Time travel using a particular machine can only be done back to the time when that machine was built

    10) Quantum interference. Time travel paradoxes are resolved at a quantum level, in practice preventing time travellers from interacting with their past. except in very limited ways.
  12. eburacum45 Valued Senior Member

    Yes; I would imagine that if time travel is ever possible, it will use either wormholes or some related relativistic phenomenon, such as Tipler cylinders.

    There is a school of thought that suggests time travel is prevented by the laws of the universe; something will always intervene to prevent reversal of causality. This is known as the Chronology Protection Conjecture

    Others suggest that the quantum world allows reverse causality, and may even rely upon it (as in the Transactional Interpretation)
  13. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    Simplest time travelling exercise involves using Concord and travelling between two locations against the spin of the earths axis. You might suggest that this is a simple timeline difference cause by such flight, but in reality the faster you travel the more time you lose.

    However the problem with acertaining speed is that is a dirivative of the E=MC<sup>2</sup> formula, which basically suggests the nearer you get to light speed the more energy it would cost to accelerate as your mass increases (although it also shrinks). [At least thats what the conclusion was based upon the forum posters at sciforums]

    However the one thing that this rule didn't apply to is Information, since informations carrier could be light or electricity via a cable and it has no actual mass.

    As for time travel being possible? I suggest that if matter is going to shift between time points that two dilema's will be created:

    Firstly we will find we are all in a machine, since the machine would act as carrier and gateway to multiple universes.

    Secondly the universe that you know would become preportion of a multiuniverse heirarchy, since it's the only way to manipulate the fabric enough for "time travel". Using such a system would allow a junction point between two time points and therefore remove the problems that are usually address with attempted FTL (Faster than Light) transit.

    It will sound all like complete fiction but you have to remember, as babies we don't know how to walk or run, we eventually learn how to over time by practicing and putting time in. To state "Time travel is possible" is attempting to run as a baby, We are still missing many important lessons that need to be learnt and of course the ability to crawl or walk beforehand.
  14. draqon Banned Banned

    Dude...spin of earths axis got nothing to do with how fast the concord moves, the motion is relative to the ground and not space.
  15. LeeDa Danger! Read with caution. Registered Senior Member

    Maybe the reality shows of the future are live footage of what went on in the past. We're all being watched right now. We're free to air entertainment for the people of the future. The ultimate soap opera. They proberly really really mess with us in so many ways just to increase the ratings. I wonder if they record all of our thoughts as well? Arrghhh

    Yeah I hear so many scientists and such say time travel is impossible so I tend to believe them. I still have hope though.

    Im going to die and ive already suffered lots and life has generally sucked so anything that could make up and compensate for what ive been through I hold hope for.

    In reality it's possible to be born, suffer greatly for all of your life, live in complete missery then die. I hope such people will oneday live in a paradise. Reborn of sorts to never know such things again.

    Is reality really so evil as to allow such an existence and thats it?
  16. Maast AF E-7 Retired Registered Senior Member

    Just read a book by Stephen Baxter (scientist turned novelist) called Timelike Infinity, in it he describes a time travel method of using a wormhole, using exotic matter of extreme negative energy to keep it open.

    The time travel part is that the protagonists took one mouth of the wormhole up to near C and kept it there for 1000 years or so and then slowed down to normal speed. Because the wormhole mouths are connected in space and _time_ the end result was a wormhole that went back and forth 1000 years.

    Have no idea how realistic it is or if the physics work out, but it was a darn good read.
  17. Pete It's not rocket surgery Registered Senior Member

    It sounds like it's based directly on the work of Kip Thorne and co (also here), popularised in Kip Thorne's Black Holes and Time Warps.

    One of my "one day" projects is to write a simulation to show what a wormhole would actually look like.
  18. eburacum45 Valued Senior Member

  19. draqon Banned Banned

    dude...you want see anything...cause there is no light escaping black hole...no light to be captured by the cells of the eye. be reasonable.
  20. eburacum45 Valued Senior Member

    In these images, the viewpoint moves beyond the event horizon and through an Einstein-Rosen bridge. There will be plenty to see.

    Unfortunately it appears thet E-R wormholes are not traversible. So we need a Lorentzian type traversible wormhole; these are notable because they don't have event horizons. That means they would be even more visible thatn E-R wormholes. Traversible wormholes would also look a bit like the images shown; a spherical disturbance in space surrounded by a region of diverging light like a concave lens.

    What they would not look like is a whirlpool, as seen on Deep Space Nine; or a vertical pool of water, as seen on Stargate.
  21. c7ityi_ Registered Senior Member

    it's possible to "travel forward in time", like maybe freezing yourself and stay there for 30 years, then wake up, it'll feel like no time has gone. to speed up time itself, a concept, seems illogical though.

    time is a concept, born from motion and change. it wouldn't be possible to travel back in time unless you somehow put every particle in the universe into the same positions as they were in some distant past.

    however, it's possible to view the past and future clairvoyantly in the memory of the universe.
  22. Magic Chicken Registered Senior Member

    If you were able to travel locally faster than light then there would be classes of observers to whom you would appear to travel backwards in time. You can see this by drawing a sample lorentz boost on a minkowski plane. Thorne also explains how it might be achieved using a wormhole as the FTL travel device in his book on black holes.
  23. c7ityi_ Registered Senior Member

    The direction of time is defined by the sequence of cause and effect, and since effects cannot generate their causes, the idea of time going into reverse is nonsense. If an object were to travel from point A to point B faster than the speed of light, it’s true that observers at point B would see it arrive at B before they see it leave A; in fact, it would appear to travel backwards from B to A. This is because their observations are dependent on light, which would not be able to keep pace with the object in question. But if they could make their observations by means of superluminal signals travelling even faster than the object in question, everything would appear normal again and they would see the object move from A to B.

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