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    Subject: Thoughts about Crossovers in general I have been thinking rather analytically about Crossovers recently, trying to think of what makes one crossover more do-able than another, and the kind of structure that that a Crossover story seems to require. THE DEVICE All crossovers need a (plot) Device, something which brings the two universes together in order for the crossover to happen. It depends on what kind of universe it is as to what Device can be used, but here are some common ones: - the same (or later) time and place The shows happen to be set at around the same time and place, such as England-in-the-eighties, or at the same place and a similar time (for example, one show set in the seventies, another in the eighties) where one lot of characters has merely grown a little older, or at the same time in a similar place, where one lot of characters has simply travelled overseas, for example. UFO/Professionals Equalizer/Stingray/Blind Fury Tomorrow People/Champions Man From U.N.C.L.E./The Avengers etc... - time travel, time-space travel One lot of characters has travelled in time (or space-time) usually using a machine or device, deliberately or accidentally, and ended up where the other lot of characters is. This is the usual method for Doctor Who, who can travel almost anywhere you want him to go. Star Trek has already had people stumbling across ancient alien time travel machines, or shooting their space ship very fast around a gravity well, and travelling back in time. - space travel One lot comes from somewhere else by space-ship. I suppose you could say that was really similar-time-&-place, though. One example is a Battlestar Galactica/Blake's 7 crossover where the Galacticans finally find Earth, and it is the Federation. - teleport malfunction This can be used by universes with teleport to whisk their unfortunate victim either back in time (nobody seems to want to go forward!) or into a parallel universe. Blake's 7/20th Century Star Trek/20th Century Star Trek - Mirror, Mirror - inter-universal rift An inter-universal rift, strange cloud, black hole-white hole, CVE or other strange phenomenon may link two parallel universes, grabbing any passing spaceship, space-time-ship, teleport beam or even someone going on a morning stroll, and thrusting them into a parallel universe, where they spend the rest of the plot trying to get back again... - omnipotent being Yep, you just got zapped by Q. SOMETHING IN COMMON In order for two universes to cross over, there needs to be a pivotal point, some place where they can meet, some knot upon which to hang the juxtaposition. This can be the same as the Device, but what I am talking about here is the kind of thing that catches the imagination of the writer and prompts them to say "Hey, wouldn't *that* be a good idea!" - common names Things or people may have the same names, but different origins. One may be concieved to be the ancestor of the other, in time-travel scenarios. Blake's 7 Federation - Star Trek Federation - common faces If the same actor has appeared in more than one loved show, it may be an irresistable temptation to play "swap" or "doppleganger" with the two characters. Or, the scenario may just be to swap the actual actors and the characters they played. Some common actors: Michael Keating - Blake's 7/Doctor Who Joanna Lumley - Sapphire & Steel/The New Avengers David McCallum - Sapphire & Steel/The Man From U.N.C.L.E./ The Invisible Man/Babylon 5/VR.5 Patrick McNee - The (New) Avengers/The Man From UNCLE (15 years later) Anthony Steward Head - VR.5/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - common interests Characters may have common interests which bring them together, like Vila & Scotty with booze, or someone who likes cool cars admiring KITT, or Avon & Spock with computers, or Ace & Dayna with explosives, or Richie and Garibaldi with motorcycles... - common technology Some devices/powers are too similar not to exploit their similarity. Teleports, telepathy (from lots of places), dilithium crystals/feldon crystals from Star Trek and Blake's 7, heck, I even wondered about a Doctor Who/Darkover crossover because of the similarity between the Mind's Eyes of "Snakedance" and the Matrix crystals of Darkover. - common scenery Someone already suggested, wouldn't it be fun to write a crossover where all the series that get filmed in BBC quarries all meet. I haven't come across that idea before, though. Do BBC monster props count as scenery? Where did Dorian get that Sea Devil in his basement...? WHOSE CROSSOVER IS IT ANYWAY? Some universes are more able to provide Devices than others, if we are talking about non-same-time-place Devices. In that case, the style of plot, or at least the plot resolution, tends to be dominated by the universe which provided the Device. Since the Doctor can travel anywhere in his TARDIS, he leaves by the same means at the end, like he always does. Star Trek tends to go for time travel and inter-universal rifts, though it may not be the actual Enterprise that goes through them, it may be some other ship (such as the Liberator) which actually uses the Device. Sapphire & Steel can travel in time, but only to deal with temporal breaks, so if they turn up, you already know what kind of plot you must have. Some universes are very difficult to cross over with believably, because they lack Devices of their own, and their background is completely incompatible with many things except a parallel universe scenario. I can't imagine, say, a Survivors/Who Framed Roger Rabbit crossover, but a Survivors/Professionals crossover would be possible if you made Survivors set *after* the Professionals (I know The Professionals was made after Survivors, but Survivors [at least in the first two episodes, that's all I've seen] doesn't say when it is set, and you can't argue from fashion any more, since seventies fashions are the vogue right now...). Sometimes one can cross over two incompatible universes by borrowing a Device from a third; for example Danger Man/Danger Mouse via the Device from Who Framed Roger Rabbit... (how wierd can you get?). Of course most of the incompatible crossovers wouldn't be conceived of anyway, because they lack that something-in-common which would make it interesting and worthwhile to cross them over in the first place. I guess that wouldn't stop some people - particularly if it was a parody-style crossover whose main intent was to be ridiculous, rather than serious. With parodies, *all* bets are off, and all of the above probably doesn't apply. Enough rambling. Kathryn Andersen -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Blake: You took a big risk there, Gan. Gan: I thought it might save time. Besides, I needed a pacemaker. Vila: Me, too. Implanted in me heart. (Blake's 7: Pressure Point [B5])

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    In the insatiable quest for Knowledge, Mathematics play a very particular role. Whether mathematicians are involved in invention or discovery, the tools that they develop have, for more than two thousand years, constituted the very basis of science. Mathematics, which has been considered for too long as a mere language in which to formulate the laws of nature, is now becoming increasingly recognised as a creative thought process that, by means of formal manipulations and strict, logical reasoning, can be used to discover new entities and phenomena... The remarkable succes of the standard model of elementary particles and their interactions (quark and gluon structure of a nucleon) or of the general relativity (artistic view of the Big Bang) confirms this evolution in thinking.
    Yet scientific knowledge is undoubtedly not the only way of comprehending the infinite wealth of phenomena in our Universe. Art, the quest for beauty and the indefinable, is another way forward, a means of progress that is parallel to the means provided by Science, and we surmise that still more possibilities exist, probably more than we could ever imagine. Yet it is an undeniable fact that, with a few exceptions (Leonardo da Vinci being the best known), these two paths seldom cross. Setting aside the frequent lack of pluridisciplinary knowledge in creators working in specific domains, there are few major works influenced by the Science of their day and, inversely, very few scientific theories that make use of the harmony provided by the senses (we exclude, of course, the notion of aesthetics as expressed in a scientific theory).
    Computer science, which has enabled researchers to make progress to an extent that was inconceivable just a few years ago (the Lorenz attractor), will soon be giving artists the means of achieving heights and countries that are yet unexplored (a quaternionic Julia set). Moreover, it will reconcile them and place them fairly and squarely on the road to the invention (or discovery ?) of new realities (fractal synthesis of mountains at sunset) that are at present slumbering in the memories of our (Space-Time Travel) Machines...
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    From: voltron@voy.net (Jon Locke)
    AFTER The Landing.
    Voltron was able to use Remote Viewing according to an ancient technique which opens the 3rd eye. With this he used "The Landing in Arizona" Date Dec.7 and beyond, as a target and got this: Location: A city below the surface. Contains many rooms. Gold walls. artifacts. Time travel machines. Balls. Crystal balls. Some glow on and off. Intelligent devices. Can recognize you. One crystal ball when held in the hand (3 inch diameter) will heal any disease. Can also transport person back to Atlantis. This cave or cavern has been used as a control center. Atlantis has been sending signals ahead to this time. In hopes of healing the rift in time fabric back then. We are working ourselves out of a fabric which is receiving divine intervention or help from outside ourselves. But each one of us is awakening and merging with our destiny. These devices are able to act on anyone they are within 3 feet of. They can tie into y our own intentions. They hoped it would be found by benevolent peoples who would use it to enlighten all people of the world. But the Military is trying to find it first. The war is on. Adn it has gone underground in Arizona, literally.
    More later.
    This will not be announced by your mass media. Because this is a protocol ship. It contains the away team. They are ambassadors and emissaries, scientists and spiritual leaders. They comprise the First Contact Team. They will meet with representatives of heads of states to negotiate and formal announcement and meeting of our "Friends From Outer Space." The clock is ticking. The time is now. the window of opportunity is open. If they do not land, then some other alien group will land. For this window is open to all. Then non-intervention pact has expired.
    The Annunaki claim the earth for mineral rights. They have never honored our race. They breed us from apes to make slaves of us to mine their gold in Africa. They are back to claim their own. the Andromedans hare holding t hem at bay, but can't hold them too long until they get help. Adn what help is that? They need the response of each one human they can get to pray and ASK for Divine Intervention. We cannot lay back and expect others to do our fighting for us. I see Hillory Clinton greeting Enlil, leader of the Annunaki. They live on a planet called Nibiru. They swing thru our solar system every 3200 years. Technically, they are a part of our solar system since they use the same sun as we do. But they are most often so far away then need gold to put in their atmosphere so it will reflect light and keep them alive.
    Enlil looks a lot like a Jew. His nose is curved. His skin is tan, but not black. He wears no shirt, but a dress and sandals. He carries a hooked staff with him. IT is mistakenly called a sheppards staff thought to be used to heard sheep or keep sheep in line in a flock. But it can also be used to initiate others into a higher state of frequencies. This is by connecting it to the sex chakra during stimulation and conducting the energy up to the brain or crown chakra. Of course they do not want just everybody getting this initiation, for then they would lose controlling power. But they give dignitaries a zap to show them a taste of immortality. This insures their allegiance when it will be needed to keep the world in order after the Landing. If necessary, they will warn the earth of incoming invasion from evil aliens in the sky. Actually these "evil" aliens will beat the good ones from Andromeda and Pleiades and Vega and Lyra and other constellations how what to help humans. So we will be unwittingly drafted to fight our own rescue team. This is their plan. The plan of Luciferian who now control the earth and have held it for the last 300,000 years since we lost a galactic war in this area. (Sheldon Nidel, "You are Becoming a Galactic Human.")
    If you have been following the underground news in the last issue of The PHilosopher's Stone, you know what is happening. It is a time to prepare your exit. The Merkaba vehicle is the device of choice. Go to our web page and we will be glad to teach individual lessons for free on the Internet while time lasts. http://www.earth.vol.com/~voltron

    By David Hatcher Childress
    The relationship between Tesla and Marconi is a fascinating one! While Tesla has become a popular figure to revisionist scientists in the last ten years, Marconi is still largely unknown and seen as a usurper of Tesla's inventions. Yet Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937) was a brilliant scientist, and, in fact, Tesla's close friend.
    Unlike Tesla, Marconi was a good businessman, socially adept, and was able to manage a sizable financial and manufacturing empire. When Marconi allegedly died in 1937 (while still a relatively young and healthy man) he was a multimillionaire, lived on a luxury yacht, and was probably the most knowledgeable man in the world at the time in the practical application of Tesla Technology.
    In the esoteric writing of the Latin countries, Marconi has achieved a near legendary status, much as Tesla has recently in the United States. But most Tesla students are unaware that Marconi was supposed to have founded a secret high-tech city in the remote southern jungles of Venezuela. The great Italian scientist Guglielmo Marconi was a former student of Tesla's. Marconi studied radio transmission theory with Tesla and made his first radio transmission in 1895. Marconi was fascinated by the transmission of power, and in 1896 received a British patent and sent a signal nine miles across the Bristol Channel. In 1899 he successfully set up a wireless station to communicate with a French station 31 miles across the English Channel.
    It was thought that the curve of the earth's surface would limit radio transmission to 200 miles at the most. When on December 11, 1901, Marconi transmitted a signal from Poldhu, Cornwall, to St. John's Newfoundland, 2000 miles away, he created a major sensation. For this Marconi replaced the wire receiver with a coherer, a glass tube filled with iron filings, which could conduct radio waves. At the time there was no scientific explanation for this phenomenon of long-distance transmission, and it was postulated that there was a layer in the upper atmosphere the ionosphere which reflected back electromagnetic waves.
    Marconi was the son of a wealthy Italian landowner and an Irish mother. When his first transmission in 1895 had not interested Italian authorities, he had gone to Britain. The Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company was formed in London in 1896 and Marconi made millions off his inventions.
    Marconi and Tesla are both given credit for the invention of the radio. Marconi's historical radio transmission utilized a Heinrich Hertz spark arrester, a Popov antenna, and an Edouard Bramely coherer for his simple device that was to go on to become the modern radio.
    Marconi was given the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909 jointly with Karl Ferdinand Braun, who made important modifications which considerably increased the range of the first Marconi transmitters.
    Like Tesla, Marconi was a mysterious man in his later years and was known to perform exotic experiments, including some in anti-gravity, aboard his yacht Electra. Marconi's yacht was a floating super-laboratory, from which he sent signals into space and lit lights in Australia in 1930. He did this with the aid of an Italian physicist named Landini by sending wave train signals through the earth, much as Tesla had done in Colorado Springs.
    In June of 1936 Marconi demonstrated to Italian Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini a wave gun device that could be used as a defensive weapon. In the 1930s such devices were popularized as death rays as in a Boris Karloff film of the same name. Marconi demonstrated the ray on a busy highway north of Milan one afternoon. Mussolini had asked his wife Rachele to also be on the highway at precisely 3:30 in the afternoon. Marconi's device caused the electrical systems in all the cars, including Rachele's, to malfunction for half an hour, while her chauffeur and other motorists checked their fuel pumps and spark plugs. At 3:35 all the cars were able to start again. Rachele Mussolini later published this account in her autobiography.
    Mussolini was quite pleased with Marconi's invention. However, it is said that Pope Pius XI learned about the paralyzing rays and took steps to have Mussolini stop Marconi's research. According to Marconi's followers, Marconi then, after faking his own death, took his yacht to South America in 1937.
    A number of European scientists were said to have gone with Marconi, including Landini. In 1937, the enigmatic Italian physicist and alchemist Fulcanelli warned European physicists of the grave dangers of atomic weapons and then mysteriously vanished a few years later. He is believed to have joined Marconi's secret group in South America.
    Ninety-eight scientists were said to have gone to South America where they built a city in an extinct volcanic crater in the southern jungles of Venezuela. In their secret city, financed by the great wealth they had created during their lives, they continued Marconi's work on solar energy, cosmic energy, and anti-gravity. Working secretly and apart from the world's nations, they built free-energy motors and ultimately discoid aircraft with a form of gyroscopic anti-gravity. The community is said to be dedicated to universal peace and the common good of all mankind. Believing the rest of the world to be under the control of energy companies, multinational bankers and the military-industrial complex, the story goes, they have remained isolated from the rest of the world, working subversively to foster peace and a clean, ecological technology on the world.
    We have information on this astonishing high-tech city from a number of sources. In South America the story is a common subject among certain metaphysical groups. Says the French writer Robert Charroux in his book The Mysteries of the Andes (1974, 1977, Avon Books), the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes, is discussed in private from Caracas to Santiago. Charroux goes on to tell the story of Marconi and his secret city, plus the story of a Mexican journalist named Mario Rojas Avendaro, who investigated the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes (Underground City of the Andes) and concluded that it was a true story. Avendaro was contacted by a man named Nacisso Genovese, who had been a student of Marconi's and was a physics teacher at a high school in Baja, Mexico.
    Genovese was an Italian by origin and claimed to have lived for many years in the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes. Sometime in the late 1950s he wrote an obscure book entitled My Trip to Mars. Though the book was never published in English, it did appear in various Spanish, Portuguese and Italian editions.
    Genovese claimed that the city had been built with large financial resources, was underground, and had better research facilities than any other research facility in the world (at that time, at least). By 1946 the city already used a powerful collector of cosmic energy, the essential component of all matter, according to Marconi's theories, many of which he had derived from Tesla.
    In 1952, according to Genovese, we traveled above all the seas and continents in a craft whose energy supply was continuous and practically inexhaustible. It reached a speed of half a million miles an hour and withstood enormous pressures, near the limit of resistance of the alloys that composed it. The problem was to slow it down at just the right time.
    According to Genovese, the city is located at the bottom of a crater, is mostly underground, and is entirely self-sufficient. The extinct volcano is covered in thick vegetation, is hundreds of miles from any roads, and is at thirteen thousand feet in the jungle mountains of the Amazon.
    The French author Charroux expressed surprise and disbelief at the statement that the city was on a jungle-covered mountain that was 13,000 feet high. Yet the eastern side of the Andean cordillera has many such mountains, from Venezuela to Bolivia, spanning thousands of miles. Several such cities and mountains could exist in this vast, unexplored, and perpetually cloud-covered region.
    Yet a secret city in a jungle crater was the least of the claims. Genovese insisted that flights to the Moon and Mars were made in their flying saucers. He claimed that once the technology had been conquered, it was relatively simple to make the trip to the Moon (a few hours) or Mars (several days). Genovese does not mention pyramids or what they did on Mars. Perhaps they created a Martian base in one of the ancient, sand-blown pyramids of the Cydonia region.
    There have been many reports of UFOs in South America, especially along the edge of the mountainous jungles of the eastern Andes, from Bolivia to Venezuela. Is it possible that some of these UFOs are anti-gravity craft from the Ciudad Subterranean de los Andes?
    In light of highly reliable sources who claim that a Last Battalion of German solders escaped via submarine in the last days of WWII to Antarctica and South America, it is possible that the Germans may have high-tech super cities in the remote jungles of South America as well. A number of military historians such as Col. Howard Buechner, author of Secrets of the Holy Lance, maintain that the Germans had already created bases in Queen Maud Land, opposite South Africa during the war. Afterwards, German U-boats, in some reports as many as 100, took important scientists, aviators and politicians to the final fortress of Nazi Germany. Two of these U-boats surrendered in Argentina three months after the war. In 1947, the U.S. Navy invaded Antarctica, mainly Queen Maud Land, with Admiral Byrd in command. The Americans, it is reported, were defeated and several jets from the four aircraft carriers were said to have been shot down by discoid craft. The Navy retreated and did not return until 1957.
    According to the book Chronicle of Akakor, first published in German by the journalist Karl Brugger, a German battalion had taken refuge in an underground city on the borders of Brazil and Peru. Brugger, a German journalist who lived in Manaus, was assassinated in the Rio de Janeiro suburb of Ipanema in 1981. His guide, Tatunca Nara, went on to become Jacques Cousteau's guide on the upper Amazon. In fact, photographs of Tatunca Nara appear in Cousteau's large coffee-table book of color photographs called Cousteau's Amazon Journey. (For more information on Tatunca Nara, Karl Brugger, underground cities and Germans see my book Lost Cities and Ancient Mysteries of South America.)
    While the idea of secret cities in South America manufacturing flying saucers and battling the current powers of the world from their hidden jungle fortresses may sound too much like the plot of a James Bond movie, it appears to be rooted in fact! Based upon the above scenario, it may not be totally fantastic to suggest, as some authors have, that Tesla was picked up during the late 1930s by a flying saucer. Yet it would not have been a flying saucer from another planet, but one of Marconi's craft from the secret city in South America.
    In the most incredible scenario so far, and one that may well be true, Tesla was induced to fake his own death, just as Marconi and many of the other scientists had done, and was taken, by special discoid craft, to Marconi's high-tech super-city. Away from the outside world, the military governments, the oil companies, the arms and aircraft manufacturers, Marconi and Tesla, both supposedly dead, continued their experiments in an atmosphere conducive to scientific achievement.
    Who knows what they may have achieved? They were ten years ahead of the Germans and twenty years ahead of the Americans in their anti-gravity technology. Could they have developed discoid spacecraft in the early 1940s, and gone on to time travel machines and hyperspace drives? Perhaps Marconi and Tesla went into the future, and have already returned to the past!
    Time travel experiments, teleportation, pyramids on Mars, Armageddon, and an eventual Golden Age on earth, may all have something to do with Tesla, Marconi and their suppressed inventions. While UFO experts and former intelligence agents tell us that flying saucers are extraterrestrial and are being currently retro-engineered by military scientists, Tesla, Marconi and their friends may be waiting for us at their space base at the pyramids and Face on Mars.
    Our government, Hollywood, and the media have trained us to certain beliefs and prejudices that amazing technology must be from extraterrestrials visiting our planet. To the scientist-philosopher who seeks knowledgeÉ sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    Recently declassified for viewing by Bureau agents of security level VII or higher. This document has been declassified due to the inordinate amount of temporal anomalies observed by agents lately. There are at present three (3) variations of time travel known to Bureau HQ. The effects and dangers of each are as follows:

    Method 1: Time Warps
    Time warps are a general term for gateways which lead to other times. The main factors which separate time warps from other methods is that a time warp can be a stable gateway and that the traveler is still directly linked to his "home" time. Stable time warps tend to resemble little more than a hole in the air, the other side of which is in the same location in space but not in time. Crossing the barrier instantly transfers the traveler to the time period at the other end. In some cases it takes the traveler a while to notice that he is no longer in his home time. If the gateway is stable, items and beings from either time may cross the barrier freely. The main danger of this type of time travel is that any changes made to the past quickly "ripple" up the timestream and then effect the traveler. Persons using this method of time travel are warned than even small changes can have disastrous results and cause a paradox (Agents are reminded that the universe's usual solution to a paradox is to remove the cause, i.e. YOU). It is interesting to note that most ends of a naturally (or super-naturally) occuring time warp are at least 100 years apart. Only man-made warps seem to end up in the same century.
    Time Away: In the time warp method of time travel, the "clock is ticking" on a one-for-one basis as long as the gateway remains open. In other words, if you cross through a time warp gate and stay a week in 1673, when you return to 1996, a week has passed here. Should the gateway close, then a new gateway to the traveler's home time will be needed in order to return (though they are still connected to their home time and must still be concerned about paradox).
    Dangers: This method of time travel presents the most immediate danger to the traveler. Without full knowledge of all consequences, it is easy to make a minor change that will ripple up the time stream and cause a paradox.
    EXAMPLE: Our time traveler (hereafter known as "Bob") uses a man-made warp gate to travel back to 1936. While in 1936, Bob is mugged in an alley. Not thinking, Bob shoots the mugger. Unfortunately for Bob, the mugger was his grandfather. The death of his grandfather occurs before Bob's father was born and as such cause a paradox which ripple up the timestream and consequently erases Bob from existence. In 1936, Bob stares at the dying mugger, holsters his gun, and is then wiped from reality at the exact instant that the mugger dies. Note that Bob's grandfather is still dead, since the changes only alter events that take place AFTER the death of Bob's grandfather.

    Method 2: Temporal Projection
    Temporal Projection (aka Mind hopping) is the method of choice for psionicly active persons. In this method, the traveler leaves his body in the present and sends his consciousness into the past (note that only backward travel is possible with this method) to possess the body of someone native to the time period. If the traveler knows who he wishes to possess, then he will "home in" on that person instinctively (although a psychic attack will still be needed to possess the body). If no specific target is known, the traveler will home in on the person with the closest DNA match to the traveler. In these cases, the traveler usually ends up in the body of an ancestor. The consciousness of the host is suppressed while the traveler is present and will usually have no memory of events that occur during their possession.
    Time Away: With this method of travel, the "clock is ticking" at all times. Every second spent in the past is a second that the traveler's real body is comatose. Anyone who plans on spending more than a day in the past using this method had better prepare medical facilities to care for his body while he is away. If he doesn't, he may not have a body to return to.
    Dangers: This method has fewer immediate dangers than time warping, but the traveler must still be careful. If the traveler makes any changes that will erase his existence in his home time, he will not be effected until he returns. The traveler must also be careful not to endanger his host (if the body the traveler is in dies, so does he). If the traveler erases his future and then attempts to return, he will return to his home time to find no body waiting. The traveler will die within a few hours as his consciousness disperses. Another danger is that of conflicting memories. If the traveler goes into the past, makes a few minor changes, and then returns, he will have memories which do not match those of his (now slightly altered) body. This often results in a "doubling" of memories, i.e. the traveler has two sets of memories, both of which are real. In many cases, this disorder eventually leads to insanity unless one set of memories is somehow excised.
    EXAMPLE: Bob uses his psionic powers to travel back to 1930 and possess his grandfather. While in 1930, Bob uses his knowledge of the future to make lucrative stock deals and insure that his family will be wealthy in his home time. Bob then returns to discover that his family is, in fact, quite rich. Unfortunately for Bob, his trip caused his father to go to a different school (one for wealthy children) and thereby miss meeting Bob's mother in high school. Bob's father married a different woman and Bob no longer exists. Bob spends his remaining time on this plane wondering what went wrong.

    Method 3: Temporal Displacement
    Temporal displacement is often seen as the most desirable (and most difficult) form of time travel. Using this method, the traveler completely removes his presence from his home time and inserts it in his destination time. In doing so, the traveler is always considered to be in his "home" time and therefore immune to paradox. The traveler may act with impunity since his actions will in no way affect him. Should he return to the period of his original "home" time, he will see the changes he wrought but will not be directly affected by the "ripples" he created.
    Time Away: By using this method, the traveler may be away as long as he likes and return to any moment he wishes. A traveler who is gone for a year can return to the instant after he left or he can be gone for a minute and return a year later.
    Dangers: The method presents the least amount of danger to the traveler. There is no paradox danger and so only the threats inherent to the era are of concern to the traveler.
    EXAMPLE: Bob gets his hands on a temporal displacer and uses it to travel back 30 years and kill his father before Bob was conceived. Upon returning to the present day, Bob discovers that no one recognizes him, his house is owned by someone else, and even the IRS doesn't know who he is. Bob decides that he doesn't like this as much as he thought he would and so he cranks up the displacer again. He return to the past and this time shoots the earlier version of himself before his father is killed. Bob returns to the present to find everything restored.

    Paradox Loops
    A paradox loop occurs when the traveler performs some act that is essential to preserve reality as he knows it. In many cases the traveler doesn't even discover that the loop has occurred until much later.
    EXAMPLE: Bob uses a time warp to travel back to 1890. While in the past, Bob has an affair with a woman named Jane. When Bob returns to his time, he decides to find out what happened to Jane after his departure. Bob is shocked to discover that Jane was his great-grandmother who changed her name after he left and listed Bob as the father of her son on the birth certificate. Bob realizes that he is his own great-grandfather and that his grandfather is his son. Bob opens a bottle of extra-strength aspirin.

    Examples of time travel in movies and books:

    Method 1: Time Warps
     Movies
     Philadelphia Experiment 2
     A.P.E.X.
     Back to the Future (1,2,3)
     Millenium
     Running Against Time
     Time and Time Again
     Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
     Timecop
     TV
     Star Trek: Assignment Earth
     Star Trek - All Our Yesterdays
     Star Trek - Tomorrow Is Yesterday
     Star Trek: the Next Generation - Time Squared
     Red Dwarf - Stasis Leak
     Red Dwarf - Timeslides
     Red Dwarf - Out of Time
     Books
     Crisis!
     TimeGod

    Method 2: Temporal Projection (aka Mind Hopping)
     Movies
     Trancers 1 & 2
     Somewhere in Time
     TV
     Quantum Leap
     Books
     Dead Morn

    Method 3: Temporal Displacement
     Movies
     Terminator 1 & 2
     The Time Machine
     Freejack
     TV
     Doctor Who
     Voyagers
     Star Trek: the Next Generation - Time's Arrow
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     The Man Who Folded Himself

    Paradox Loops
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