Time travel is possible !And we all have access to it !

Discussion in 'Physics & Math' started by hacksys_brazil, Aug 26, 2001.

  1. hacksys_brazil Registered Member

    Hi everybody,
    and Hi Jimmy !
    Well, Jimmy, I would like to put some ideas here, and first I would like to say that I don't believe that your space ship would ever work... As a time machine... And even if it did work, you would not be travelling 4 years in time like you said.... But a few milliseconds and I agree with Crisp on that....
    Now the point for me is: Light is a " onda eletromagnetica" very pure, it is almost pure energy, it almost does not have any mass at all... So , I could say that light is a very pure, refined type of matter...
    And that's why your space ship will never reach the light's speed, 300.000 Km/s, because you have all that "junk together", all that Mass, that's far from delicate, far from refined, far from pure... It's a ship it's made of steel, coarse substance.... We can build a really fast space ship, and we could use the "solar wind" as energy, so we cut off all that heavy stuff... But even, it will be far, very far from light's speed.... It will be good for travelling to further planets in our system , but not TIME !!!
    TIME TRAVEL IS POSSIBLE !!! But not using a machine, a ship.... I've done it ! I've travelled in time.... Do you guys ever heard of Projeciologia ?????????.........
    If you guys want to talk more about it, I'm at : canjibrinos@yahoo.com.br ....

    To all friends all over our planet... Fighting to make it better and just...
    ........................................................ Fab.
    .......................................................... Brazilian friend.

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  3. Radical Registered Senior Member

    FTL and SOL

    SOL(speed of light) is not needed to be obtained for one to experience a significent forward time travel
    with 2day's tehcnology we can build a vessel that will reach a good precentage of SOL.
    being space and time the related there are other ways as well
    event horizons,maybe worm holes.
    altough time travel is more easy going forward.

    and btw you can see on earth time machines(like the CERN org).
    in particle accelerators they speed them at very high speeds
    in order to study particles that decay,vanish in real life
    while in the accelerator they are "suspended"and due to near SOL they "live" longer(age less) in those high speeds
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  5. machaon Registered Senior Member

    Just a thought.....

    Mabye our minds ARE spaceshipes fueled by thought that travel foward in time at a rate of 1 day a day. WE have established foward time travel is possible. Since time is NOT a physical property of the unverse, but instead a tool constructed by the mind to detect changes in the environment relative to motion, we could say that mass= velocity=time. An internal computation that has no relevance to the physical universe and gives rise to the "observer". Hell, I could be wrong. In fact I probably am. We just know so precious little about the universe that almost any model of it could be viable within the context of possibility.
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  7. Elmo Registered Senior Member

    The problems of time travel

    Right, forget any debates about the physicalities of time travel, Just say for a moment that it was possible. What would happen?

    In our present time, can it be denied that everything that has happened has happened? If you went back in time, your presence in that timeline would alter events no matter how careful you were. Your very existence would change time. These changes would then be present in your own time and you would have memories of them. or would you? During time travel would you disappear from your own time? could you meet your self in the past? or would you cause a shift in everything so that everything is as it was?

    Here's another question. Would you find anything in the past? Does the old model that everything is repeating itself over and over work? Everything that was there is now here, if you remove yourself from our time then could you garantee that you would end up anywhere at all?

    What about travel into the future?
    The future hasn't happened yet, so is there anything there at all?
    It can be said that when you arrive in the future, it will have happened. But what about the trousers of time? With an infinite number of futures, which one will you land in? and then how do get back to your own time?

    All questions and no answers, but that's what you are faced with when you start to try and mess with time. The truth is beyond us and always will be.
  8. jhDef Registered Member

    time travel needs idic

    so time travel huh, well it is possible only if other dimensions do exsist. startrek"I.D.I.C" - infinate dimensions in infinate combinations. Meaning for every action in a universe there are infinate reactions in infinate universes. Think of a tree, the trunk is the action - the branches, twigs, smaller twigs, leaves are the REACTION to the trunk (infinately directions). If time travel was possible then so would be IDIC, e.g. back to the future II, where biff went back in time to creae a new 1985. The doc show marty a time line with an alternarte dimension on it - this is IDIC in action. So putting IDIC in action means somewhere there is a universe where IDIC is common knowledge and time travel is physically possible with ease and aliens do exsist and I am king of the universe. E=MC2 huh what about the equation on the chalk board in sliders!! look at that and time travel will become possble!!

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  9. Moose Registered Member

    right then....

    i've got the ak47 if you've got the shovel then.......

    bugger, forgotten what i was gonna post


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