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Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Mid12am, May 18, 1999.

  1. Mid12am Guest


    I was just wondering how long it is taking people to process a packet? It says about 24 hours but mine took 48 on a PII-350 (In screensaver mode) is this normal?

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  3. Cheer up mine took 60 hours, but the screensaver looks good while its doing its stuff.
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  5. Sleepless Guest

    My first unit took 52hrs and i'm on a P-III!! So your OK.
    I got a little worried myself when i was looking at the stats on the S@H homepage, but i think many people are using more than one pute to run the units on.
    Just relax and i hope you find something!
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  7. Bottica Guest

    Happy to read all of your replies, mine has been on since 7 AM this morning, and has not stopped yet !... I love it !

    Only thing is, that I find that my response time on the Web is slower now, is there any way of making it faster.... Free ???


  8. Mid12am Guest

    Oh good, everyone is slow.. I was worried there for awhile..

    I do agree that it is an interesting thing to watch.. much better than those toasters..

  9. Dear Mid12am,

    Ive just sent my second packet of data back it took 87 hours, any Idea why when my first packet took only 60

    Kevin Hopkins

  10. Bottica Guest

    My User info stated that total computer time was supposed to be 57 hours and such...the darn thing is still going, (energizer bunny !)and we are up to 82 hours and counting !

    Maybe I did not get it right...Anybody care to explain to me what is the time stated in User info for ??

  11. Sleepless Guest

    Has anyone had problems with the actual processing amount?
    When i get the message to send back the unit i noticed that it's never a 100% completed only about 90%.
    Also i have seen that other people have had over processing where it carries on to 200% before it stops.
    Has anyone else experienced these problems??

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  12. If anyone is interested I sent my third package back it only took 30 hours. I had the screensaver running but set it to turn to a blank screen after 30mins. Granted you dont see the pretty pictures but I was wondering if this helped to speed up the analysis. Also on the second packet I recieved there was no "strongest gaussian" section on the analysis screen , anyone know why
  13. Sirius B Guest

    Hey "sleepless"

    I just sent in my first and I noticed the same thing. Only 96% was shown to have been processed. I'm not sure why that happened?
  14. Steve Guest

    To answer a question that was mentioned above, one reason it takes so much longer is that you may have a newer version of the program. The newer programs do a lot more analysis on the packets, so take longer than the time mentioned. Also, if you're using a Windows system, remember that Win 95/98 takes up a lot of processing speed. Your machine would run a lot quicker without it, but then you wouldn't have access to all the cool computer games.

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  15. H-kon Registered Senior Member

    Okay.. this is an Oooold topic now, but i'll give ya some tips.. My computer is an AMD@ 400Mhz. and you'll problaby know this by now anyways...

    I have processed 163 packets now, so i have learned something on the way..

    First. Right click on the desktop, click properties.. then screensaver, then settings.. Check "Blank screen, and set to 0 minutes, or 1.. when out of there... If you run SETI in front all the time, it will gobble up all your CPU, and memory..so if it's very slow, then set it in "screensaver" mode and run it overnight or something...

    In Windows It takes me 18 hours to complete one, and on BeOS, it takes me 15 (faster client)

    With your PII/and P3's it should take you around 10-11 hours in that mode to complete one.

    If you get an irregular timetable, then one packet is larger than the other. In the early days, they did this to get more data in. When it sends it in at 90% its just not that big...

    Hope that helps, but you all problaby knew that allready...

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