Thought Exercise: What's Your Plan?

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    There's no time! You and a friend have just embezzled 8-trillion Trukonion credits and wired them into an off-planet Quish bank account. You memorized the first half of the account number and your friend memorized the second half. Intersol is hot on your trail as you both stow away aboard the first Zymossian freighter leaving orbit.

    You have no idea to which galaxy this freighter is headed. By sheer good fortune, you find a Boromistic plastic surgeon on board with you. Boromistic plastic surgeons can perform any sort of bio-alteration, no job is too small or too large. You tell this particular surgeon that you're both getting off at the first planet this freighter reaches (once it emerges from ultra-hyper-drive). You tell him that you both need to have the complete physical bodies of whatever life form is predominant on that planet.

    The surgeon tells you that he similarly knows niether to which galaxy nor to which planet this freighter is headed, and he informs you that if he is to have enough notice to know which planet, and thus which life form, you both need to already be prepared for surgery and anesthetized before the announcement is made. He informs you that you will both probably awaken on the planet in your new form, and that since you both will be finished with surgery at different times, you will both likely be "beamed down" at different times to different locations on the planet. Again, absolutely nothing can be assumed beforehand other than you will both retain the same consiousness as before and you will both awaken on the same planet.

    Fine. You agree. You know that once you get to the planet, you two will just "link up" and claim your wealth. For the moment, you have some time to discuss with your friend any strategy or plan for the two of you to find each other.

    What's the plan?

    Before you begin planning, you both realize that you know nothing about the size or makeup of the planet, only that once you have your new "body", you will be able to survive on the planet just like the others of the predominant life form.

    You both realize that you can assume nothing about the planet's rotation or if it even has any, and thus you cannot assume anything about its "equator" or poles. You can only assume it might have some magnetic pole, or it may have three or eight. the planet might have a sun, it might not. It might have one moon, eight moons, no moons.

    You both realize that you cannot assume anything about the level of technology found on the planet. It might be very primitive, it might be ultra high tech.

    You both realize you cannot assume anything about population levels. It might be jam-packed, it might be sparsely populated.

    What's your plan?

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