Things You've Been Accused Of That You Didn't Do

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by darksidZz, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. darksidZz

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    I was having an interesting discussion with someone today about an event they were accused of doing but really didn't. That got me thinking, how many of you have been accused of something that you did not do? What did you experience while being told "he/she did it" and having the finger pointed at you?

    Let me know I'm curious. Also how did you handle it?

    One example was a teacher in school saying I plagiarized something, sadly she could not prove it because it was just fantasy and not real. Frankly I remember sitting there listening to her and thinking "she's joking right." What a nut bag she was!

    I remember being accused of stealing some stupid figure toy and they all believed I had done it. Only when they found the thing behind a desk did they realize they were all bat nuts! What disturbed me more was the fact they kept trying to find things I'd stolen or done and were always paranoid of it!

    Let's see, hummm

    There were probably little incidents from school I don't remember, but most of the time I goofed around so yea I did that stuff lol So those two things above are pretty high on my list.

  2. sandy

    sandy Banned

    Parking over the line into a handicapped spot in a snowstorm. I just went to court and told the truth but had to pay a fine. I was ticked. 3" over the line in a SNOWSTORM and I get a friggin ticket. Only in the hick town where it happened....
  3. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    My husband thinks I always give our son money. I don't.
    I'm starting to wonder if my son is a drug dealer. He always seems to have money. Not a lot, but at least enough for what he needs to do.
  4. cosmictraveler

    cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always.

    Maybe your husband is giving it to him and only wants to know if you are too. :shrug:
  5. cosmictraveler

    cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always.

    I was once accused of screwing around with some eleses wife, which I wasn't, but he couldn't let it go. I just explained to him that if he thinks I was seeing her to follow her when she leaves the hoyuse and see where she goes. He did and found her with someone else! WHEW! I thought he would have nailed me! :D
  6. scifes

    scifes heckle the snobs

    i was once accused of spilling juice on the blackboard, when i was merely laughing at it being done by others who lately pointed the finger at me, i got smacked by the teachers 1.5 meters stick.

    but then again, i once accused someone of something he never did, and i'll never EVER forget his face when i pointed my finger at him.
  7. pjdude1219

    pjdude1219 troaty mouth best song ever

    and those 3 inches could have made a world of a difference to the handicapped person trying to get in and out of their cars. and WTF you admitted you crossed in to the other space so yeah you did it. Rather than praddle on about you a poor spoiled rich person was wronged think about the person's who life you made more difficult.
  8. pjdude1219

    pjdude1219 troaty mouth best song ever

    once I was accused on skipping a portion of a run during lacrosse try outs thankfully my brother came to my defense saying I would have rather come in dead last than cheat like that and I would have known he would have smacked me one for cheating.
  9. Thoreau

    Thoreau OIF Veteran 2003-2011

    I've been accused of numerous things that I have never done; cheating, lying, etc. I don't handle false and unsupported accusations very well, especially after having repeatedly said that I did not do these things, only to still be accused. My boss has also accused me of doing (or rather not doing) a few things from time to time. I make it very clear to him and whoever else that they are in the wrong, not only for believing such things but for vocalizing such claims as well.

    People don't know how to ASK! Instead of saying "Hey, did you do this?", it rather comes out like, "Hey! Why did you do this?".... leaving me stunned and confused as hell.

    Summary of this post, I HATE being accused of shit I didn't do. If you have no supporting evidence, then shut your mouth.
  10. darksidZz

    darksidZz Live without rules!

    I accuse you of being hostile to the moderators :!!!
  11. Tiassa

    Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ...

    Something about ducks and water

    When I was in high school, I was accused with varying degrees of formality of burglary, arson, and the ritual slaughter of horses. That's Jesuit school for ye. (For the record, the burglary and arson were committed by Catholic students, and nobody from our school had a damn thing to do with the dead horses.)

    I had a boss once who accused me of incompetence. Then the mail arrived and she discovered that I really did have a clue what I was talking about; the company had sent a catalog with all sorts of coupons and bonus codes to customers, but not to the stores, and nobody had programmed the new codes into the POS network. She never did apologize, but that's retail for ye.

    And many have heard me variously joke and lament about my kid's mother. I've lost track of the false accusations, although I still laugh at the time her father called my mother to ask her what I was spending all the money on. What? When did I have access to that money? No, really. I never touched it. Never saw it. Unless she put ten in my hand to run in and buy cigarettes. That's ... um ... something for ye.
  12. visceral_instinct

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    Breaking a girl's neck. I wish I had, if I had found out who the piece of horse poo was who put that rumour around, I would have given her a real broken neck. (Ok, I wouldn't. I'm too soft to be a proper sociopath...)
  13. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    OK, sad but true, I would have believed that rumour about you. You always talk about a round house kick, so I can see you accidentally doing it.
  14. seohippie

    seohippie New Member

    whos the culprit

    Last night was the worst night of my life .. my friends accused me of stealing which i didn't do. These group of friends are my party friends and it doesnt matter if I knew most of them for just months some were years .. but the trust Ive bestowed to them and the love of friendship is just fair.

    Anyway there were both stealing scenes in our group. First when we were on vacation and my friends money was stolen from his wallet in our hotel and we are only 3 in that room.

    After 2 weeks when we were in one of my friends house , a camera was stolen as well.

    Last night we had this open forum about the stealing issues and most of them truly believed that I'm the culprit. I said what I have to say I DIDNT STEAL ANYTHING, I AM NOT THE CULPRIT. I dont know if they believe it or not because I am not good when it comes to defending myself. Its really painful.
    I just hope one day the truth will come out!

  15. Thoreau

    Thoreau OIF Veteran 2003-2011

    You must be Jesus because this thread just came back from the dead. lol

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