Thiaoouba Prophecy?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by exsto_human, Nov 2, 2003.


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  1. exsto_human Transitional Registered Senior Member

    What do you think about it?

    Personaly, it just confirmed what I have always suspected. However it only comes with a general message and doesn't realy provide much practical knowledge and doesn't answere even a fraction of all the questions there are, but it is very enlightening.

    However, reading the book Freedom of Choice by Dr. T.J. Chalko, I realy did not get much out of it. And I can't help feeling that he has alot to learn!

    What are your opinions?
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  3. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    It's rubbish.

    Notice they are trying to sell stuff to you. It's a money making exercise.
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  5. exsto_human Transitional Registered Senior Member

    4 books and a Chakra T-shirt. Plus a couple hundreds of $$ for workshops and retreats.

    Your feelings may be very valid!
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  7. TheERK Registered Senior Member

    Oh, come on, you can do better than that. You and I both suspect that it's rubbish not because they're selling things, but because the content is garbage. Pretty sad that the only reason some people will agree with you is because 'they're selling stuff, and that's spiritually eeevvvillll.'
  8. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    That the content is rubbish is not immediately obvious. That they are trying to sell a product is.
  9. candy Registered Senior Member

    I think I prefer the CELESTINE PROPHESY. I like my fiction to be listed as fiction.
  10. exsto_human Transitional Registered Senior Member

    It's not that I agree with him, I am saying that his predisposition possibly could be well founded.
    I have a bias against anyone who is becoming rich of 'selling' people spirituality.

    Richdom is not an admirable virtue.:p

    However, the person who is benefiting most from this is infact not the person who wrote the book but the guy selling it, namely this Chalko person.
  11. the light Registered Member

    "It's rubbish.
    Notice they are trying to sell stuff to you. It's a money making exercise. "

    Exercise your intellect. You can read the online book Thiaoouba Prophency for free. What if we give the book for free for people? Try and see yourself. You will find it in dusbin. We doesn't seem to appreciate what is given for free. I have to say there are lots of inportant information. People usually miss it. That's including myself at the beginning.

    Our choice of life is determined and limited by our intellect. Look back your life, you will see that some choices you have made long times doesn't make any sense now. Do you know why?
  12. TheERK Registered Senior Member

    Clearly because he didn't read the Thiaoouba Prophency. Heh. :)
  13. BigBlueHead Great Tealnoggin! Registered Senior Member

    Welcome to Sciforums, The Light!

    You pay for the "free" book with your email address. It's not free at all...
  14. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    I got a few chuckles reading some of the information at that site like this:

    "Q. What about toilets on Thiaoouba ?

    A. On Thiaoouba they use a kind of device that looks similar to our toilet, but isn't. It simply disintegrates the waste as it comes out - into elementary particles I guess. No water, no paper, no smell, nothing. Michel was scared that this machine might disintegrate his private parts..."
  15. purpleprincessts Registered Member

    I have a question for those of you who say its rubbish. Have any of you actualy bothered to read the book? Befor you pass it off as a rubbish or a work of fiction, at least take the time to actualy read the book. Preferably you should read it 3 times. So far I have read it twice. I think the book is absolutly mind blowing. Also, as far as the site selling stuff goes. Things aren't free. Someone has to pay the publisher of the book. But even then, they are nice enough to offer the book for free online and you can request that they send you a free copy.

    Once again. Please take the time to actualy read the book befor you pass it off as rubbish.

    May the spirit enlighten you -- The great Thaori
  16. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    What did you find mind-blowing about it, in particular, purpleprincessts?

    You don't, by any chance, have a financial interest in selling this, do you?
  17. exsto_human Transitional Registered Senior Member

    I have read the book and it's complete bullshit.

    How do people fall for this crap? :b

    and the whole buy clothes and various self-help books from our site and your life will be better, Christ :rolleyes: . I'm surprized Mr. Chalko hasn't jumped on the sect waggon yet, it's quite a lucrative business. Then again he probably has.
  18. exsto_human Transitional Registered Senior Member

    oh by the way, There are hundreds of these books out there, and if you were to read each 'true stroy about meeting enlightened beings' without pasing them off as rubbish you would spend a fortune and a whole lot of time. Turst logic and experience, not advertisment.
  19. purpleprincessts Registered Member

    first off..... I have NO connection with the author of the book or Dr.Tom Chalko. As far as what I found 'mind blowing' about the book. The whole thing. Now if you have read the book and deem it to be crap. The author sugests reading it 3 times at least. Can any of you prove that any part of the book is false? The author was on a radio show with some physicists who had read the book. He challenged them to prove any part of it false. They couldn't. Also, as far as the website selling stuff. We live in a monitary world, stuff isn't free. Web hosting and domain names are not free. Getting a book published is not free. The website also points out that usualy when someone gives you a free book you just toss it asside. How many times have any of you taken literature from a Jehovas witness and just tossed in the trash? From those of you who have read the book at least 3 times I welcome any legitimat criticism of the book. But so far to my knowledge NO ONE has been able to disprove ANY part of the book. Even if you think the authors story is something he cooked up. I think the ideas presented in the book are good ideas. But realy, I don't think anyone on earth has the capacity to cook up such a story. The guy would have to be a brilliant science fiction writer, a brilliant thologan, a brillian historian, a brilliant biblican historian, a brilliant physicist ETC ETC. In my mind the story just fits to well to be the product of someones imagination. As the saying goes "the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction"
  20. guthrie paradox generator Registered Senior Member

    Go on then, tell us just one thing from the book that is definitely correct.

    (I avoid taking anything like free books from religious people, theres no point throwing them in the bin after.)
  21. geodesic "The truth shall make ye fret" Registered Senior Member

    I especially liked
    Of course, he has been given evidence that he is not allowed to share. For something that claims not to be a religion, they're asking for a lot of faith...
  22. exsto_human Transitional Registered Senior Member

    Well the story would have credit if the 'historical' content of the story had some kind of correlation with scientific evidence.
  23. Vinay Registered Member

    This person has obviously not read the book, at least not completely. I quote directly from the postscript:

    "Why do they want to form a new sect or religion with the contents of this book? The hundreds of religions we already have on this planet haven't done much good, have they?"

    Even if you don't believe the physical descriptions contained in the book (which have lead to important scientific discoveries, see you can not fault the main message. Besides, what do Michel Desmarquet or Tom Chalko have to gain from this book? It is priced at minimum cost to cover the expenses of publishing, and is even offered for free to those who can not afford it. Have either of them gained or even attempted to gain any fame? On the contrary, both of them have tried to stay as much away from the public as possible. Michel clearly states that he is not trying and does not want to start a new sect or religion, since that would go against the purpose of writing the book. If this is completely fiction, if this whole thing is a hoax, what are they gaining from it? Why make up details about aliens that seem so fantastic while the main message of the book is so logical? A $1000 reward was offered to anyone who could disprove any sentence in the book. So far no one has taken up the challenge. The book explains so many things that are mysteries to us today.. are these all coincidences?

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