The welfare system...

Discussion in 'Business & Economics' started by Harry Balzonya, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. Harry Balzonya Registered Member

    Heres what I know about the welfare system.

    Supposedely you are allowed a couple of years of it...

    thats it, thats all I know.

    Heres what I'd like to know.

    What are the requirements for eligibility?

    Can you be on welfare while attending college full time? (Cause' it theres ever gonna be a time when I need it it's now)

    Has anyone ever heard of anyone attending college full time and being on welfare/ food stamps or anything of the government assistance nature?

    Thanks in advance,
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  3. Adam §Þ@ç€ MØnk€¥ Registered Senior Member

    I don't know about welfare in your country. But welcome to sciforums. Funny username.

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  5. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

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  7. pumpkinsaren'torange Registered Senior Member

  8. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member


    u hav 2 a bloody US cit.
    it was changed in 1996
    before happy billy came along, u only needed 2 b a US res.
    i was one of the lucky ones.
    not so good for non cits.

    as far as i know if your a single male, all you can get is food stamps.
    just dont b a moron and tell thos bastages ur in school or else theyll deduct the amount of money u will reciv.
    its non of their business anyway, and thers no way they can check.

    furthermore, its best if your not working.
    if you are, u might try and get the welfare w/o telling them ur working.
    they may or may not find out and if they do there isnt really much they can do about it but cancel your welfare.
    wich wouldnt get anyway if u told them up front that ur working.

    the best thing for u to do is tell them that you are homeless.
    if u r not, ther is no way they can check on it.
    they cant really check on anything.
    not even your bank accounts.
    tell them u hav no money no bank acct no car no nothing.
    theyll check on ur car but if they find out that ther is a car in ur name, u can com up with watever the hell u feel like telling them.
    say that u used 2 hav one, but not any longer or somthing like that.
    they cant rely hold anything against u.

    if u say ur homeless, they will ask u 2 bring back a letter from anybody that verifies that u r homeless and jobless.

    just write a note saying:
    I (whoever), verify that -
    harry has no job.
    harry has no home.
    the note should include the person's addres, phone#, and sig.

    i ususally jus write a note with my friend's name, #, and address, and hav them sign it. or i forge the sig 4 them. they dont care.
    the social worker doesnt even really look at the paper and they never really contact the person.
    its jus a piece paper that is a requirement 4 ur file so they can approv u.

    theyll ask 4 an address 2 mail ur card to.
    u should get about 3 months worth of food stamps on the card when u receiv it. (about $375).

    if u want medaid or whatever else, u hav 2 hav kids or something.

    u can get money 4 being physically or mentally disabled.
    u go 2 the SS office.
    It means ur disability prevents u from working, and u need a doctor 2 sign something saying u cant work because u r disabled.

    u can get money by applying 4 mental disability.
    its a monthly check that u get 4 not being able 2 work because ur nuts.
    go to the Social Security office.
    set an appt or watever.
    tell them ur nuts and so and so.
    they will need proof from a real shrink.
    if u dont hav one, they can set u up 2 see one.
    when u see the shrink, tell her/him that u see and hear things.
    make sure u say u DO NOT use drugs!!
    tell them all kinds of crap like u obsessively clean ppols apartments or whatever.
    u dont even hav 2 act that crazy.
    jus act a little nutty.
    the doctor will sign ur form stating that ur crazy and cannot work because ur crazy.
    and they may also prescribe u with meds.
    after that, u will go through a 6 month process of filling out papers and stuff.
    in the meantime, u can attend ur classes and nobody can possibly know about it.
    after about 6 months, they will issue ur first check of about $3000 to cover the 6 months since u 1st applied, and $500 per month from then on plus full medicaid benefits..
  9. pumpkinsaren'torange Registered Senior Member

  10. lixluke Refined Reinvention Valued Senior Member


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