The Vampire Circuit

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    I don't know if anyone has been paying attention, but I think I've mentioned before that I have been writing a book which has now passed one hundred thousand words.
    I was asked to enter a Science Fiction writing contest, so I took a break from this novel and started writing "The Vampire Circuit."
    The problem was that the story took off and soon it had overtaken the allowable word limit of the competition.
    A good story is like that it defines it's own quality's, length being one of them.
    The result was a novella of about 50 thousand words, the Kindle edition of which is currently for sale on
    If anyone is interested in it you now know where to find it, and I'd be grateful for any reviews or comments. Vampire Circuit

    It has nothing to do with Vampires, it's more about a vampire device. Its Steampunk if you care to put a label onto it, mostly I think the notion of genre is nebulous. You don't start writing by pigeonholing yourself in a genre.
    What do you look for in a book? Do you tend to gravitate towards sub genres in books.

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