The unfair prison system

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gamelord, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    Lawyers routinely spend 7 years in college studying overtime dry books and literature to end up in debt and average make 81k salaries per year. One must ask why as it is a slave-ish profession buried in piles of paperwork and books and one must carefully tread the tightrope of law dealing with vicious criminals and prosecutors, often sacrificing one’s own morals and ethics in the process. One must ask what kinds of inorganic kind of minds are attracted to such an urban profession in the first place as opposite to a more natural and holistic kind of organic life journey. Surely minds which can process such sheer amount of data and logic would surely be better suited to the human race as scientists, philosophers, or builders? Rather than brutish gladiators of whatever dogmatic Puritan values are the flavor of the day?

    Yes the whole Prison Arena is very much similar to that in Spirit to the Gladiatorial Arena of Savage Rome.

    Castration of society.

    Yes society is undergoing a castration in that Men are undergoing a moral outrage of lust as a general social indignance, enslaved into cubicles and bred to believe common puritan values.

    And yes, if a man breaks from his chains, and cannot control his inner drives, he is immediately Incarcerated into the System and put into chains as also the Subjugated Animal. In plain English…

    If a man, of lower Social Status, sees a woman of higher Class, pedigree, and status, a woman he is usually shunned from having, such as a woman of the elite…

    If he so much as touches her breast, he is labeled a beast and sent to the Gulag and deemed an undesirable of their society.

    Yet the lowly dog, humps the old lady, and is not so much even accused as guilty of rape.

    From there, is is sent to Prison, to be raped by the very beings he despises, men as lowly as himself.

    And to this they call a “grand” and “glorious” society, of which “all men are created equal”. A land of “opportunity”, as long as you pay the fees, follow the rules, and do not put up too much of a fuss, as long as, that is, as long as your spirit is not broken, by the time you reach adulthood.

    The Crime of Pleasure

    If so much as a man, or woman, smokes a blade of grass, the weed, Marijuana, to escape from the woes of the lifestyle of subjugation imposed on them, they are accused of being a “menace” and locked into the Gulag. The crime of peace, the crime of pleasure, the crime of happiness, the crime of dreaming, to be punished by being locked into a cage surrounded by savages, and paid for by fees that one cannot afford.

    The Crime of Ignorance

    If so much an entrepreneur, tries to make a name for himself, and accidentally steps on the toes of laws, in ignorance, he is assaulted with a barrage of fees and debt of which he is forcibly held at Gunpoint to owe. No consideration is given to that it is more noble a delegation of efforts to spend time and study devoted to mastery of his craft and Business, but rather, he is scolded for not becoming an expert of every letter of the “Law”, a “Law” crafted by charlatans to benefit the rich, elite, and wealthy and cleverly devised to create a monopoly of control.

    The Crime of Agency

    If so much a common theif steps into one’s home, in many states so castrated one is expected to first, call the police, rather than attempt to defend one’s self with one’s weapon of choice. Like the eunuch one must hide, trembling in a corner, waiting for the police to arrive, while casually the theif takes his time to have free choice over one’s goods in one’s home. And then, after one is thoroughly pillaged, one is given a badge of honour over such cowardly Humiliation.

    If one takes one’s honour into one’s hands, in the more Tyrannical states, one may face a life sentence for “murder”. In the less tyrannical states, one will be sent to the gulag for a few days, and have to pay damaging fines and fees, an insult to one’s dignity and a severe setback towards one’s financial stability.

    The Petty Crime

    If the poorer class, being given less Opportunity and demanded by the social media that they take “opportunity” into their own hands, in envy and bitter contempt, succumb to their lesser nature and in a fit of defiance to the established Order, commits crimes such as petty theft or burglary, are thus sentenced on their third offense to Life Imprisonment, or on their first Offense, to not more than 30 days or 365. To be locked into the Gulag and denied the rights of a Human Being, to be, assaulted and raped by beings of a lesser nature than one-self, to be denied the natural entertainment that is necessary of the a psychologically well animal, to be tortured inside of a cage of deprivation of mind and spirit, to be locked into a box of masculinity, tortured by their own rotting smells, rage, and despair. Of which they call this, “Justice”.

    To Add Insult To Injury

    If so much the common criminal brings a Gun to a burglary, the sentence is upped to life-imprisonment, even if the gun does not commit murder. Such is the case of humiliation and castration.

    The Crime of Desire

    If a Woman, creates Counter-fiat money, a woman perhaps overburdened by children, a Woman perhaps overburdened by the decreased value of the Dollar, trying to create a moment of peace for herself, creating a counterfeit dollar. She is then, told she may Rot into Prison, for Life Imprisonment into a cage, told this by the savage Barbarian Heartless Romans, who claim that they have “Civilization”, rome, the city of Rape.

    The Crime of Murder

    If so much, an impassioned man, sick of his castration, takes the Law into his own hands, and murders those he hates, again he is told he must suffer the chains and torture of Life Imprisonment. If he murders, and causes 5 minutes of excruciating pain to a victim, he is told by the Romans he must endure 50 years of crucifixion, being locked in a cage, to be raped and pillaged and deprived of his humanity for the next 50 years. This is the final stage of the Emasculation.

    While the Romans, carpet bomb, murder, and plunder all civilizations around them, to harvest their resources, and call themselves Heroes.

    The Crime of Ethics

    If you mention that it is wrong to treat Human beings this way, and advocate for better living conditions for prisoners, they call you a “sympathizer” and accuse you of being guilty of the Crime of Ethics.

    If I say, that in prisons, it is illegal to masturbate, illegal to fornicate with other prisoners, and that it being illegal to fornicate causes prisoners to murder other prisoners, in order to “hide the evidence”, which puts prisoners lives in jeopardy, especially gay lives, I am ignored.

    If I say, that “there is no real rehab” in that, businesses, discriminate those who have a prison record, increasing rates of recidivism, I am ignored.

    If I say, that “there is no real rehab”, in that, “Rehab systems” rarely actually stop junkies, from returning to their junkie ways, I am ignored.

    If I say, that “Death is a Mercy”, compared to the mental torture of being trapped in a cage of filth, hell, and ennui, I am ignored.

    If I say that humans are merely the result of their parts, experiences, and teachings, and that crime could very well be reduced, in a more compassionate society, I am ignored, while the cogs of the Machine steamroll the voices of reason as they always do.
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  3. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    The reality is that almost no one who is imprisoned in America has gotten a trial,” explains award-winning journalist, Chris Hedges, in a recent Truthdig column. “There is rarely an impartial investigation. A staggering 97 percent of all federal cases and 95 percent of all state felony cases are resolved through plea bargaining.” Of those millions who bargained away their right to a trial by accepting plea deals, “significant percentages of them are innocent.”

    The private prison industry and the prison guards union both lobby for longer prison sentences.

    Some cops prey on the ignorant and compromised. Some prosecutors care only about their track record for wins.
    Within the criminal "justice system" justice is a rare beasty.
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  5. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    And your proposed alternative is .... what?

    Let the murderers walk free?
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  7. Capracus Valued Senior Member

    You conveniently left one off your list.

    The Crime of Anarchy

    Where nothing is a crime and everything is a crime simultaneously.
  8. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


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    Click for the last time we did the boosting shops bit.

    Two things go here:

    1) It's a lot of cogs, either way; I can point to the vote totals and someone can say something about Hillary Clinton, but even still the alternative on that side was another career politician, and there is always a valence at which the Machine is whatever We the People choose.

    2) This, that, and the other about voices of reason might be better suited to a voice relying less on a blend of Hobbes and Spooner, at best, for its temperament. More directly, there is a point at which you're simply not making sense. That is to say, people can sort of follow along, but like your discussion of firearms, it all seems to make perfect sense if you happen to be you. Quite frankly, it's not quite as clear to the rest of us. In this case, sure, you're pointing out some strangeness about American society, but you don't seem to be accounting for how things got to be the way they are. In American history, that sort of detachment often leads to people making a problem worse. Like your, "Death is a Mercy", bit; it isn't that you're pointing out a problem that gets you ignored; it's the antisocial, self-centered counterproductivity about it all.​

    Guns, money, drugs, and humping on the old lady?

    Sounds about right.

    But can you tell us what you want? I mean, y'know, what you really, really want? Is it really grabbing boobs and boosting smoke shops? Seriously, the old-time language, the focus on masculinity, the dog metaphor: I mean, really?

    Seriously, though: What's the affirmative argument? I mean, Spooner at least put up a fine argument vindicating the liberty to purchase and consume spirits, but I can't promise it wasn't really about little girls. Y'know. Historical footnotes, and all.

    Or, as Axl said: "Where do we go? Where do we go, now? Aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye-aye where do we go, now?" Oh, right; that's a different song↱. Never mind.
  9. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    Besides the obvious racial factors in the origins, the bail bond system is a pillar of this (US standard bail bond setups are illegal in many places - obviously corruptions of justice as they are, they are defined as crimes Another major contributor is the failure to tax the rich - when the poor are paying the extra costs in money and hardship as well as time, there is little incentive among those with great influence to reform a bad setup.

    If the entire justice system's expenses were met by property taxes on the rich (the property of the rich being after all the major beneficiary), this would end in a week.
  10. Xelor Registered Senior Member

    I won't pretend that prison systems and their conditions concern me much; they don't. They don't because, at the end of the day, most folks are in prison for acts nobody forced them to perform.

    As for what is and isn't punishable by incarceration, well, there's plenty that I think shouldn't be. Some of the crimes described in the OP strike me as not worth being criminal. Others, I think they should be "more criminal" than they are.

    Normally, I'd have a lot more to offer, but the OP has a lot going on in it -- jurisprudence, ethical/moral philosophy, carcerality, normative and positive justice, cultural attitudes, etc. -- that it's just too much to try addressing. Any one of those things vis-a-vis crime and punishment has enough "meat" that it could easily make for a long paper. That said, the topics are plenty interesting.

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