The true potential of humanity

Discussion in 'General Philosophy' started by Rush, Nov 16, 2001.

  1. Rush Registered Member

    *note this is my personal philosophy/ideal - apologies to anyone who thinks it would fit better in the science or religous forums. I consider this my style of "practical philosophy"

    I hear ppl talking about how we all have natural telepathic abilities. Religous ppl claim that their faith gives them power. I know that we can be more then we are now, but we can't indulge in fantasies.

    The amazing potentil of ppl is worth talking about - how in times of crisis we can achieve super-human strength, how we can train our memories to be near photographic, how ppl who are autistic can do amazing feats of mathematics in their heads. Even how the placebo effect demonstrates the healing power we can posses.
    Monks and other dedicated people can achieve amazing things (all of which have been documented thoroughly by scientists) - they can enter trances where they only breathe a couple of times an hour and their hearts rarely beat. Tibetan monks can sit naked in the snow for an entire night, as wet blankets are draped around them - and as each blanket is dried by their body heat it is replaced by another wet one!
    We can deny pain, can achieve enormous feats of endurance, in times of trauma it is even rumoured that our minds can slow our perception of time! This is the true power and potential of humanity.

    You can work at guessing your Zener cards. You can pray to the God/s of your choice to look after you and give you what you desire. Me? I'm going to look into what I've already seen other people being able to do - the true miracles that noone seems interested in.
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  3. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member

    Heavy going!

    But - did you know we only use 25% of our brain! Wonder what we could get up to if we even used 50%?

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  5. Rush Registered Member

    It does make you wonder, huh

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    Like I know a guy who worked on his memory for a couple of weeks, by the end he could look at a list of 50 words for a few minutes then remember them almost perfectly afterwards...they were all weird words too, like I had only heard of a couple of them :/

    I guess the reason this sort of thing appeals to me is that I know it works for me. Like almost two years ago I was in a car smash, got 4 breaks on my pelvis and a couple of smashed ribs etc - doctors told me I'd be in hospital for 6-8 weeks... I got out in just under 3. Then they said I'd be on crutches for at least 6 weeks - I was off them in about 2 and a half. I think the word they used was "extraordinary"
    I know exactly how I did it too - by being fully aware of things like the placebo effect, realizing what this means, accepting that the mind has huge healing powers and letting them get on with the job! However I have no idea about how to maximize this effect, I think it is worth looking into tho. I mean, if I can heal up in half the time just by being aware of the fact that I can, imagine if we knew of actual techniques for taking advantage of this.
    Like people under hynosis can stop themselves bleeding and all sorts of incredible things.

    We can be so much more, do so much more then most of us really accept. And it has nothing to do with praying to a god or dancing naked in the moonlight (allthough I guess that could be fun in itself)
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  7. Bobby Lee member Registered Senior Member


    I would like to say that, even thought many here speak of the wonders of the mind.

    It doesn't mean that the line between fantasy and reality is a fuzzy one?

    Its fun to discuss, but its not somewhere that these people choose to hide from the world , personally.

    I believe this is the case for most folks here with an awareness.

    I just can help thinking that maybe your not giving some of the most intelligent persons on the board the consideration of already knowing this.

    They discuss it, because its interesting, not because they are Neophytes' who don't have the since to take care of themselves, or there mental health??

    Beyond popular belief, most people don't need to be lead around by a ring in their nose. They are perfectly able to guild their own lives by trial and error. This is how one become enlightened!!

    Freedom to learn!

    Anything else is communistic, and a dominate Control feature that should be taken care of in a mental heath facility.

    Don't mean to offend anyone you understand. We all have a right to ower opinions.

    Just a thought....

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  8. Red Devil Born Again Athiest Registered Senior Member


    Good point there. Just because we discuss something or other does not mean we are interested in it personally. Take Tony1 and his bible bashing fanaticism - I hate religion but can discuss it (except with Tony1 !!) for hours. "Don't judge a book by its cover" comes to mind. Rush: You certainly will not catch me dancing naked in the moonlight!! Most of natures true earthlings would export themselves to Mars!

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  9. Rush Registered Member

    Yes of course this is true. I have learned about many religous or mystical ideas that I do not personally believe in - and I enjoy discussing them. And I do not wish to insinuate that anyone who talks about these things lacks intelligence. And though I personally have no time for orthodox religion, I know intelligent ppl who prectice it regularly.
    I don't think I ever said that anyone who talked about these things automatically believed them?

    Perhaps my angle on this is best explained by the follwing example: a friend of mine told me she was putting pumpkin seeds in her purse because she heard this was a magical way to attract money. (she honestly believes this sort of thing) I told her that when she had enough control over her mind to constantly work at earning the money instead, to keep making herself employable and to keep a positive attitude towards herself then I'd call her some kind of magician.

    One of these approaches is very easy, but I don't think it will work. The other approach is diificult, but has a much better chance. Like if you knew someone had an important exam coming up, and they were relying on their blind faith in their religion to see them through with top marks, would it be wrong of you to suggest that study is actually what they need to do? Is this communistic or some nazi attempt at control? Is this repressing their freedom to learn?

    Bobby Lee, I think you are reading things into my posts that just aren' t there :/

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