The true Islam - Misconceptions and media distortions aside

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Yosef, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    There is no such thing as "true islam" or "true christianity" or "true religion x". It's all just people making shit up and rationalizing whatever, however they've discovered seems to work for them, like what I'm doing right now.
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  3. adoucette Caca Occurs Valued Senior Member

    I'm not sure that first contention was ever true. While it's true some things spread from Muslim countries way back, things spread to them as well. The fact was the differences between countries didn't really diverge until the industrial revolution, and to a large extent that almost totally passed the Muslim world by.

    Don't think so?

    Name one dominant Technology leader which comes from a Muslim country.
    Tell me one Muslim country which doesn't have to import all of it's cars, cell phones, Commercial aircraft, Computers, Medicines, Software etc etc. If it wasn't for oil wealth, there would be almost nothing to the Muslim world of any substance at all. When the oil dries up, so will the Muslim world.

    As to Tunisia, I don't want to dump on you, but you claim you are much more educated than the US.

    Really, then how do you explain why is your per capita GDP so low?

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  5. IamJoseph Banned Banned

    All religions must be banned from villifying other groups. The problem is how does one get there.

    Caution - this is a true story and not a drill:

    Two religions with 3.5 humans, believe not only theirs is the only path to paradise sq., but also that all others must be negated.

    Then it gets more interesting: the two groups are in total mutually exclusive mode and beliefs: which ever one you subscribe to, the side side says you are evil - but worse if you stays neutral.
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  7. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    ok hi, i'm back, just for curiosity, came to check what's going on, and i found that i had some notifications:
    well, ok, morroco: cars industry, sicne you're talking about cars.
    tunisia: many marks of cars indsutries, but, not actually building all pieces, but, more puting all pieces together, besides the aerospace industries, the 2016 strategy, to increase the indsutrie by doubles, in all domains, and esspecially the technology domain, (go check CNN reporst about tunisia), (beside other many industries), also, now, the new economy for tunisia, is an economy based on scientific reasearch and innovations, and also on indutry.
    a dominant technology from a muslim country, idk, also, don't forget that europe and the western world, is industrulized since the 18th century, and later japan, and today china, and many other countries, also there's actually a tunisian made car, but it's not under commercial buisness but they're thinking at it, but i think they wan't do it, also saudi arabia, first car made by saudi students, and it's going under commercial industry, and it's ecolo,
    GDP, i'll tell you later, anyway, remeber we don't have alot of oil, like others do. and we do much more than they do with their oil dollars.
  8. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    also we're not arich country, but a very law poverty level, and poors are living greatly, no homeless at all, everyone have a home
  9. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    or, just forget about it.
  10. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member


    That's like saying "all monkeys must be banned from flinging shit".

    Quite a waste of breath.

    Rather obvious.

    What here is interesting? The drama that falls out of the scenario is interesting I suppose. Moreso the players. Posers, true believers, renters, misfits, etc etc. Religion is a product of social evolution and often serves as a framework for justifying whatever bullshit people would do anyway.

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