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Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Bev, Jun 1, 1999.

  1. Bev Guest

    Hi! I have been surfing around trying to find a board that actually discusses serious issues. I have read some of your post and I think I have found the right board!

    Anyway, I have a small break before summer session begans and have been trying to catch up on what's new in the extraterrestrial world. I ran across a page that I thought was really interesting from the Millennium Group anomaly.html.

    The page shows some very interesting pictures of the sun and an object that the author cannot explain. I did a little investigating to verify the authenticity of the pictures at SOHO and YOHKO web pages and the pictures are real and the object, I found, was in a lot of pictures.

    While I was doing a little other exploring (unrelated to this particular anomaly), I ran across this picture (http://www.anomalous-images,com.PHOBUFO.JPG)and found it very interesting as well.

    I thought maybe I could get your thoughts on the images. What do you think it is? How might it be related to the new solar objects and the mars moon object?

    Thanks and Have a nice day! Bev
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  3. ChucklesA Guest

    Phobos sux.

    We prefer Earth currently.
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  5. Bev Guest

    ChucklesA, why does Phobus suck? Anything that effects the sun, effects earth.

    Also, coming to a new board is intimidating. You have made me feel really welcomed, thanks!

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  7. Plato Guest


    no need to get upset here. If you would read some of the post that ChucklesA has posted, you would see that he claims to be an alien. This might shed a different light on his post. Actually I think he's probably one of the funniest people (excuse my dutch) on the board, knows how to keep things in their right perspective.

    Anyway, don't let yourself be carried away to much by pictures like that. Remember a century ago Mars was believed to be scarred with canals until the telesopes grew strong enough to reveil they were just optical illusions...

    we are midgets standing on the backs of giants,

    [This message has been edited by Plato (edited June 02, 1999).]
  8. Bev Guest

    Plato, I'm not terribly upset. I just felt the need to reply. I appreciate your response.

    Have you seen the pictures? I am not a NASA scientist and most my time is spent with undergraduate studies! I don't have a lot of time right now to educate myself on what is happening in our solar system. I thought that maybe I could get on a board and explore the issue. Then maybe... I could understand. You seem to be well educated, tell me your thoughts on the pictures and the new solar objects I have read about.

    Thanks and have a nice day!
  9. Bev:

    What object do you happen to be talking about, because I looked at the site you mentioned and they had lots of pictures of the sun and other things, but I didn't see any "object". Are these objects suspose to be UFO's?
  10. Why worry about the sun, it will be a billion years before it pops it's clogs and they'll have sunblock 20,000 out by then.

    Welcome to the board Bev.
  11. I think we will need more than sunblock if that happens. We can put mirrors up all over Earth and create a giant DISCO BALL!
  12. Sirius B Guest

    Welcome "Bev"

    I use to be the "new kid on the block" now I pass the torch to you. I have not looked at the pictures (but I will) as yet however, I felt the need to give you some feedback about my experiences as a "junior member" (now I am a Sr. member

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    There are some very serious "minds" here and they don't always use good "bed-side" manners however, their knowledge (of the topics disscussed) is absolutely un-equaled (as far as message boards go).

    So post until your hearts content (I had to develope a layer of allegator skin to post with some of the "head-brains" around here

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  13. Bev Guest

    Thank you Sirius B! I think this board has some really interesting issues (some waaayyy over my head). I want scare away easily. I want to say that I have already learned a great deal of science by reading some of these post.

    As far as the "objects" on the page I was referring to, I think they are pretty apparent, although you do have to look at them carefully as well as read what Mr. Goodwin has to say about them.

    I believe the "Tower" that Mr. Goodwin is referring to and he acknowledges that he cannot explain it, nor does he outrightly label it as a UFO (although I assume that is what he is suggesting), is geometric and is seen really well in the 5th picture in the top right hand corner of the first frame and in the second frame, well... it is right there reflecting radiation or emitting it's own energy!

    The other solar object is apparent in the 2nd picture close to the sun, a bright white circular object that is kind of halfassly blocked out by a filter. Goodwin refers to this as a "new solar object".

    Anyway, I thought it was interesting and wanted to get some feedback. I went to NASA's web site and read up on "sungrazers", but these particular objects where not mentioned. Also, I checked out the pictures on the SOHO and YOHKOH sites, the pictures are authentic and they have some really great images.

    I am a doubter on UFOs. I have never seen one myself, but I find the phenomona really interesting and worth exploring. I would like to be convinced one way or another of their existence.

    Thank you for your replies!
    Have a nice day

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