The Sun Is Not Hot

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience' started by chung, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    In other words, I refuse to discuss science even under the rules of pseudoscience, because (a) there are no rules; I make the rules as it suits me and (b) I dropped out of grade school, since they couldn't accept the rules I was making at school either.

    Only in your dreams. In reality he would chastise you for dropping out of school, especially considering the far superior library of knowledge you had available to you, which he could only dream of.

    In other words, throw out all the knowledge and listen to brain-numbing disavowals of true facts of science from a grade school dropout

    Some people will resort to any kind of excuse to avoid the hard work of actually learning anything. Easiest of all is denounce education as programming, something only the dumbest hillbilly in Appalachia would rail about. And did I say creationist?

    Tesla is not the paragon of excellence, just someone who you worship through the programming given to you by other cranks.

    Tesla would be like a kid in a candy store at NASA, and he would denounce the garbage you are posting, which has him rolling in his grave.

    Yeah, I discovered by editing controls now have a mind of their own. Stuff happens. But at least I least I know what radiation is, why the Sun generates copious quantities of it, how and why the atmosphere heats under impingement of solar rays, how and why the heat is absorbed and retained by the atmosphere, and what a dyne is, and why it's not a root of the word 'dinosaur'.

    Think of their job as creating the coloring books for the children who can barely hold a crayon. That's to protect tender little minds from the ravages of higher mathematics--and of course physics, which is a big scary monster for you at this early stage in your development. Attacking NASA may make you feel big and strong, but so does a lot of the willful ignorance that props up your delusions. You must be afraid to leave the house, for fear that the world is going to devour you. Poor kid. I'd bring a pacifier, but I don't think you can read. Maybe you want to turn to the Bible to calm your jitters; maybe that's where this hatred of science really comes from. Maybe you are just an undercover creationist. That would explain the appeal to ignorance, the dishonesty, and the angst over large science icons like NASA.

    Don't give him too much credit. Folks like Ampere, Coulomb, Volta, Faraday, Gauss and Maxwell are among the real stars of the 'Show'.

    The Sun does what it does for reasons you are denying and denouncing. You don't have a clue, so you are bashing folks who are seasoned experts in the subject. They cut their teeth doing the work you have been too weak and shy to do yourself. It takes work to learn science. Of course it's not possible for a person so ingratiated by attacking people more accomplished than himself. Science can not fit into minds that live in a bottle, pretending to possess some great insights which are nothing more than grandiose dreams to compensate for the low self esteem that must have accompanied failing out of the 5th grade, and being taken to raise beans and cabbage with Ma and Pa Kettle at the age folks at NASA were reading science, taking an interest in science projects, exploring nature, and investigating the curiosities they found, ignoring the brats, bullies and yokels at school who suffered self-esteem problems and were just too lazy and disinterested to investigate the world themselves. How predictable that they would grow up to be creationists, pseudoscience hacks and cranks who thrive on attacking the good folks who worked hard, earned their keep and did more to promote science education than all of the Bible thumping snipers could do even in the way they rallied so many youngsters into rebellion against their dishonest mind games.

    Your ideas don't even fit that description completely. But the Sun is a raging nuclear furnace that carries the vast energy of the Big Bang, concepts way too big to fit into a small mind. Since the heat of the Sun varies with the angle of incidence of its rays you should be able to recognize how dumb your claims are.

    If you think an electric arc replicates the Sun, so be it. At this point they must have just given up and started humoring you at school.

    Light does not transmit via wires. Transmission is done by way of glass fibers, which are waveguides.

    Only fan of Tesla would conceive of a demonstration device that explodes.

    By the way, just to be sure, it's not only modern science you are railing against, but ancient science as well. Ptolemy, for example, understood that sunlight arrives on Earth like the shafts of arrows, and was able to calculate the circumference of the Earth by measuring the displacement of shadows into wells at different latitudes. So this puts your notions perhaps back at the Stone Age, if not earlier.
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  3. billvon Valued Senior Member

    I thought they were Nazis. Now they're terrorists? You have to keep your insults straight if you are going to effectively anger people. Otherwise it's just amusing.
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  5. chung Registered Member

    Nope. This place is pseudoscience. You must go to where the fundamentalists are allowed dogmatic terrorism!

    This is a place where there is room for multidimensional existence. Go to your boring robotic existence, where reality is already known and no questions are allowed. Just plug in to their provider's official server of science.
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  7. chung Registered Member


    With the likes of your behavior you are documenting that Nazism, terrorism and robotic parrot merge into one hideous animal.
  8. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    Goodwin's law in action.

    "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1."

    This one happened quickly, but considering the poster, not surprisingly so.
  9. chung Registered Member

    Announcement to Pseudoscience Explorers

    Please ignore my followers and stalkers. They couldn't answer with precision my probing of the world view they exist in. And they were afraid to dare step out of their mental chains. so they are just regurgitating their comments without answering the more vital premise of the discussion.

    They threaten to spew all manners of insults and personal attacks when their paradigm is threatened. They are afraid of their own chains and would neither look or reason freely without the aid of their chains.

    They do not understand that existence is a multi-dimensional multiverse, where one reality is different from another and where one can time shift into better future.

    This is the trajectory of their space-time journey:

    For the more adventurous just ignore their posts.

    If you are easily hurt by ideas. please consider this place for PG or rated R for obscene challenge to academia paradigm.
  10. billvon Valued Senior Member

    I like the robotic parrot image! Have you considered the possibility (nay, near certainty!) that all parrots are robots, and have been responsible for most of the terror and violence on this planet?
  11. chung Registered Member

    You must have good experience.
  12. AlexG Like nailing Jello to a tree Valued Senior Member

    There is a level below pseudoscience, the cesspool, and that's where this thread really belongs.
  13. chung Registered Member

    Here is one of my stalkers. Ignore their incendiary porsts.
  14. chung Registered Member

    Will You Dare?

    These things are not beyond pseudoscience:
    - Cold Fusion
    - Blackhole/Whitehole
    - Plasma balls
    - Biological and plant photonic emmission
    - Van de Graaf
    - Tesla coil
    - Wireless molecular/particle excitation
    - Ray/Beam weapons
    - RF burning of saltwater
    - coldness of space
    - sun burning for millions, even billions of years without apparent loss of mass
    - sound / acoustic ability to affect formation and excitation of matter
    - effects of cosmic weather to our observed physical experience on earth
    - skydivers and astronauts experiencing convenient temperature in space although the sun shines. Their modules and crafts have no apparent burning damage
    - vacuum being a very good insulator against heat
    - Halley's Comet and many other objects not getting toasted from slinging near the sun
    - Space Station water tubing exposed to space prone to freezing

    That and many more. Now, is it heresy to state a postulate under the pseudoscience threads that "The Sun Is Not Hot"?

    Have we proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the sun is a nuclear bomb in the sky? Or that it is a blazing fire in cosmic space? Or that it is a so called Balckbody (that incidentally emits all manner of rays all around its sphere)?

    Aren't our instruments only measuring the heat generation capabilities of the rays coming from the sun's corona? Are color temperature readings and waves coming from the sun capable of heating, an automatic determination that the source of such is hot in millions of degrees?

    Until NASA and secret governments release all the suppressed inventions and findings of scientist such as Tesla and many more, there are enormous possibility that we have skipped many worthwhile views relevant to our sun.

    For those against this thread, work for the lifting of the truth embargo and if you do successfully, I may give up my probing questioning of what we were indoctrinated with for so many years. Will you dare?

  15. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    How much precision does it take to establish that heat is transported by radiation, that radiation is the propagation of copious photons from the sun, that the huge infrared signature of the sun is the result of detecting this radiation if for some reason you were blind and numb and unable to discern it yourself. In other words since you are clueless, you might as well denounce it and maintain the pretense of being right.

    Since you haven't countered any of the facts which demolish your frivolous claim, you alone bear the ignominy of living in chains and chewing old cud.

    If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. What did you expect, coming to a science site with this pathetic excuse for attacking NASA?

    Only if you live inside a comic book.

    There is a square which is true and correct and there are cheap imitations which list to one side. Your trajectory is on the path that wants to trample the garden of knowledge, uproot the perfect squares carefully planted there, and to twist and skew them.What you fail to understand is that we all tend out own gardens, so all you have done so far is to distort your own access to true facts of science. You may wish you had followers, but others have no interest in your distortions. There is too much good work out there to pay you any mind.

    There is no adventure in pretending all intelligent people in the world are stupider than yourself.

    The entire purpose of the feedback given to you, after initially attempting to give you some free tutoring, was to further the aims of the site, which is to encourage insightful dialogue, something that your denial makes impossible for you to avail yourself to.
  16. chung Registered Member

    post # 171
  17. chung Registered Member

    answer post 171 satisfactorily

    then explain this:

    then I will acknowledge you are a worthy tutor. dare?
  18. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    I did in my post immediately above, as I have elsewhere in this thread. You still have not even attempted to acknowledge that you know what radiation is and how photons propagate it. Until you take those first baby steps, there is no correct answer that you will find satisfactory. You have no basis for demanding answers since you don't understand the simplest answers already spoonfed to you.

    Explain what?

    There is no risk in flushing out your nonsense with some 5th grade science, therefore it's not even close to a dare.
  19. chung Registered Member

    No, you are trying to spoonfeed me with materials I could have already found out. I am asking the 100% certainty of which these guys claim nothing else to know. For example, I'll wait if you can explain the vid of object seemingly exchanging energy from the sun without getting toasted nor being pulled into the sun's mass.

    Try to research that from NASA and everywhere else. I'm waiting.
  20. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    woulda coulda shoulda.

    This statement makes no sense.

    That's your explanation, not mine. And like your other posts this has no basis in reality. I see you are still evading the question of radiation, although solar ejecta certainly trounces your other bogus assertion that the Sun is not losing mass.

    I'm not in denial of NASA or science in general, and I'm not in need of further information to answer the crank video you posted. I don't need to find answers. You do. How's that working out for you?

    You're waiting at the wrong station. The train of knowledge already pulled out from Mommasville, departing for Schooltown years ago, when there was still hope for you. Besides, waiting for others to do your frivolous little research projects will only start you whining about being force-fed (not the same as spoonfed, which means others labored to analyze the data and give it to you abstracted since you were too lazy to do it yourself.) You said you don't like to be spoonfed, so go ahead and get your own answers. Evidently you know how to dig through the garbage at YouTube so I presume you know how to use google for fact checking.
  21. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Good point. So why didn't you?
  22. chung Registered Member

    Human history as we know it represents a very linear progression. The evidences for non-linearity can be found for those who dare.

    Some controllers eliminated traces of history of earlier human models.
    I dare readers view this compendium (in sections if needed be):

    academia: sciences and historians colluded in creating fairy tales for indoctrination of modern man.
  23. Aqueous Id flat Earth skeptic Valued Senior Member

    This statement is meaningless.

    Here you are convincing yourself that you have some kind of key, but it's not even the key to the executive washroom.

    Another meaningless statement.

    We have another thread for people who like to post their favorite videos. You seem to want to make people do things. When are you going to answer the mail and tells us what solar radiation is?

    pseudoscience: the glorification of ignorance

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