The Stick Man

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    Among the mysteries that we don’t understand is how matter forms and clumps together in the universe. The Stick Man is one of those that have not been explained. A grouping of galaxies 500 million light-years across. It is one of the more odd structures, along with The Great Wall. The discovery was made when attempts to map how far away objects were in relation to us. It was found that what was thought to be an even distribution of galaxies in all directions was not so. That there were areas where nothing but void existed for long distances and other areas where matter tended to clump. Below is the attachment for The Stick Man. It is not doctored but is a plotting of how they group together. Any comments?
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    Nice picture. Of course, if you look at it from a different angle you'll see nothing at all. Or perhaps a chicken.
    Clumping is a fascinating topic; the latest results from Boomerang suggest that it's a result of inflation (I just read an article in this week's New Scientist on that very topic; you might find it online at
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    Matter distribution

    Excellent rde! Yes the formation of a particular figure or shape is dependent upon the viewer’s position. In our case it kinda looks like a stickman. The clumping of matter however still exists. Unfortunately I was unable to open the attachment. Later I will do a search and find this info. BTW thanx for the link. I will be sure to read the article when I can. This post was to try and get a little life back into the forum. The Great Wall is another form, however with it’s mass I believe that it will still look the general same way no matter where it is viewed from. It has been speculated that the clumping of matter is generally kinda of like a soap bubbles surface in the way it is spread out.
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    I ran into an interesting article last night that kind of hit close to this thread. It seems that it is possible that we may well be an isolated galaxy, with nothing else close by. This was speculated by the way other objects were moving away from us that we may rest within a void. I do not at present have the article to go into the points that were brought up, but I’ll see if I can’t get them tonight. It made for a fascinating thought.
    If we find that such is the case, we will have another frontier for another day. It will take a long time to travel out among the stars. And longer to travel among the galaxies. At present we need a technological leap to get us to some kind of propulsion system that can give travel within our lifetimes meaning. And we would need the same again for travel between galaxies.
    If there is a void that we reside in at present, it will be that much longer before such a system could be developed. Given testing and development times. Ah another thread or just perhaps another hurdle.
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    It is interesting,all right.

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